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Thursday, Planned Parenthood filed suit against pro-life undercover video makers, Center for Medical Progress or CMP. CMP released a series of undercover videos showing Planned Parenthood doctors and managers from around the country haggling over the price of aborted baby parts. Reuter's reports:
The lawsuit filed in federal court in San Francisco against anti-abortion group the Center for Medical Progress alleges conspiracy and fraud among other violations in connection with the recordings. The videos, which were released in July, sparked widespread controversy by purporting to show Planned Parenthood officials trying to negotiate prices for aborted fetal tissue.

Monday, Texas cut Medicaid to Planned Parenthood providers. “Texas has stepped forward and shown its unyielding commitment to both protecting life and providing women’s health services,” said Governor Abbott. “The gruesome harvesting of baby body parts by Planned Parenthood will not be allowed in Texas and the barbaric practice must be brought to an end. As such, ending the Medicaid participation of Planned Parenthood affiliates in the State of Texas is another step in providing greater access to safe healthcare for women while protecting our most vulnerable – the unborn.” Thursday, Texas health officials subpoenaed patient and employee records from five Planned Parenthood clinics across the state.

Largely due to the Center for Medical Progress' undercover videos exposing Planned Parenthood's sale of aborted baby parts, the nation's largest abortion provider is under federal and state examination. Monday, Texas stripped Medicaid funding from Planned Parenthood providers, joining a handful of other states who've done the same. As state-level scrutiny increases, Planned Parenthood's room to wiggle shrinks in kind. Tuesday, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported a pathology lab that contracts with a local Planned Parenthood provider failed to register with the state of Missouri this year. This is the sixth time the lab has missed a filing deadline since 1994. The lab, which digs through aborted baby parts, says officials, "misunderstood the registration process."

Monday, Texas Governor Abbott's office announced Planned Parenthood providers would no longer be privy to Medicaid dollars. “Texas has stepped forward and shown its unyielding commitment to both protecting life and providing women’s health services,” said Governor Abbott. “The gruesome harvesting of baby body parts by Planned Parenthood will not be allowed in Texas and the barbaric practice must be brought to an end. As such, ending the Medicaid participation of Planned Parenthood affiliates in the State of Texas is another step in providing greater access to safe healthcare for women while protecting our most vulnerable – the unborn.” Governor Abbott cited the, "gruesome videos filmed at Planned Parenthood facilities," including one facility in Texas. Monday, "the Office of Inspector General at Texas Health and Human Services Commission issued a letter ending Medicaid participation for Planned Parenthood affiliates in the State of Texas based on evidence of Medicaid program violations. The cancellation, consistent with Governor Abbott’s LIFE initiative, calls for funding to Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers out of taxpayer money to be eliminated completely, both at the State and local levels," according to the Governor's office.

Back in 2013, the conservative media engaged in a frantic effort to force mainstream outlets to cover the Kermit Gosnell trials. News of Gosnell's crimes first surfaced in 2010, when the FBI partnered with local authorities and raided his Philadelphia offices. Gosnell was a "well-respected" late term abortion provider---bad enough by definition---but what investigators found absolutely defied any existing narrative:
The doctor was suspected of selling prescription drugs illegally. However, what investigators discovered upon entering the clinic was unthinkable. Blood stained floors. A feral cat roaming the hallways and examination rooms. Fetal remains in the staff food freezers. A row of jars containing severed feet. As investigators began interviewing employees, they learned that Dr. Gosnell employed a tactic that he called “snipping.” Women who came in for late-term abortions would be induced, live babies would be born, and then Dr. Gosnell would kill the babies by severing their spinal chords with scissors.
Gosnell was sentenced to life in prison for his actions; soon after, filmmakers David Altrogge, Jennifer Brown, and Michael J. Hartnett made a short film, "3801 Lancaster," about what happened in Gosnell's clinic. A year later, they received a message from Gosnell that prompted their new project, a full-length documentary featuring interviews with Gosnell himself. The trailer for 3801 Lancaster: American Tragedy has been released, and it will give you chills:

The Center for Medical Progress has released its 10th Planned Parenthood sting video featuring prescient conversations between Planned Parenthood executives about the PR dangers of the organization's fetal body part harvesting scheme. This video is similar to the more recent offerings from CMP's investigations in that it is light in shocking footage of the actual procurement of fetal tissue, but heavy on content that exposes the corruption between Planned Parenthood and its affiliates. It features conversations between CMP's actor, a fetal tissue buyer, and Dr. Carolyn Westhoff, Senior Medical Advisor for PPFA; Dr. Vanessa Cullins, Vice President for External Medical Affairs for PPFA; and Deborah VanDerhei, National Director for the Consortium of Abortion Providers (CAPS) at PPFA. In the video, the buyer presses the issue of "donations for remuneration," which CMP describes as "[carrying] the connotation of financial reward or benefit without regard for actual expenses." The officials the buyer speaks to admit several times that "the headlines would be a disaster" if the abortion industry gets caught selling baby body parts for profit before developing a PR strategy to protect the exchanges. Watch:

Today, the Center for Medical Progress released the ninth in a series of videos aimed at exposing collusion between Planned Parenthood and tissue procurement clinics for the sale of fetal tissue. This video features a new player. Until 2013, Dr. Katharine Sheehan was Planned Parenthood's Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest, and in the video, we see her describing Planned Parenthood's relationship with fetal procurement outlet ABR. We also see ABR Procurement Manager Perrin Larton getting into graphic detail about how her company manages to secure intact fetal specimens. Watch: From LifeNews:

Last week, the Center for Medical Progress released a "teaser" of their 8th video implicating Planned Parenthood and StemExpress officials in the trafficking of fetal body parts. Until last week, the video's publication had been banned under a temporary restraining order sought by StemExpress; CMP, however, overcame that TRO on free speech grounds, and seized the opportunity to release more footage before StemExpress' attorneys could launch an appeal. Today, CMP released the full video, throwing into full relief the legal situation groups like Planned Parenthood and StemExpress could find themselves in if activists keep digging. In the video, StemExpress CEO Cate Dyer talks with "buyers" about how abortion providers' actions affect how much money the products of abortion---or, as decent human beings like to say, the baby's body---can raise for procurement firms. Watch:

Yesterday, a California court lifted a temporary restraining order barring pro-life advocacy group Center for Medical Progress from releasing footage of StemExpress employees discussing the sale of fetal body parts. Immediately, CMP sprang into action, releasing a teaser of their next video ahead of any appeals filed by StemExpress. Watch the preview here: On Friday, CMP teased quotes from the video's transcript. In one segment, StemExpress CEO Cate Dyer jokes with the "buyers" about how some lab techs react to receiving fetal body parts in the mail. It's horrifying [emphasis mine]:

Today a California court dissolved a temporary restraining order banning the Center for Medical Progress from releasing footage showing high-ranking StemExpress executives discussing the sale of fetal body parts. The Alliance Defending Freedom issued a press release:
“The First Amendment protects every American’s free speech, regardless of how damaging the truth is for scandal-ridden organizations like StemExpress and Planned Parenthood,” said Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund President Chuck LiMandri. “Our client has the right to expose StemExpress’ role in the potentially illegal sale of aborted babies’ body parts. The court was correct in lifting this gag order, which only served to protect StemExpress’ gruesome business.” “The American people deserve to know the truth about the hideous industry that buys and sells the hearts, lungs, heads, and livers of unborn babies,” said Life Legal Defense Foundation Vice President of Legal Affairs Catherine Short. “The Center for Medical Progress should not be silenced and StemExpress and Planned Parenthood should not be able to get off the hook when there is credible evidence that they have colluded in numerous illegal activities.”
From the opinion (full opinion embedded below the fold):

Today the Center for Medical Progress released another video containing damning testimony about the Planned Parenthood body parts-for-profit scandal. The 10 minute video contains more testimony from Holly O'Donnell, a former StemExpress procurement tech whose previous testimony threw into full relief just how far Planned Parenthood was willing to sink to turn a profit. The newly released footage features details about how Planned Parenthood customizes the procedure to ensure that late-term abortions produce intact fetal remains---which are much more valuable than the sum of parts taken piece by piece. It also includes outside images (which are graphic and heartbreaking, so be prepared) showing what a 19-20 week fetus looks like outside the womb. Watch the whole thing. (Things get incredibly graphic at the 6 minute mark.)

The Center for Medical Progress released its sixth Planned Parenthood video Wednesday. Human Capital Episode 2: Inside the Planned Parenthood Supply Site revisits the story of former Blood and Tissue Procurement Technician, Holly O’Donnell. "The co-workers I had -- they would not consent the donors," said O'Donnell. "If there was a higher gestation and the techs needed it, there were times when they would just take what they wanted and these mothers don't know. There's no way they would know... it's terrifying." O'Donnell tells a story about a patient she met with who refused to give consent for blood and tissue donation. Later a different tech, knowing the patient was unwilling to donate, took blood samples anyway. Unlike previous videos, this one does contain graphic images though the content is still disturbing:

This week, the Center for Medical Progress released its fourth Planned Parenthood sting video. This video, like those before it, shows undercover activists teasing out evidence suggesting that Planned Parenthood is in the business not only of providing abortions, but selling the resulting "fetal tissue" for profit. Via WaPo:
Like the three previous releases from the Center for Medical Progress, the latest video contains accusations of illegal and unethical activity: First, it argues that Planned Parenthood profits from compensation as part of fetal parts donations; and second, that clinics may alter procedures to provide more intact specimens, in violation of established ethical standards for fetal parts collection. “We have to kind of see the baseline of how things are getting extracted now and see if we can do any work with them to maybe be more gentle,” Ginde says in the video. She adds that the clinic has little control over whether specimens come out intact or not, but adds, “Sometimes, if we get, if someone delivers before we get to see them for a procedure, then we are intact.” ... In another portion of the video, the undercover actors are allowed to observe the specimen collection process inside a Planned Parenthood clinic. “Do people do stuff with eyeballs?” Ginde asks the undercover actor. Later, a medical assistant notes that a specimen is “another boy.”

This week, the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) released it's third video documenting Planned Parenthood's participation in baby part harvesting. If you watch the video (you must watch the video,) be warned---it's nauseating. I don't give these kinds of warnings lightly. When CMP first launched its campaign against Planned Parenthood, conservatives in the Senate came together to draft legislation defunding Planned Parenthood and its affiliates. The team, headed up by Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA), today introduced S.1881, which includes three main objectives:
  • Prohibiting federal funding for PPFA or any of its affiliate organizations
  • Protecting federal funding for health services for women (including diagnostic laboratory and radiology services, well-child care, prenatal and postnatal care, immunizations, cervical and breast cancer screenings and more)
  • Ensuring there is no reduction in overall federal funding available to support women’s health.
In a press conference announcing the bill, sponsor Joni Ernst spoke out against PPFA's harvesting-for-profit scheme, saying, “As a mother and grandmother, I find this footage of Planned Parenthood’s role in the harvesting of the organs of unborn babies morally reprehensible and vile... The American people are horrified by these videos as well. Simply put, this legislation ensures that funding for women’s health is protected and that taxpayer dollars will not go to Planned Parenthood.” You can watch that press conference here:

With pressure to defund tax-payer supported Planned Parenthood mounting daily, the organization's president is riding the interview circuit. Filmed by a small organization called Citizens for Medical Progress (CMP), two separate undercover videos show a Planned Parenthood Doctor and a Planned Parenthood official casually chatting about the harvesting and sale of baby parts. CMP has said they have thousands of hours of footage, and is promising ten to twelve more videos yet to be released. In an alarmingly fair interview with former Clinton aid and Clinton Foundation donor, George Stephanopoulos, Planned Parenthood President Cecil Richards discussed she believed were the worst parts of undercover videos.

If decent people staffed Planned Parenthood, you wouldn't be seeing much of the organization right now. They'd be hiding out after having what any reasonable person would describe as the worst week ever. Outed as baby killers and organ brokers-for-profit, on camera, with shock videos accompanied by uncut footage? If it were me, I'd be hiding under a desk somewhere. Planned Parenthood, however, is not staffed by decent people, and they aren't keeping their heads down. Instead, they decided to use a lighthearted, innocent cartoon to rally support for their butchery. Blech: Leave. My Minions. Alone.
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