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The recent move by the World Health Organization (WHO) to recommend that nations end lockdowns as the chief means of controlling the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus was intriguing. However, in a recent piece that is nothing less than shocking, a new report from The New York Times says that experts are confident that the coronavirus pandemic will end “far sooner” than originally expected.

At the beginning of this month, Princeton University President Christopher L. Eisgruber, penned a letter to the Princeton community which claimed that racism is "embedded" in structures of the university. The Department of Education took this claim seriously and has launched an investigation. If schools are going to make these claims, it's about time that we take them at their word.

In a time when the country is consumed by election news, left-wing riots, and the continuing effects of the coronavirus pandemic, it is easy to forget that there are so many other important things happening in the world around us. On Friday, President Trump awarded Sgt. Major Thomas Payne with the Medal of Honor for his role in a daring mission to successfully rescue 75 hostages from ISIS.

I don't like Van Jones's politics, but I respect him for crossing the line when needed and saying the things that everyone needs to hear. The left first went after him when he dared to say that blacks need to worry more about the "white liberal Hillary Clinton supporter." Now they're attacking for having the nerve to work with President Donald Trump's administration on police reform.

Richard Grenell made history when President Donald Trump appointed him as the U.S. Ambassador to Germany because he was the first openly gay man to serve at such a high level in an administration. Grenell made history again on Wednesday night when Trump picked him as his acting Director of National intelligence. Grenell is the first openly gay person to serve on a president's Cabinet.
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