With all the money, all the resources, and all the graphic design talent at their disposal, the Trump campaign, in conjunction with the RNC’s joint fundraising committee, decided to roll with TP2016. T.P. Which, given how the 2016 cycle has gone, I suppose is par for the course.

Shortly after Trump tweeted confirmation he’d selected Indiana’s Governor Pence as his running mate, the new logo graced a fundraising email and was slapped across the internet for all to see (and mock).

The logo is rather…suggestive. At least to many a politico and casual observer.

This former Congressman wonders:


What could’ve been…

And scene:

Personally, I hate it. It’s busy, awkward, cheap, and bit pervy. But, it’s perfect for the 2016 dumpster fire. So at least there’s that?

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