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Kansas Lawmaker Demands Planned Parenthood Return $80 Million Received from PPP, Introduces Bill Prohibiting Abortion Providers from Receipt of PPP Funds

Kansas Lawmaker Demands Planned Parenthood Return $80 Million Received from PPP, Introduces Bill Prohibiting Abortion Providers from Receipt of PPP Funds

Ahead of discussions over new COVID relief package

National abortion mill Planned Parenthood affiliate offices received approximately $80 million as part of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) meant to provide relief to small business hit especially hard by COVID-19 shutdowns.

Shortly after it was made public that the affiliate offices received a giant chunk of change, the Small Business Administration, who is in charge of the PPP, requested the money back.

Several other Republican lawmakers jumped aboard, publicly demanding the money back. Ahead of a potentially new relief package, Rep. Roger Marshall (R-Kan) is still asking for the money back and is going a step further in introducing legislation to prohibit abortion providers of any employee size from obtaining PPP funds.

From The Epoch Times:

Rep. Roger Marshall (R-Kan.) wants Congress to ban abortion providers from receiving Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans and to require Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) offices to return the $80 million they received under the CCP Virus economic relief initiative.

“We want legislation that specifically demands that Planned Parenthood give the money back for several reasons, including the Hyde Amendment,” Marshall told The Epoch Times Monday.

“Also, they are a large association, this program was meant for businesses with 500 or fewer employees while they employee 16,000 people, and they have $2 billion in assets. This loan was not meant for them,” Marshall continued.

Marshall’s proposal—the Abortion Provider Loan Elimination Act—would extend the Hyde Amendment, which bans federal funding to groups that terminate unborn babies’ lives as a medical procedure, to the PPP program.

The Hyde Amendment was first adopted by Congress in 1976 and was named for then-Rep. Henry Hyde, an Illinois Republican. The measure has to be attached to specific appropriation bills and in recent years has only been added to those funding federal health care programs.

Congress did not apply the Hyde provision to the PPP program when it approved it as part of the $3 trillion Coronavirus Aid, Recovery and Economic Security Act (CARES).

“We believe it should be. Those of us who believe in life and regard the sanctity of life think it should have been. But these were federal funds and they were used as forgivable loans to abortion providers,” Marshall told The Epoch Times.

Marshall’s proposal currently has 23 co-sponsors, all Republicans. The proposal has also been endorsed by the Susan B. Anthony List, National Right to Life Committee, and the Family Research Council (FRC).

“We even sent a letter to the SBA saying, ‘do not give money to Planned Parenthood’ and despite our letter telling them not to, they went ahead and did it,” he said.


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Hah! “Masks on” care of Hilarious.

Life is a “burden” h/t Obama. Abort.

Lucifer Morningstar | August 3, 2020 at 10:17 pm

From The Epoch Times . . .

Would be a lot nicer if you didn’t use The Epoch Times as a source as they block reading the articles until you provide an email for a “free subscription” and I also suspect a lot of spam in to the provided email address.

    ThePrimordialOrderedPair in reply to Lucifer Morningstar. | August 4, 2020 at 2:08 am

    I’ve read The Epoch Times without that. I guess I haven’t hit that limit, yet.

    Anyway, that’s what junk email addresses are for.

So they went ahead and did it anyway. Why does that not surprise us? A nation that murder’s their own is not destine to survive!

This is NOTHING compared to this:

In New Interview Bobby Kennedy Jr. Claims Dr. Fauci will Make Millions on Coronavirus Vaccine and Owns Half the Patent

These Two Charts Should Land Fauci in Prison:

PPP The Payoffs and Protections Program.

ThePrimordialOrderedPair | August 4, 2020 at 2:00 am

Planned Parenthood shouldn’t be getting a cent from the federal government. All the federal judges who have ruled otherwise should be thrown off the bench. They are jokes. Sick jokes.

And what ever happened to anyone at Planned Abortions being held liable for their commerce in dead baby organs? I mean, seriously. How the hell did they all slime out of that one?

Getting back money to which PP was not legally entitled and expanding application of the Hyde Amendment are two very different things. One is feasible, even legally necessary; the other is pious fantasy. Tying one to the other most likely means that neither will happen. But at least a Congresscritter will be able to make a big show, and that’s what’s important.

Virtue Signaling&mdah;it’s not just for Democrats any more!