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It has been fascinating to watch the the elite media and Washington insiders reactions to the speed and efficiency of Trump's transition team organization and appointee selection. With so much happening so quickly, I wanted to keep an eye on one of the most troubling agencies under the Obama Administration: The Environmental Protection Agency. The response of the big government bureaucrats in the EPA is likely to offer a clue about how they are going to behave in other federal organizations. Legal Insurrection readers may recall that 27% of federal employees claimed they would quit their jobs if Donald Trump was elected. However, instead of quitting, it's more likely they'll exit a little less gracefully.

As discussed many times recently, Democrats have a yuge problem stopping Trump from naming just about anyone he wants to the Supreme Court, Will Republicans press SCOTUS Nuclear Option button? In 2013, Democrats pulled the Nuclear Option, eliminating filibusters on all judicial nominees short of the Supreme Court. That was an imaginary line in the sand Democrats thought they could rely on to defend themselves in the future as to Republican nominees to the Supreme Court. Though Republican's sometimes threatened to go nuclear, only Harry Reid and the Democrats did it. Republicans warned Democrats that they would come to regret it, maybe sooner than Democrats expected:

Liberals in media have made their new mission clear. Now that they can no longer prevent Trump from winning the presidency, they intend to attack and smear anyone who might become a member of Trump's administration. Roll Call columnist Jonathan Allen went after Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions before he was even announced as Trump's pick for attorney general. Here are a few choice highlights from Allen's column:
Jeff Sessions Is Unfit for the Cabinet Witnesses testified that the Alabama Republican had called major civil rights organizations “un-American,” used racially insensitive language with associates and even said pot-smoking was the only reason he no longer thought the KKK was OK. His nomination was withdrawn after two fellow Republicans crossed the partisan divide on the panel to disapprove of his confirmation...

Say what you will about Donny Deutsch, but the man-about-Manhattan and the Hamptons moves in the Trump social circle and is well-connected there. So attention must be paid to Deutsch's declaration on today's With All Due Respect. Asked by Mark Halperin whether the talk about Romney being considered for Secretary of State is "real, whether Romney might end up with the job," Deutsch responded: "somebody very, very, very high up in the inner [Trump] circle yesterday told me it was very, very real," and that this person was "very excited about it." Halperin prefaced his question to Deutsch by mentioning that that the prospect of Romney as Secretary of State has been met with very favorable reactions. That might be a kiss of death among conservatives, but the fact is that Romney has demonstrated a good understanding of the opportunities and threats facing America around the world.

Earlier this morning, reports indicated Trump's transition team had selected an Attorney General, CIA Director, and National Security Advisor. AG: Sen. Jeff Sessions CIA Director: Rep. Mike Pompeo National Security Advisor: Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn Politico confirms those individuals have accepted the posts: