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Terrorist Attack: Bomb on London Tube Injures 22

Terrorist Attack: Bomb on London Tube Injures 22

Third terrorist attack in the UK this year.

A homemade bomb went off on a filled London Underground subway car this morning near Parsons Green that left 22 people injured. The police have announced they are treating it as a terrorist attack. From The London Times:

Officers believe that the blast was caused by an improvised explosive device and hundreds of detectives are now investigating, with the assistance of MI5.

Passengers on the District Line train fled in terror after a container in a plastic Lidl shopping bag appeared to explode near a train door, sending a fireball through the carriage. Most of those who injured following the incident at Parsons Green, southwest London, suffered “flash burns”; others were trampled in the rush to escape the packed carriage. No one suffered serious or life-threatening injuries.

The authorities have not made any arrests. They have identified a suspect from CCTV footage, though.

Witnesses have spoken out about the attack. The London Times continued:

Chris Wildish, who was on the train, told BBC 5live: “It was a white bucket, a builder’s bucket, in a white Aldi bag or Lidl bag. Flames were still coming out of it when I saw it and had a lot of wires hanging out of it — I can only assume it was done on purpose. It was standing against the door of the rearmost carriage.”

Sylvain Pennec, a software developer from Southfields, near Wimbledon, was about ten metres from the source of the explosion when fire filled the carriage.

“I heard a boom and when I looked there were flames all around,” he said. “People started to run but we were lucky as the door started to open.”

He described the panic as commuters struggled to escape the carriage, “collapsing and pushing” each other.

Mr Pennec stayed behind to take a closer look at what he believed was the source of the explosion. “It looked like a bucket of mayonnaise,” he said. “I’m not sure if it was a chemical reaction or something else but it looked homemade. I’m not an expert though.”

Authorities are currently trying to confirm that there are no other devices on the subway system. They also said this homemade device went off “prematurely” and let off some flashes as it burned.

This is the third terrorist attack in the UK this year. Back in June, terrorists attacked London Bridge and Borough Market, which killed seven people and injured 48. A bomb went off at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester in May, leaving 19 dead and 50 injured.

In March, a man plowed his SUV into crowds of people on Westminster Bridge before he drove into the perimeter fence at parliament. After he exited his car, he stabbed one police officer before other officers shot him. That attack killed four people, including an American.


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The British:

a) Kept Jews out for 365 years.
b) Kept Jews out of Palestine when they were fleeing the Nazis, condemning millions to death.
c) Would not bomb the death camps, even as they flew over them, condemning millions to death.
d) Fought tooth and nail to keep Shoah survivors out of Palestine.
e) Now have two out of their three major parties dominated by genocidal Jew-hatred.

300,000 British Jews can leave the UK. 65 million others can’t.

Let Britian rot, and deal with enslavement and mass rapes on a scale that will make Rotherham seem minor.

I will laugh when the heirs of Sadiq Khan blow up Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey.

    Old0311 in reply to Eric R.. | September 15, 2017 at 11:39 am

    The Brits…I’m shocked there was anyone courageous enough to come to the new world. But since then they seemed to have cleansed their gene pool of anyone who had a pair. Oh, and thanks for the cleaver way the ME was carved up after the Great War.

    alaskabob in reply to Eric R.. | September 15, 2017 at 1:17 pm

    The word “holocaustum” comes into the English language early…

I really don’t know what the problem is here. These minor intrusions into public life are surely insufficient to warrant any revision of the pro Islamic social and legal foundations of British society.

Lemme guess…Angry Anglicans strike again?

The police have identified “a suspect.”

In the Battle of Britain, Churchill demanded that the military identify the specific pilot that dropped the specific bomb on a specific location in London. He did not think that he should look for a pattern and profile Germans who were in the Luftwaffe. That is what he did — right?

This 21st Century Battle of Britain will be lost because the British do not want to win this time. UFB and sad.

In guerrilla warfare, score is kept by attrition. When you play defense, the other side runs up the score with each play like they did here 22-0. In guerrilla warfare, you do not get to choose whether you want to be in the battle. Your only choice is to survive or perish. You survive by going on fierce offense. No sign of that here.

When will the British learn that when Muslims say they mean to take over the world, with the UK in the cross hairs right now, they (the Muslims) mean it.

The betting window is now open,

~ within the next 2 weeks
~ within 6 months
~ within a year
~ never
~ never, even after they’ve been reduced to dhimmi status

    davod in reply to fscarn. | September 15, 2017 at 12:06 pm

    You write that with the inference that Muslims taking over the world is a bad thing. Have you polled the Brits for an answer? You may be surprised at the response.

Pelosi Schmelosi | September 15, 2017 at 12:10 pm

The ME has been at war with itself and everyone else for thousands of years.
Why would you want to import these people into your country, especially without vetting them?
And why did you think they’d be different once they got there?
Because #feelings?
Some serious stoooopid at work here.

Altering a quote… “The Tree of Progressive Political Correctness is watered with the blood of willing victims.”

Victory has no place in the pantheon of victimhood.

They need to start arresting these cowardly British citizens who run away from Islamic terrorist bombings, lowering death counts and undermining the terrorists’ intentions. That is SO racist.

Wait for Muslime to tell you they fear a backlash. CAIR will claim that Muslims are the real victims of today’s bombing, as they were of 9-11, Ft. Hood, San Bernardino, etc.

    fscarn in reply to bw222. | September 15, 2017 at 10:32 pm


    “Those verses are taken out of context.”

    “You have to understand Arabic to understand the Quran.”

    “We never saw him in our mosque.”

    “He had mental issues.”

A British expat friend of mine returns home at least once a month to join his sister as they care for their terminally ill mum. Each time he returns he remarks on the notable change he sees on how quickly Britain is descending into a third world country.

But thank goodness they won’t be called Islamophobic, because that would be the REAL tragedy.

The Brits and the EU should both strive for MORE multiculturalism to show the 3rd world countries they embrace their diversity.

The Polish on the other hand are shaking their heads in disgust.