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Kneeling and Groupthink Week in Higher Education

Kneeling and Groupthink Week in Higher Education

Your weekly report on campus news.

You expect left wing students to join in the latest protest fads, but the faculty? Really?

Students follow the example set for them by teachers.

All leftism, all the time.

Trump on campus.

Still a mess.


Anyone surprised?


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“Higher” Education gets a grade of “F,” due to shallowness of thinking, narrowness of methodology, and an ignorance (revealing a lack of or an avoidance) of history. Just a reminder: If you haven’t already done so, your accountant for the semester needs to be settled.

Most of the poison seeping into American society originates in these treason mills. The problems were allowed to grow due to unlimited federal funds creating a gold rush mentality on campus.

The way to end it is to cut off the funds, but the funds won’t be cut off with cowards leading our party. Get rid of the RINO squishes controlling the GOP, and then start dismantling Big Education.

Hands up don’t shoot BS

Crowder tape of Berkeley antifa was good. Not surprised that the MSM were not interested, but encouraged that the police acted on it.

One thing that may be new is the involvement of younger women in organizing violence. Further evidenced by this Felarca thug and the “founders” of BLM.