A 45-year-old parolee named Troy McAlister should have been in prison on New Year’s Eve, but instead of facing the Three Strikes life prison term he had earned through his criminal acts, he was set free by San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin. Since his April 2020 release, McAlister was arrested multiple times and released each time, with not even parole violation charges pursued.

McAlister, whose long rap sheet includes robbery and carjacking, was reportedly in a stolen car and under the influence of drugs and alcohol when he ran a red light and plowed into two pedestrians, both of whom died.  McAlister fled the scene.

NBC Bay Area reports:

The 45-year-old parolee held for the New Year’s Eve hit-and-run deaths of two pedestrians had been facing a Three-Strikes life prison term until he was freed last year under San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin, documents obtained by NBC Bay Area’s Investigative Unit show.

Troy McAlister is now charged with felony vehicular manslaughter in the deaths of Elizabeth Platt, 60, and Hanako Abe, 27, who were both struck when McAlister ran a red light in a stolen vehicle on the afternoon of Dec. 31, according to prosecutors.

Until April of last year, McAlister was being held in jail awaiting trial on a 2015 robbery charge. Prosecutors were pursuing the case under the state’s Three Strikes law. If McAlister had been convicted, he could have faced a life sentence. McAlister was eligible for life based on his previous convictions for robbery and carjacking.

But Boudin issued a policy in February not to pursue Three Strikes cases, prompting a deal that granted McAlister credit for the five years he’d served in custody. He was freed from jail last April.

After he was released, McAlister was arrested several times but no criminal charges were filed and no parole violation proceedings were brought, court and police records show.

The arrests occurred as late as Dec. 20, when he was arrested on suspicion of driving a stolen vehicle in San Francisco and possessing burglary tools, according to police documents. He was arrested the month before at San Francisco State University for auto burglary and a parole violation. In August, he was arrested in San Francisco for drug and theft related charges and in June he was arrested for a residential burglary.

Court documents show that Boudin had appeared on behalf of McAlister in 2018 while he was a deputy public defender, triggering concerns about a possible conflict of interest now that he’s District Attorney.

LI readers may recall Boudin from our posts San Francisco: Socialist Son of Imprisoned Weather Underground Terrorists Who Was Raised By Bill Ayers and Worked for Hugo Chavez Elected D.A. and George Soros’ Efforts to Decimate Criminal Justice System Bearing Fruit.

As we noted:

Boudin’s “decarceration” and anti-police agenda earned the ire of the San Francisco Police Officers’ Association, who refer to Boudin as the “#1 choice of criminals and gang members.”

His election night party featured charming chants of “Fuck the POA.”

. . . . Boudin claims to be “part of a growing movement that’s bringing a new vision to the District Attorney’s office,” and he is right. It’s also a smart approach by the “social justice” / “reformative justice” / “decarceral justice” radicals who seek to undermine and replace Americans’ concept of equal justice under the law.

Given Boudin’s radical leftist history and his embrace of ‘social justice’ “decarceration” policies that specifically advocate letting career criminals like McAlister roam free among the law-abiding citizenry, it’s unsurprising that he tried to shift the blame for his own failed policies to other law enforcement agencies.  Socialists never take responsibility for the inevitable failure of their lunatic—often, as here, hazardous—policies.

ABC7 News reports:

Boudin has a history of referring cases involving repeat offenders to parole instead of prosecuting.

In Sunday’s live interview, Lim asked: “They (the CDCA) provided you all the details to revoke bail but yet you chose to do nothing… why are you blaming the parole office instead of taking direct accountability here?”

“This is not about blaming parole,” Boudin responded. “This about recognizing there are numerous law enforcement agencies… and we all have to depend on each other for doing their job properly.”

. . . . The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation sent ABC7 News a statement saying in part, “None of the parolee’s arrests following his 2020 release has yet to result in filings of criminal charges by the District Attorney.”

Boudin was critical of Daly City police as well, referencing a Dec. 29 incident when McAlister stole a car belonging to a woman he was on a date with at the Westlake shopping center, which was what he was driving during the New Year’s Eve hit-and-run.

“They were aware he was a parolee, they had his address, his phone number and most importantly, they knew he had a firearm in his possession. And instead of trying to arrest him, or notifying the parole officer, they wrote in their report that they intended to wait until Jan. 3, today. By today it’s too late.”

Daly City police told Lim their investigation followed all standard practices and procedures, and that the Jan. 3 date Boudin is referring to is actually an expiration date for follow-up.

. . . .  SFPD would not comment due to the ongoing investigation, but Lim spoke with Tony Montoya, president of the San Francisco Police Officers Association (SFPOA) union.

“That’s an automatic if someone’s on parole or on probation. You make a phone call or an email notification to their parole officer,” Montoya said, adding that, “Had the DA done their job, Mr. McAlister would’ve been in custody and you would not have grieving families.”

Boudin is not only blaming every related agency, after proving time and again he would not press charges no matter what they do, but he’s actually doubling-down on ‘decarceration,’ stating that the problem here is with the lack of support for parolees.

This almost unbelievable level of naivete combined with the groundless self-righteous conviction makes these people dangerous to civil society.


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