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The 2020 presidential election is a good way off and the pivotal 2018 midterms are this year, but it's never too early for the regressive left to start griping about the 2020 Democrat frontrunner.   Former Senator (D-DE) and former Vice President Joe Biden is the Democrat voters' early pick to go up against President Trump. This is great news for President Trump, but the Democrat base is less than happy that yet another elderly cis gender white male with a penchant for groping women and girls is in the lead in this #MeToo moment.  His being a bit gaffe-prone is apparently not a concern, but his leading role in and continued defense of the 1994 Clinton crime bill contributes to the disgruntled murmurings from the Democrat base.

President Donald Trump's longtime personal assistant John McEntee has left the White House and will join the president's 2020 re-election campaign. The Wall Street Journal reported the White House fired him over security issues. Other reports indicate the firing happened because he is under investigation for serious financial crimes.

A month ago I reported on a conversation I had with a lifelong Democrat who also was anti-Trump. The conversation was remarkable because while the person still dislikes Trump, he was frustrated with how Democrats and particularly the media were trying to prevent Trump from doing his job, Media overplaying its anti-Trump hand – statistics and an anecdote about a lifelong Democrat: