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Anti-Israel activists attempt to hijack Women’s March – again

Anti-Israel activists attempt to hijack Women’s March – again

Attempt by Jewish Voice for Peace, Code Pink and others to make Women’s March 2018 about Ahed Tamimi, arrested for hitting and kicking Israeli soldiers for the cameras.

During the 2017 Women’s March on Washington and follow up Women’s Strike, anti-Israel activists attempted to hijack the movement.

Anti-Israel activist Linda Sarsour attempted to steer the movement against Israel, and the Women’s Strike was co-organized by and honored convicted supermarket bomber murderer (and immigration fraudster) Rasmea Odeh.

This fits a consistent pattern of such hijackings, something we have documented for years. I summarized years of such hijacking in my post about how a U. Illinois “anti-fascism” event turned into an anti-Israel event, Anti-Israel Rally at U. Illinois: “No Zionists, no KKK, resisting fascists all the way”:

For several years, anti-Israel activists have sought to hijack other causes in order to turn them against Israel.

A key component of these hijackings is so-called “intersectionality,” the concept that Israel is the unifying evil force in the world that ties together problems far distant from Israel, including alleged police brutality against and inequality among non-whites in the U.S. Israel thus serves the organizing purpose that Jews historically served in international conspiracy theories.

We have documented such intersectional hijackings many times, including with regard to Ferguson (Michael Brown) and Baltimore (Freddie Gray) riots, Eric Garner protests, the Standing Rock Sioux pipeline protest, domestic U.S. police shootingsReclaim MLK marches, and the Black Lives Matter movement, among others.

A recent focus is the plan to hijack the “anti-fascist” movement to turn it against Israel. We recently reported how Anti-Israel pro-BDS profs organizing Antifa campus network:…

So it should no surprise that anti-Israel activists at Jewish Voice for Peace and Samidoun are attempting to turn the NYC Women’s March on Saturday January 20, 2018, into a march in support of Ahed Tamimi.

Ahed Tamimi is the Palestinian teenager, who turns 17 this month, who has been exploited by her parents and supporters in groups like JVP and Code Pink, for propaganda purposes since early childhood. I summarized this background after Ahed was arrested for hitting and kicking Israeli soldiers on a live Facebook feed filmed by her mother, Ahed Tamimi, Palestinian teen exploited by her parents and BDS supporters, indicted for assault:

Ahed has been thrust into the spotlight by her parents because they understand, as her father Bassem recently stated, that her blond hair and light skin color makes her appealing to Western audiences.

As we have covered many times, it is nothing short of child exploitation and abuse to encourage children to engage in such dangerous behavior of deliberately trying to provoke the police and soldiers so that cameras can capture the interaction. If the Israeli policeman or soldier reacts, it’s used as a propaganda tool to claim Israeli cruelty to children; if the Israeli policeman or soldier doesn’t react (which is what almost always happens), it is used as a propaganda tool to claim Israelis are weak and scared….

Yet it the tactic fully embraced by the Tamimi Clan, particularly Ahed’s father Bassem and mother Nariman, and their Western pro-BDS supporters. We covered this fully-documented history in many prior posts, which you can reference for the proof of this child exploitation, including:

Among the many lies told by supporters of this child exploitation is the claim that the Tamimis are merely non-violent activists who want peaceful co-existence, and are only protesting “the occupation”. That false narrative is repeated endlessly in the media, as we showed in Media should stop whitewashing Ahed Tamimi’s terror-supporting family.

There are at least two events – one by JVP and one by Samidoun — meant to gather people to march under the banner of Free Ahed:[UNIQID]

There also is a petition objecting to the participation of Scarlett Johansson, in the Los Angeles Women’s March and featuring Ahed Tamimi. Johansson has been a target of anti-Israel activists because she is a spokesperson for the Israeli company Soda Stream.

The petition is not authentic, it is astroturf by anti-Israel extremist Ariel Gold of Code Pink, a close confidant of the Tamimi family who recently was caught on video calling for an Intifada and the end of Zionism, Ahed Tamimi supporters call for Intifada at Grand Central Station protest.

It’s not clear if the Women’s March organizers themselves are taking the march in this direction, but this avenue has been advocated by activists like San Francisco Bay Area’s Kate Jessica Raphael, who promises hundreds of posters of Ahed at the San Francisco Women’s March:

Those of us who want Ahed and her cousin Nour to become international symbols of resistance should make sure that #FreeAhed and #FreeNour are in every photo of every women’s march around the country on January 20.

There is a movement to counter this anti-Israel narrative, by the Zioness Movement, a pro-Israel progressive women’s group.

At some point groups will refuse to allow the hijacking of their causes by anti-Israel activists. I don’t think we’ve reached that point yet, though.


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