Elizabeth Warren surprised no one by announcing she has formed an exploratory committee to run for president.

The only surprise was the timing — New Year’s Eve day. As with everything Warren does, that timing undoubtedly was chosen by her team of political handlers, the same people who told her to roll out her DNA test results just before the midterms. It will be a slow couple of days and Warren will dominate the news cycle.

Warren is like Hillary Clinton, she does everything to pretend she is spontaneous and genuine, when in fact she is pre-packaged by political consultants.

If elected, she would be the first person who has committed an ethnic fraud to hold the presidency. See ElizabethWarrenWiki.org for the full background on Warren’s Native American deception, and other controversies that will resurface now that she’s running for president.

Just two days ago Warren changed the username for her campaign account from @ElizabethforMA to @eWarren.

The NY Times reports, Elizabeth Warren Announces She Is Running for President

In an 8:30 a.m. email to supporters on New Year’s Eve — 13 months before the first votes will be cast in the Iowa caucuses — Ms. Warren said she was forming a exploratory committee, which allows her to raise money and fill key staff positions before a formal kickoff of her presidential bid. Ms. Warren also released a video that leaned on the populist, anti-Wall Street themes that are sure to be central to her campaign message.

“I’ve spent my career getting to the bottom of why America’s promise works for some families, but others, who work just as hard, slip through the cracks into disaster,” she said in the video. “And what I’ve found is terrifying: these aren’t cracks families are falling into, they’re traps. America’s middle class is under attack.”

“But this dark path doesn’t have to be our future,” she continued. “We can make our democracy work for all of us. We can make our economy work for all of us.”

Just like with the DNA test, Warren released a slick video for the announcement:

Warren apparently is incapable of seeing the irony of her launching a campaign theme focused on helping people who play by the rules.




Warren held a press conference outside her Cambridge, MA, home. notice she did it near the garage, so you can’t see much of the house. This house is worth several million dollars and Warren tried to hide that fact during the 2012 Senate campaign. She would only allow reporters to interview her inside the house is they agreed to treat the inside as “off the record” — so they could not describe it in their news reports.

Trump responds to announcement: “I’d love to run against her” and only “her psychiatrist” knows if she really believes she can win:


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