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On Saturday, 24-year-old Connor Betts went on a shooting rampage in Dayton, OH. He killed nine people, including his sister, and injured 27. Like other murderers, the actions of Betts did not surprise those who knew him. In fact, classmates and acquaintances knew for a long time Betts had it in him to cause so much death. His Twitter account lavished praise on Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and hatred on President Donald Trump along with ICE and the police.

There was much celebration on the left when a recent poll suggested that 40% of Americans support "some form of socialism." Ultimately, though, socialism itself is not becoming more popular with Americans.  It turns out that few know what it is—some think of it as "equality," others as free everything, others as capitalism lite, still others as ending poverty (!?), and so on.

Democrats already have avowed socialist and party-alienating "Independent" Senator Bernie Sanders (VT), and they have Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) chirping her mini-me support for Bernie's socialist policies from the back row. No matter.  Surveying the train wreck of a clown car that is the growing list of 2020 Democrat presidential hopefuls, New York City mayor Bill de Blasio apparently thought there just weren't enough socialists from the Northeast running for the party's nomination.

The serious contemplation on the virtues of socialism (SPOILER: there are none) invading broad culture speaks to rampant ignorance and a populace completely spoiled by modernity. Individuals who have lived elsewhere, suffered under actual tyranny, or who have a basic understanding of varying systems of government understand that socialism is a scourge and a system ripe for abuse by an inefficient bureaucracy.

I don't really know how far to the left Nancy Pelosi is, perhaps further than she lets on. But my guess is that she's not very happy about the radical wing of the Democratic Party, the one whose members stayed seated when President Trump said in his SOTU address that the U.S. will never become a socialist country. They have a name, too: Justice Democrats. It's the latest euphemism for the radical left. The American public may have finally caught on to the previous euphemism, "progressive."

British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and socialist media darling Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) had a disturbingly cordial back and forth of sorts on Twitter over the weekend, revealing a troubling new political alliance:
Following the telephone call on Sunday, Mr Corbyn tweeted: "Great to speak to @AOC on the phone this evening and hear first-hand how she's challenging the status quo.

Venezuela's downward spiral gained some speed on Wednesday after National Assembly President Juan Guaido declared himself as the interim president. He claimed it's the only way "to rescue Venezuela from 'dictatorship.'" Guaido did this, even though Nicolas Maduro was sworn in a few weeks ago for another term, "after the Venezuelan National Assembly on Tuesday announced its takeover of the executive power."

CNN State of the Union host Jake Tapper, one of the last reliable MSM reporters, got socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez all tongue-tied when he asked her plain and simple how she would pay for her $40 trillion platform. From Mediaite:
“Your platform has called for various new programs including Medicare-for-all, housing as a federal right, a federal jobs guarantee, tuition-free public college, canceling all student loan debt,” said Tapper, listing a few of the items the New York candidate has promised to pursue. “According to nonpartisan and left-leaning studies friendly to your cause including the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities or the Tax Policy Center, the overall price tag is more than $40 trillion in the next decade.”

Actor Jim Carrey appeared on Bill Maher's show last week and sang the praises of socialism; at one point he stated, "We have to say yes to socialism — to the word and everything.” Venezuelan journalist Laureano Márquez was appalled and wrote a searing response in which he noted that Venezuela's on-going crises are the direct result of socialism. He also points out that people are "fleeing the country 'however way they can' as they do not have access to medication, food or other basic needs."
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