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First Amended Complaint adds new claim: "Project Veritas is entitled to a declaration that it is the real copyright holder in Breakthrough, American Pravda, and American Muckraker," and wants "disgorging all income received by O'Keefe" from those books....

On Friday night, Tucker Carlson did a deep dive into the alleged diary of Joe Biden's daughter Ashley which was downright shocking. The book was discovered by a woman who took over a rehab center room that had been previously occupied by Ashley Biden and then handed over to Project Veritas.

Last fall, Project Veritas was raided by the FBI, which collected various documents and devices. Then things got worse. Despite a judge's ruling, the Department of Justice went to multiple magistrates and obtained secret warrants to collect communications between multiple journalists from Microsoft. Do you remember how people on the left scoffed at the idea of the Deep State? What would you call this?

James O'Keefe's Project Veritas group recently came under federal attack over their possession of a diary that allegedly belonged to Ashley Biden, which ultimately led to an FBI raid on O'Keefe's home. It was curious when the New York Times seemed to have advanced knowledge of the raid, but now it looks as though the Times is being fed information that may have been obtained through the raid.