The Family Policy Institute of Washington recently spoke with some students from Seattle University and asked them simple questions about gender and the differences between men and women.

Here’s a description from their blog:

The second episode in FPIW’s wildly popular College Kids Say the Darndest Things series launched Monday afternoon, just hours after the federal government inserted themselves into the battle between the unrealistic social justice agenda and biological science.

This episode, filmed near Seattle University, a Jesuit private school, asks college students if there is a difference between men and women. Some of the answers are hilarious, bizarre, and alarming. Is this really what our institutions of higher education are teaching?

News radio KEEL gets into specifics:

A new video of students at Washington’s Seattle University gives insight into how college age Americans view gender identity.

Repeatedly, students insisted that “gender identity” chosen by a person is more important than biological differences the sexes.

In fact, when asked if there is a difference between men and women, most seem truly stumped. Says one, “I don’t think there’s any one way to distinguish between men and women, and I don’t think it’s necessary.”
And another says, “Gender is a societal construct.”

Now watch the video and prepare to be amazed:

Everyone is trying so hard to give politically correct answers that no one states the obvious.

All I could think of was this classic scene from Kindergarten Cop:

Was that so difficult?

Featured image via YouTube.


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