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Gorsuch Makes Minced Meat of Dick Durbin’s Gotcha Attempt

Gorsuch Makes Minced Meat of Dick Durbin’s Gotcha Attempt

“Those are not my words and I would never had said them.”

Today was Day Two in confirmation hearings for Trump Supreme Court Justice nominee, Judge Neil Gorsuch.

Senators on the Judiciary Committee took turns spending thirty minutes grilling Gorsuch.

When it was Sen. Durbin’s (D-IL) turn to bat, he flamed out. Gloriously.

“Do you believe that there are ever situations where the cost of maternity leave to an employer can justify an employer asking only female applicants and not male applicants about family plans?” Sen. Durbin asked.

To which Gorsuch sternly replied, “those are not my words and I would never had said them.”

“I didn’t say that,” said Durbin, “I asked you if you agreed with this statement.”

“And I’m telling you I don’t,” Gorsuch scowled.

Sen. Durbin repeated accusations published in an NPR post the night before the confirmation hearings began. Former students (Judge Gorsuch is a law prof), alleged Gorsuch “implied that women manipulate companies starting in the interview stage to extract maternity benefits.”

Gorsuch responded with one of the best mic drops of the day.

You can watch here:

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Gorsuch gutted Turbin Durbin…!!!

Roberts 2.0

I dunno, maybe he’ll be ok for a year/eighteen months

Damn, I have rarely seen Durbin so thoroughly thunder struck to the point that he just gave up on his gotcha. The look on his face was priceless!

Senator Durbin, what a Dick!

Durbin has two brains, one’s lost, the other is looking. What an idiot!

Gorsuch is utterly WRECKING the poorly prepared Democrats that thought they were going to be able to dishonest spew talking points at him.

See his earlier destruction of Feinstein:

Gorsuch definitely knocked that one out of the park – worth watching for sure. Thanks for sharing the video.

Awesome! Wow! This was so refreshing. Gorsuch looks like a mature adult in the room, a real SCOTUS. Durbin’s at the bar tonight getting hammered.

Ok, Dick! Repeat after me:
If you don’t know the answer, don’t ask the question!

Ole Senator Eddie Haskell…gutted and filleted before the eyes of the nation. Nice try, Senator Haskell, but you are waaay over your head.

I agree that Gorsuch body-slammed Durbin, but allow me to play devil’s advocate for a moment here. Suppose you’re the owner of a small firm. Your business is growing rapidly and you desperately need to hire some help to produce and sell your product. Are you going to hire a man for the position who will likely be there for you, or are you going to hire a woman who will be gone for six weeks right when you need her the most, and then call in sick several times per month to tend to her child? It’s a simple business decision really. All this politically correct “You can’t ask that!” does is drive the question underground.

Here’s a perfect example of how this works out: Yesterday, my wife drove for over an hour to take her dog to the groomers. The wife had an appointment made days in advance but, when she arrived, she was told “Cindy called in sick today and we’re short handed so there will be a four hour wait. We’re really sorry”. The wife was sorry too and won’t be going back to that establishment.

In the real world, when you hire an employee – male or female – that doesn’t show up regularly, your customers pay the price and your business suffers. Worse yet, women are a “protected class” and you can’t fire them no matter how poorly they perform.

This so unfair to the Dems! It is embarrassing to see them walk up to the giant and throw their sticks at him and then watch him reach out and squash them! Give Durbin credit for reversing himself as fast as any human can.