Georgetown is technically a Catholic school. Why do they even have a pro-choice group?

Campus Reform reports:

Pro-choice group says pro-lifers ‘provoke pain and stigma’

A pro-choice group at Georgetown University rejected a pro-life group’s invitation to co-host an event, saying Right to Life’s values “disrespect the lives and humanity of our members.”

In a statement on its website Wednesday, H*yas for Choice (HFC) rejected an invitation extended by Georgetown Right to Life (RTL) to co-sponsor an event involving an issue on which both clubs mutually agree, such as the death penalty.

While HFC Annie Mason and Michaela Lewis expressed appreciation for the pro-life students reaching out, they ultimately concluded that their organizations “differ fundamentally” on “where to go from here,” referencing recent tensions on campus.

During the preceding academic year, members of both organizations had allegedly vandalized demonstrations put on by the opposing group, according to the initial invitation sent by RTL.

“We are reaching out to you because we want to improve relations between our two organizations. We feel that in recent semesters, attitudes of each club’s members towards the other’s have been exceedingly negative,” RTL leaders Havens Clark and Melvin Thomas wrote in their invitation. “We apologize on behalf of whomever was behind last year’s problems regarding stolen condoms, and we hope that we can both move past the vandalization of last year’s pro-life chalk demonstration.”


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