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Harvard Inclusion Task Force Recommends Avoiding “Indicators of Excellence”

Harvard Inclusion Task Force Recommends Avoiding “Indicators of Excellence”

“create a center revolving around either inclusion and belonging or identity, politics, and culture”

If we don’t point out that some people are better at certain things than others, we’ll all be equal. Right?

The Daily Caller reports:

Harvard Inclusion Report Wants To Avoid Certain ‘Indicators Of Excellence’

Harvard University’s Task Force on Inclusion and Belonging advised the university to avoid “over-reliance on indicators of excellence that systematically favor historically dominant groups” in a report released Monday.

The report, published by the 46-person task force, also suggested that the university create a center revolving around either inclusion and belonging or identity, politics, and culture, according to The Washington Free Beacon.

The task force advocates for “inclusive excellence,” saying “the goal of recruitment, promotion, and retention will be to maximize excellence and diversity simultaneously.” The report does not advise which concept Harvard should favor if excellence and diversity are ever at odds.

The task force recommends that Harvard “use public art and symbols to bring 21st century Harvard into visibility in public spaces and shared experiences.”

The report also advises the university to amend certain segments of its statement of values, changing “leadership” to “inclusive leadership” and adding a commitment to “inclusive excellence” to community members’ commitments to education and scholarship. “Responsibility for cultivating the bonds and bridges that enable all to grow with and learn from one another” is appended in a bullet-point segment of the statement.


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What drivel.

They seem to be in search of a “mission statement”

Try “Do whatever it takes to make all of us rich”

If no one at Harvard is better, than how is everyone at Harvard better as their alumni presume to be?

Once they’ve dumped “indicators of excellence”, then “indicators of adequacy” won’t be far behind.

Rejecting nascent scholars, they prefer community organizers after the Obama mold (read slime). Freaks and radically marginal serial killers are welcome, along with the 27 types of ‘Beta’ genders. NO WHITE PEOPLE need apply!

Strange how Harvard was created by Puritan controversy within it’s own ranks, when compared to the transformation that has developed over just a few hundred years.

re: Harvard’s first instructor was schoolmaster Nathaniel Eaton (1610–1674); in 1639, he also became its first instructor to be dismissed, for overstrict discipline.