Ahed Tamimi is the Palestinian teen who turns 17 this month and has been the focus of protests after her arrest for kicking and hitting Israeli soldiers. It was streamed live on Facebook by Ahed’s mother.

As documented here many times, Ahed’s parents Bassem and Nariman, and Western supporters of the Tamimis, have exploited Ahed for such confrontations since Ahed was a small child. They send Ahed, her younger brother, and other children from the village of Nabi Saleh to try to provoke police and soldiers for the cameras.

Ahed was so prominent among the many children of the Tamimi clan because her blond hair and blue eyes present the image he wants to present to Westerners,  according to Bassem:

Tamimi’s father argues that her blonde hair and Western dress have contributed to the attention she has received.

“If she was veiled and dark-skinned, would she have got the same attention?” Bassem Tamimi told AFP.

“The Zionist propaganda machine always depicts the Palestinian as dark-skinned and ugly, attacking the blonde victim, but now she is blonde.”

This exploitation is not by chance, it’s part of a deliberate strategy publicly articulated by Ahed’s father Bassem many times. We have documented this dangerous child exploitation tactic many times, including this recent post, Ahed Tamimi case is about child exploitation by anti-Israel activists.

For the first time, Ahed was arrested and indicted for her conduct. How long she stays in jail and whether the Israelis follow through on the prosecution remains to be seen.

In the meantime, there is a campaign to portray the Tamimis and Ahed as peace-loving people who merely want to get along. The Tamimi Clan, and Ahed’s immediate family,however, Aren’t the Palestinian Saints the media presents them to be:

Promote the blood libel? Check. Glorify terrorism? Check. Celebrate Israeli deaths? Check. Ahed Tamimi and her family aren’t fighting for peace, and they’re not just fighting the occupation: They’re fighting to destroy Israel, and their fight is seasoned with Jew-hatred

Ahed’s own statement after the latest incident demonstrates this point:

Yet the media continues to whitewash Ahed Tamimi’s terror-supporting family.

There have been protests held in various locations against Ahed’s arrest.

Several dozen anti-Israel groups organized what was supposed to be a massive demonstration at Grand Central Station in New York City on Friday, January 5, 2018, during late afternoon/evening rush hour.


While claims are being made that there were “hundreds” in attendance, in fact turnout was poor. A Legal Insurrection reader was passing through Grand Central and emailed the following:

No one was paying much attention them, thankfully…. Maybe 50? Lots of cops nearby.

That small turnout is shown in this photo — a small group of protesters with tall signs, surrounded by hundreds of commuters passing by:

What they lacked in numbers, the protesters made up for in pure hatred and vitriol, calling for an Intifada.

The Intifadas were the bloody spasms of violence by Palestinians against Jews. The First Intifada was in the 1990s, and the Second Intifada started in 2001, after Yasser Arafat walked away from a U.S.-sponsored peace deal. The Second Intifada was particularly bloody, marked by numerous suicide bombings targeting Israeli civilians. Almost 1000 Israelis would be killed, and it led to the construction of the security barrier (frequently called a wall, but actually a fence in most places).

One of the most bloody suicide bombing attacks was at the Sbarro Pizzeria, in which 15 people including 7 children (including 2 Americans) died. The suicide bombing was masterminded by Ahed’s relative, Ahlam Tamimi. Ahlam eventually was released in a prisoner exchange, and now lives in Jordan, which refuses to extradite her to the U.S.

As documented in a recent post, Ahlam is highly regarded among the Tamimi Clan in Nabi Saleh. Ahed and her parents attended the wedding in Jordan of Ahlam and another released murderer.

Here is a video compiled from a live feed broadcast by the Workers World Party and original footage provided to us.

The woman at the beginning shouting for an Intifada is Ariel Gold, the Code Pink activist from Ithaca, NY, who is particularly close to the Tamimi family. Gold brought Bassem Tamimi to a third-grade classroom in Ithaca, where his call for the children to become “freedom fighters for Palestine” was condemned by the district Superintendent. The woman in the scarf who led the rally is believed to be Nerdeen Kiswani of NY City Students for Justice in Palestine.

How morbidly ironic that supporters of the Tamimis were calling for an Intifada when one of the most bloody incidents in the Second Intifada was carried out by a Tamimi.


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