A month ago I reported on a conversation I had with a lifelong Democrat who also was anti-Trump.

The conversation was remarkable because while the person still dislikes Trump, he was frustrated with how Democrats and particularly the media were trying to prevent Trump from doing his job, Media overplaying its anti-Trump hand – statistics and an anecdote about a lifelong Democrat:

…I had a conversation today that anecdotally supports how out of touch the media is.

The conversation was with someone I’ve known for almost 20 years. He’s a lifelong Rhode Islander and Democrat who has expressed strong hostility to me toward Trump in the past. We speak every couple of months, and I’ve never heard him say a good word about Trump.

The political part of the conversation started by him asking me how the blog was going, and how we must be busy with all the Trump stuff. I was non-committal, something along the lines of “sure, things are always busy.” I fully expected a truck load of anti-Trump stuff to be dumped on me next. But that didn’t happen.

He then volunteered how frustrated he was with the media, and how they “won’t let Trump do his job.” He said he still doesn’t like Trump, but was very angry at the media particularly the Russia coverage. He said (paraphrasing), give me a break with that meeting, if someone offered any campaign dirt on their opponent, of course they’d take it. The conversation continued for several minutes along the same lines, but he kept coming back to Trump not being permitted to “do his job.”

It’s just an anecdote. But it’s meaningful to me because this friend was the last person I would have expected to have such a reaction to media coverage of Trump.

That friend must have been onto something, because that concept of the media and Democrats not letting Trump do his job is the focus of a new ad from the Trump (2020?) campaign, as John Hinderaker at Power Line reports:

We truly have entered the era of the permanent campaign. The 2020 election is more than three years away, and President Trump has already released his first ad. I suppose the ad has in view not only Trump’s re-election, but also the fact that the Democratic Party press doesn’t want to cover the administration’s accomplishments, preferring to obsess over Trump’s foibles and non-existent scandals. The ad seeks to remind voters of Trump’s record so far, which is, in fact, impressive ….

These sort of polished ads typically would be the result of messaging research, both as to what concerns people and what messages have an impact.

It doesn’t really surprise me that a pro-Trump ad hits the theme of “Let President Trump Do His Job.” That concept is something I hear from a lot of people. It’s just so obvious that the media and Democrats’ agenda is that if they can’t bring Trump down completely, they will freeze him and prevent him from getting anything done.


As if to prove the point, CNN is refusing to run the ad, as USA Today reports:

President Trump’s re-election campaign said CNN had blocked its latest campaign ad, accusing the network of censorship. But the network said it has not rejected the ad.

The ad in question blasts Democrats, the media and career politicians. Additionally, it implies that members of the media are “the president’s enemies.” During a voiceover using that phrase, the ad features clips of journalists, many of whom work for CNN.

Campaign executive director Michael Glassner said millions of Americans support the president because of their “complete mistrust” in mainstream media.

“Today, CNN provided further proof that the network earns this mistrust every day by censoring President Trump’s message to the American people by blocking our paid campaign ad,” he said in a statement. “Clearly, the only viewpoint CNN allows on the air is CNN’s.”

Glassner called CNN’s decision “censorship.”

“This will not stop or deny our message that ‘President Trump’s plan is working’ for the American people,” he said.

I think a lot more people understand this than the media thinks, including many people who don’t necessarily support Trump.