When I saw the overwhelming number of headlines proclaiming President Trump’s Independence Day speech at Mount Rushmore “dark,” “divisive,” and “harsh.”  I smiled a little.  Okay, I smiled a lot.

Trump “stokes national divisions” and his speech was “dark and divisive,” they proclaimed as one.  Even if I hadn’t already listened to the whole thing, I would have suspected that they are protesting too much and that it’s most likely due to their fear that the anti-American violence and destruction is not going to play well with voters in November.

Here are just a few of the more hysterical headlines:

  • Reuters:  “Trump repeats vow to defeat ‘radical left’ in July Fourth speech”
  • CNN: “Trump doubles down on divisive messaging in speech to honor Independence Day”
  • CNBC: “Trump stokes national divisions in Fourth of July speech”

Obviously, at least to anyone who heard or read the speech without their Trump Derangement cranked up to fifty-eleven, the president did just the opposite.

TDS-addled leftwing media activists also took to Twitter to share their “hot takes.”  Via Twitchy:

Of course this is utter garbage. And AG was happy to help them out.

And Mollie Hemingway said what we are all thinking:

Frankly, there is only one way to unite Americans, and it’s the same way we did for generations before the Marxist scourge took over academia and the Democrat Party: as Americans.

The left, however, appears to have a goal of unity that they are shoving down voters’, politicians’, and the president’s throats.  Their idea of “unity” is the same “unity” Democrats, socialists, communists, and assorted totalitarians and dictators always want: complete submission to their iron-fisted tyranny.

Here’s an NBC “contributor” waxing her own special brand of “unity” and noting that the president’s goal didn’t seem to be meet her and her horde’s definition.

And people had thoughts.

The leftstream media are clearly unified in their hatred of Trump, his supporters, and if they believe as those they run interference for, of America herself.

But this barrage of unfounded, dishonest criticism of the president’s speech suggests, to me anyway, that they are very concerned that the violence and destruction will not serve their chosen candidate well when it comes time for voters to reflect on the riots, destruction of monuments and statues, arson, looting, and assorted lawlessness Democrat leaders have permitted, even exalted.


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