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President Donald Trump slammed Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson during his speech at the Association of Chiefs of Police conference in Chicago. From The New York Post:
“There is one person that’s not here today. I said, ‘Where is he, I want to talk to him. In fact, more than anyone else, this person should be here because maybe he could learn something. And that’s the superintendent of Chicago Police chief Eddie Johnson,” the president said in the Windy City.

On Fox and Friends this morning, Chicago Fraternal Order of Police President Kevin Graham tore into Chicago Superintendent Eddie Johnson over his decision to skip a speech scheduled next week from President Donald Trump:
Graham told [Steve] Doocy: "He has said that he has problems with President Trump. And, my feeling is, there are plenty of people that I have problems with but, the reality is when police officers are out on the street, we do not engage in political activity.
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