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Is the Left-Wing Hoping for Violence?

Is the Left-Wing Hoping for Violence?

During the 2008 campaign, there were serious concerns that al-Qaeda would attempt to disrupt the elections in the United States as it had disrupted the elections in Spain.

Warnings about the threat of terrorism gave prominent left-wing bloggers an excuse to accuse the McCain campaign of wanting a terrorist attack on U.S. soil to help McCain’s campaign. Matthew Yglesias, one of the most prominent left-wing bloggers, declared early in the 2008 campaign: “If Americans die, they’ll be in a position to clean up.”

So what to make of the repeated warnings by politicians such as Nancy Pelosi, and the left-wing blogosphere, that opponents of Barack Obama’s health care and economic policies are planning violence? There is no objective evidence of any such plots.

To the contrary, the violent plots being revealed recently are by Islamic extremists, yet there is nary a word of warning or caution from these same politicians and left-wing bloggers about these real threats. All the attention is on the hypothetical threat from the “right-wing.”

A good example is the discovery of a part-time census worker’s body several weeks ago, under completely unclear circumstances. This discovery has set off another round of hysteria in the left-wing blogosphere, despite any actual evidence of the cause or circumstances of the death.

If warnings in 2008 about the very real threat of terrorist attacks to disrupt the U.S. elections were sufficient to cause the McCain campaign to be accused of hoping for an attack, then it is worth asking the same question of those politicians and left-wing bloggers who invent right-wing plots for political purposes.

We are in a situation where conservatives pray every day that there will not be a single act of violence by anyone even arguably called “right-wing.” Can the same be said of the left-wing politicians and bloggers?

In the absence of any actual right-wing plots being uncovered, why do left-wing politicians and bloggers keep playing the violence card? Are they hoping for some idiot to do something stupid so that they can use it for political purposes? As left-wing hero Keith Olbermann would say, “have you no shame?”

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I suspect that a lot of radical liberals would like to see Dear Leader assassinated. It would provide them with a martyr.

The best thing the conservative movement can do is retain their initiative by remaining on the moral high ground and allow Dear Leader and his coterie of Marxists, political parasites and "the freak show" at ACORN simply fall by their own deeds.

I certainly feel safer, given the President's new policy of making nice with tyrants.

People tend to transfer the ills that they see in themselves onto others. Perhaps it is the left's own propensity toward violence that they fear and can't face.

Some of Nancy Pelosi's comments especially have been very provocative, I think.

Reason, logic, truth, kindness and progress are all on the side of the free marketeers in these current debates. The current administration has adopted policies that are against these things. There is no reason for the right to sink to the hateful lows of the left.

The Left is losing the argument on health care and big government and they know it.The only way they can shift the debate back in their favor is to brand conservatives as racist,radicals and militants.They are establishing this narrative now so that at the slightest infraction that may be aimed at them or the President,they will be able to blame conservatives and try to wrest the debate back from us.

Yes, they want violence. And lacking an actual event won't prevent them from having it, even if they have to make it up. The narrative has been determined, the facts shall be amended to its accommodation.

I agree with William, there isn't enough evidence to support claims of right-wing violence as a domestic terrorist threat. I think this is a situation that calls for the Cheney Doctrine. As Vice President Cheney said many times, we cannot wait for the threat to fully materialize or it will be too late. If there is only a one percent chance of right wing terrorists creating havok withing our borders, we must act to stop them before their plans can come to fruition. We need to bring to bear all the tools the Bush Administration has given us; warrentless wiretaps, database datamining, wide-scale Internet monitoring, infiltration of suspect & allied groups, enhanced interrogation of suspects. Probably we'll need to expand the PATRIOT Act even further while we're at it. It will be worth it to protect our beloved Homeland from those who hate us for our Freedoms.

The Left's #1 characteristic is projection. They embody everything they accuse their ideological opponents of being. Add to this their very obvious world view that what is not 100% perfect/good must be completely wrong/evil (where America/the West/Anglo civilization are concerned specifically) and you get their dogma in a nutshell. Any of us who used to be on the Left knows these to be absolute truth.