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United Kingdom Ambassador to the United States Kim Darroch resigned on Monday after a war of words with President Donald Trump over remarks in leaked cables. These cables showed Darroch describing Trump's administration as "diplomatically clumsy and inept" while he believed it would not become "substantially more normal." Trump returned fire by saying his administration "will no longer deal" with the ambassador.

United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May announced through tears this morning that she will leave her post on June 7 after a Brexit mess that has lasted for three years. From The London Times:
“It is and will always remain a matter of deep regret to me that I have not been able to deliver Brexit,” she said. “I believe it was right to persevere, even when the odds against success seemed high.

This news is kind of tricky. First off, reports have said that British Prime Minister told Tory Members of Parliament (MP) at a meeting she will step down before the next phase of Brexit. Second, this is only if a Brexit deal goes through. As we all know, MPs have constantly butted heads these past two years with Brexit. The EU gave the UK an extension to April 12.

The United Kingdom should be taking its last steps as a member of the European Union. Instead, even after two years, the UK is dragging its feet after parliament rejected Prime Minister Theresa May's deal and voted not to leave the EU without the deal. Caught in a Catch-22 parliament voted to extend the Brexit deadline, which should have taken place on March 29. The EU agreed and set April 12 as the new deadline if parliament supports May's deal.

Okay, let's see if I can keep this straight because Brexit has become a circus. On Tuesday, the Members of Parliament (MP) voted against British Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit Deal. On Wednesday night, the MPs voted against leaving the European Union (EU) without a deal. What a Catch-22. So this sets up a vote on Thursday to extend Brexit, but even if the MPs pass that, the EU has to approve it.

Last month, Mary wrote that British Prime Minister Theresa May Will Give Parliament a Chance to Delay Brexit if They Reject Withdrawal Plan.  The withdrawal plan comes up for a vote on Tuesday, March 12, and May has traveled to Strasbourg to meet with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker. The UK is scheduled to leave the EU on March 29 on this year.

The United Kingdom is supposed to leave the European Union next month, but even after two years of negotiations and talks, it may not happen on time. This is why British Prime Minister Theresa May told Parliament if the members reject her Brexit deal on March 12, she will give them an opportunity to vote "on 13 March on leaving with no deal." If the members reject that, the members can "vote on 14 March for an extension to Article 50."

British Prime Minister Theresa May has told the House of Commons that she will defer the vote tomorrow for her Brexit deal after many within her own party wouldn't support her deal due to the backstop. The Guardian reported that "the backstop is a device intended to ensure that there will not be a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, even if no formal deal can be reached on trade and security arrangements."

British Prime Minister Theresa May remains on shaky grounds after two cabinet members resigned a day after she announced that the cabinet backed her proposal on Brexit. She has now lost a total of 12 cabinet members in the last year. From CBS News:
Dominic Raab, the second of May's Brexit secretaries to quit the role in as many years, said the draft agreement reached with Brussels would effectively leave Britain beholden to the rules and regulations of the European Union and even give the EU the power to stop the U.K. from extricating itself down the road. He said he could not "in good conscious support the terms" of the deal he helped to craft.

The Sun dropped an interview with President Donald Trump on Thursday night as he met with Prime Minister Theresa May for a black-tie dinner. In it, he criticized May's Brexit strategy, claimed she did not listen to him, and that a trade deal between the two countries could be in danger. May and Trump held a press conference Friday morning. Trump told May that whatever she wants to do with her Brexit plan is okay with America, but just make it possible for the UK to engage in trade with the United States. Trump also called The Sun interview 'fake news' because they left out portions of his comments, all of which the White House has recorded.

On Friday morning, a bomb was detonated in the London Underground near Parsons Green.  Two men have since been arrested, Prime Minister Teresa May has downgraded the UK threat level from critical to severe, and British police are searching the Surrey home of an elderly couple who fostered "refugee children."  The two men arrested are reportedly aged 18 and 21. The Wall Street Journal reports:
Investigators probing a bomb blast that injured more than two dozen people in London’s subway last week on Sunday combed through a house in this suburban town owned by elderly foster parents that neighbors said had recently been caring for two “refugees.”

Oh what a night. The disaster to Western Civilization from a Jeremy Corbyn Labour Party victory "may" have been averted. The British Conservative Party lost seats, and doesn't have an absolute majority in the House of Commons, but appears to have struck a deal with the Democratic Unionist Party. The Telegraph reports:

The British have officially closed. It might be a few more hours before we have an official result. The population will elect 650 Members of Parliament (MP), but the Conservatives need 326 seats in order to form a government. They currently hold 330, but some polls have shown the party losing enough seats to sit below the threshold. Exit polls have shown that the Conservatives have lost seats, but still maintain the majority. I will update this post as information rolls in.