Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi threw a tantrum last night after the SOTU by ripping up President Donald Trump’s speech.

Some have defended Pelosi because supposedly Trump refused to shake her hand. But she offered her hand as he turned away so it’s likely he didn’t see it.

Look at The New York Post headline.

Constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley criticized Pelosi on his website (emphasis mine):

That is why I was (and remain) so offended by this display. I believe that President Trump himself is worthy of criticism for not shaking the hand of Pelosi. I also did not approve of aspects of his speech, including bestowing the Medal of Freedom on Rush Limbaugh in the gallery like a reality show surprise scene. There was much to object to in the address, but presidents often make comments that enrage or irritate speakers.

However, none of that excuses Pelosi. At that moment, she represents the House as an institution — both Republicans and Democrats. Instead, she decided to become little more than a partisan troll from an elevated position. The protests of the Democratic members also reached a new low for the House. Pelosi did not gavel out the protest. She seemed to join it.

It was the tradition of the House that a speaker must remain in stone-faced neutrality no matter what comes off that podium. The tradition ended last night with one of the more shameful and inglorious moments of the House in its history. Rather than wait until she left the floor, she decided to demonstrate against the President as part of the State of the Union and from the Speaker’s chair. That made it a statement not of Pelosi but of the House.

For those of us who truly love the House as an institution, it was one of the lowest moments to unfold on the floor. That is why I argue in the Hill that, if Pelosi does not apologize and agree to honor the principle of neutrality and civility at the State of the Union, she should resign as speaker.

Pelosi tried to mend fences but remains stubborn since she showed a picture of Trump refusing her handshake. You can tell from the picture that he was already turned away from her.


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