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Bernie Sanders Adds More Staff, Hinting at a 2020 Run

Bernie Sanders Adds More Staff, Hinting at a 2020 Run

Polls have shown Sanders in second place behind Joe Biden.

We all know how the DNC screwed over Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) in 2016 in favor of failed Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Now it looks like Sanders may run in 2020 after he added to his staff “the digital alumni who were key to his surprise performance in 2016” along with “the media production company that helped launch Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to prominence.”

From Politico:

Means of Production, the filmmaking cooperative that created the viral campaign video that propelled Ocasio-Cortez’s House campaign, is in talks with the Sanders team about a major role in 2020. And two people who powered Sanders’ record-breaking small-dollar fundraising operation in 2016 have agreed to join a subsequent presidential bid if it materializes, according to a Sanders campaign aide: Tim Tagaris and Robin Curran, his digital fundraising director and digital production director in 2016, respectively.

The aide said another pair that have helped Sanders build a digital media juggernaut out of his Senate office — media producer Armand Aviram and digital director Georgia Parke — are likely to be part of his 2020 team, too.

The behind-the-scenes moves underscore one of Sanders’ key strengths: He is poised to enter the Democratic primary field with a digital operation and social media army that outpaces virtually any other candidate, at least for now. For all the attention on Beto O’Rourke’s online dominance last year, only Sanders would start the campaign on the foundation of a full-fledged, grass-roots presidential campaign.

The recent polls have shown Sanders in second place to former Vice President Joe Biden, which probably bothers the DNC since they like to prop up minorities and women. You know, anyone except for old white men.

So far we have Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, former HUD Secretary Julian Castro, and California Sen. Kamala Harris is expected to announce on Martin Luther King, Jr., Day.

Sanders supporters and alumni formed the group Organizing for Bernie as a way to persuade the senator to tun again and rile up more support. HuffPost reported the group “held over 400 house parties in all 50 states and Puerto Rico on Saturday afternoon calling on Sanders to run for president again in 2020.”

HuffPost wrote:

But Saturday’s show of force, arranged by Organizing for Bernie ― an upstart group founded by Sanders campaign alumni and grassroots activists ― demonstrated one of the senator’s biggest advantages if he decides to return to the ring: a network of supporters already familiar with his message and skilled in do-it-yourself internet organizing.

Speaking to the house parties by livestream, Kat Brezler, a Bronx public school teacher and co-founder of the group People for Bernie, called on the participants to use social media to show Sanders the scale of his support with the hashtag RunBernieRun.

“We need to convince Bernie Sanders to run. He isn’t in this race yet,” Brezler said.

Emphasizing the policy stakes of Sanders’ bid, Brezler added, “We need ‘Medicare for all,’ we need tuition-free college and we need to abolish [Immigration and Customs Enforcement], end mass incarceration, [enact national marijuana] legalization and all of the other reasons why we come to this movement.”


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casualobserver | January 14, 2019 at 11:15 am

YAAAWWWWWNNNNNN!! Hard to get at all interested in each and every name entering the race. Especially since the few 3 or 4 that have announced literally are hardly a good start. Will there be over 20 eventually?

My only hope is there is billions spent just to get to and through the primaries so perhaps the coffers are harder to fill after that.

It’s a full industry now. Just look at the nearly hundreds of paid talkers now whose credentials include “campaign consultant.” Perhaps one day we’ll have more of them than doctors. (But never more than lawyers…..)

Of the list of “issues” that allegedly appeal to the Bernie supporters, the only winners are reduced college tuition and legalizing marijuana. Of these, DJT is likely to sow up the potheads by throwing that one to the States.

That leaves the reduction of college tuition, which is totally out of control, due only to our mistaken overgenerousity to what we though was the best interest of our kids.

I know colleges in California are vastly overfunded, because the “dorms” my youngest kid has lived in are more luxurious than my first apartments after college. Each person has a private room, private bath, private washer and dryer. Then there’s the swimming pool.

Then there is the plethora of degrees and classes designed to warehouse political activists. There’s a reason why spoof XX-studies articles have been published as if they are real.

And, there’s the cost of textbooks, running about $400 a pop, when the kids are all using online resources.

College tuition should be coming down. The kids are taking online classes, the lectures hold upwards of 100 kids, the schools trap the kids into taking a year by offering required courses only at odd intervals.

There is a LOT of fat in our college budgets, and it is being piled up as crushing debt on our kids.

This is Bernie’s real issue, his solutions are perverse, and better resolved by applying good accounting principles, together with useful technological advances that should be making the entire process cheaper.

    JusticeDelivered in reply to Valerie. | January 14, 2019 at 12:47 pm

    In both colleges and k-12 administrators constantly try to expand their bureaucracies. There is staggering bloat.

    Part of that bloat is due to unnecessary mandates, some mandatory classes promoting political correctness.

    Others things like teaching classes in more than one language, this is usually done to accommodate illegal spawn. I can see offering remedial reading and english classes for those who need them, as long as their illegal parents foot the bill. I object to Pell grants and US funded scholarships being used for illegal spawn.

    Lots of useless departs are created in academia, most related to PC.

    Similarly useless dumbed down majors are created, with generally useless instructors employed, all to graduate people with useless PhDs.

    All of this stuff is driving college costs sky high and debt sky high.

    Academia has a swamp of its own which needs to be cleaned out.

Emphasizing the policy stakes of Sanders’ bid, Brezler added, “We need ‘Medicare for all,’ we need tuition-free college and we need to abolish [Immigration and Customs Enforcement], end mass incarceration, [enact national marijuana] legalization and all of the other reasons why we come to this movement to finish the destruction of this country.”


Bucky Barkingham | January 14, 2019 at 11:34 am

Biden no. 1 and Bernie no. 2? In whose dream? No way the new, socialist Democrat Party base is going to nominate an old white man no matter how socialist they may be.

In the last go-round, the Dems made sure that Bernie never threatened Sir Hillary. That seems normal to me, since Bernie has been identifying himself all along as an Independent.

How can Bernie expect the Dems to throw all their weight and money behind him, when he doesn’t even call himself a Democrat?

I’d give Warren 25% possibility of winning if nominated. I’d give Gabbard a 35% possibility of winning if nominated.

I’d put Sanders at 15% possibility. He ran before, many folks don’t know or care that Clinton shenanigans are why she was nominated. They are all going to say “ho hum” if he is nominated in 2020.

Foreign policy will, IMO, be the crux of whether the Democratic nominee can win in November of 2020. Sanders is a supporter of the status quo, which is a loser position after We The People have had a taste of what an America First policy can produce.

The Democrat ‘I’m running for potus 2020’ clown car has all kinds of room in it. Pile on in, xes and xers!

Adding staff? Is he going to treat them better this time around, or going to bury his head in his…, er, the sand again?

It doesn’t matter how many clowns climb into the car, the nomination will go to the one selected by the DNC/Dem establishment.

Between Creepy Joe and Red Bernie, I’m wondering which one will need a walker first to get around. And don’t let Joe near your daughters or any swimming pools…. you won’t like what happens. And keep Bernie away from your bank accounts.