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Britain’s new Foreign Minister once compared Hillary to “a sadistic nurse in a mental hospital”

Britain’s new Foreign Minister once compared Hillary to “a sadistic nurse in a mental hospital”

Hillary represents “everything I came into politics to oppose”

I don’t know a ton about Boris Johnson. He’s the former Mayor of London, is very pro-Israel and hates the BDS movement, led the Brexit campaign only to withdraw from contention to be Prime Minister, and was just appointed Foreign Minister (okay, “Foreign Secretary”) in Theresa May’s new cabinet. And he has a mop of blonde hair.

He obviously has some wit, as in a 2007 column in The Telegraph newspaper in Britain, wherein he described Hillary Clinton in terms we all can appreciate (emphasis added):

“She’s got dyed blonde hair and pouty lips, and a steely blue stare, like a sadistic nurse in a mental hospital …”

Sounds like he was channeling Rush Limbaugh, who made the comparison just a couple of months earlier, Mrs. Clinton Plays Nurse Ratched:

Hillary Clinton Nurse Ratched

He went on to describe why he was supporting her for president in 2008 despite that description. He relished the thought of Bill Clinton back in the White House carousing around:

How can I possibly want Hillary? I mean, she represents, on the face of it, everything I came into politics to oppose: not just a general desire to raise taxes and nationalise things, but an all-round purse-lipped political correctness….

Unless I am much mistaken, the Clinton marriage is still standing, a shell-scarred monument to the triumph of hope over experience; and the nub of the matter is that I am prepared to pay the price of supporting Hillary just to get Bill Clinton once again padding over the shag pile carpet of the Oval Office, even if it is only to bring his wife a cup of tea….

For all who love America, it is time to think of supporting Hillary, not because we necessarily want her for herself but because we want Bill in the role of First Husband. And if Bill can deal with Hillary, he can surely deal with any global crisis.

Boris mended fences a little with Hillary during a 2015 visit to New York City, though I can’t find any reference to him apologizing for the comment, which he called “light-hearted.”

Heaven forbid Hillary is President and Boris has to deal with her. I mean, it’s not like she holds a grudge or is vindictive or anything. Or, as Boris described it in the 2007 column:

To ask the reader to support Hillary means asking you to forget all those worrying allegations that Ambrose Evans-Pritchard used to report so brilliantly in these pages: the funny goings-on with the White House travel office, the anomalies in the position of poor Vince Foster’s gun, the curious business of the drug-runners at the Rena airfield and the Whitewater real estate imbroglio.

How could I possibly emit the merest peep of support for a woman who seems to have acted out the role of First Lady, from 1993 to 2000, like a mixture between Cherie Blair and Lady Macbeth, stamping her heel, bawling out subordinates and frisbeeing ashtrays at her erring husband?


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If I was a sadistic nurse in a mental hospital I would be very offended by that statement…

    Milwaukee in reply to Ulises. | July 13, 2016 at 9:08 pm

    If I was a patient in a mental hospital, I would be like “Oh yeah, I know her.” I would be very, very afraid.

    Been there, done that, didn’t buy a t-shirt, and won’t do it again.

    (O.K., being married to my ex-wife wasn’t exactly like being in a mental hospital, but she also had that look.)

Hillary Ratched Clinton… gotta love it.

This is a very sick, very corrupt woman. (Incompetence aside.)

But the democrat party, the American news media and Hollywood are equally very sick, corrupt institutions to support her, and lie for her.

Even sicker, are the GOPe hacks who announced they would vote for her.

But sickest of all are the GOP voters who would vote for the GOPe hacks that would have Clinton elected.

He is very entertaining, at least as much as reported in US. He is not a fan of Clinton, as described in article, or of Obama much. And not Trump either.

“The only reason I wouldn’t visit some parts of New York is the real risk of meeting Donald Trump.”

When he did visit the place, he didn’t meet Donald. But he was mistaken for one.

“I am genuinely worried that he could become president. I was in New York and some photographers were trying to take a picture of me, and a girl walked down the pavement towards me and she stopped and she said, ‘Gee is that Trump?’ It was one of the worst moments.”

Humphrey's Executor | July 14, 2016 at 12:41 am

I would compare her to a screaming banshee and a common scold.

Nurse Ratched was the hero of that movie.

That was the culmination of the D’s campaign to abolish, as much as possible, mental institutions. The result was a massive and permanent increase in homelessness, drug addiction, and mass murder events by people that should have been institutionalized.

They had to work extra hard to script her as “evil”, when what she really represented was the order absolutely necessary in such institutions.

Reminds me of the way the ultra-liberals that wrote the scripts for “All in the Family” would require Archie Bunker to make overtly racist comments. If you watch the shows, Archie’s position was always correct while Meathead was dead wrong, and they’d get around that by having Archie say something outrageous. In the end, Archie worked his whole life to support his family, Meathead lived in his house rent-free while going to college, had children, and then abandoned his wife and child after he graduated and got a job. Typical Liberal.

    Milhouse in reply to Aarradin. | July 14, 2016 at 1:46 am

    Yes, whatever the scriptwriters thought, Archie shone through as the hero of that show, and still does. What’s more, he never said anything hateful, he treated everyone with the respect they deserved, and he always did the right thing. We could do with a lot more Archies in this world.

“frisbeeing ashtrays at her erring husband” — In addition to everything else, her aim is bad.

Come to think of it: Nurse Ratched never stole anything and she was at least consistently working as a nurse.

Clinton is a thief. The only thing she has consistently worked at is stealing.

    TX-rifraph in reply to | July 14, 2016 at 12:16 pm

    Nurse Ratched never screeched or whined either. I never realized it until now but I actually have a lot more respect for Nurse Ratched than I do for Hillary. I also fear Hillary more.

It’s coming together now.

Trump is the one in the Cuckoo’s Nest. And he’s stuck and can’t get out.

Trump, in any case, will announce Bill as his running mate on Friday. John Miller, also of the Cuckoo’s Nest, was unavailable for comment.

I will always remember him as the Editor of “The Spectator” magazine…..a great writer and wonderfully articulate Libertarian Conservative!

harleycowboy | July 15, 2016 at 12:11 pm

Couldn’t have said it better myself.