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In 2015, Obama announced that he was calling on all federal agencies to no longer check the criminal history of job applicants.  This "ban the box" move was part of a larger criminal justice reform agenda that is now being extended to the nation's colleges and universities. Judicial Watch reports:
The Obama administration has ordered the nation’s colleges and universities to stop asking applicants about criminal and school disciplinary history because it discriminates against minorities. Institutions are also being asked to offer those with criminal records special support services such as counseling, mentoring and legal aid once enrolled. The government’s official term for these perspective students is “justice-involved individuals” and the new directive aims to remove barriers to higher education for the overwhelmingly minority population that’s had encounters with the law or disciplinary issues through high school.
Part of the problem, the Obama administration and opponents of "the box" believe is that asking such questions about criminal or school disciplinary history "disproportionally affects blacks and Latinos."

Lieutenant General (Ret.) Jerry Boykin, one of the original members of Delta Force and later its commander, was fired from his teaching position at a Virginia college because of comments he made at a conservative gathering. The all-male college, Hampden-Sydney College, was apparently inundated with SJW's demanding that the decorated hero be removed from his teaching post, so they removed him . . .  only to then be faced with a new onslaught of outraged Americans demanding that the college reverse its decision. It did. The Washington Free Beacon reports:
An all-male college in Virginia has reversed its decision to fire a prominent retired U.S. Army general hours after reports that he was removed over political correctness provoked outcry. Hampden-Sydney College decided to offer Lt. Gen. William “Jerry” Boykin a one-year contract, walking back its decision to fire Boykin after he made controversial comments about transgender bathrooms that angered LGBT activists. Fox News first reported Thursday that Boykin, an original member of the Delta Force who served as undersecretary of defense for intelligence under President George W. Bush, had been fired after nine years of teaching at the school after criticizing transgender bathrooms. “The first man who goes into the restroom with my daughter will not have to worry about surgery,” Boykin said of the debate surrounding transgender bathroom rules during a speech to conservatives in March.

If the video below is indicative of a nationwide trend, Hillary Clinton has a serious problem with college aged voters in the upcoming election. Campus Reform visited George Washington University and asked students how they felt about the Democratic front runner and not only do they not seem to like her, they don't trust her. The reactions of young women were particularly interesting:
VIDEO: Millennials reject ‘woman card,’ say they don’t trust Hillary Millennials just don’t trust Hillary Clinton, and they’re sick of being told they should support her simply because she’s a woman.

A major pillar of the Bernie Sanders 2016 campaign is free college. In perhaps the most tragically ironic political metaphor of this election, Burlington College, a small privately owned school in Vermont is now going out of business, largely due to decisions made by Bernie Sanders' wife, Jane, who served as the college's president for seven years. When Jane Sanders was hired by Burlington College in 2004, the school was already facing financial problems but was able to maintain day to day operations for several years. Things began to change in 2010, when Jane Sanders led the school to a financial decision which would forever alter the school's destiny.

This is embarrassing... Indiana University students mistook a Dominican Monk wielding a rosary for a klansman with a whip. This wily foe was up to no good at Red Mango -- the frozen yogurt joint. Twitter was abuzz with reports of a weapon-bearing klansman terrorizing campus. Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 6.00.07 PM

Trump Derangement Syndrome hits another American college campus. Last week, Aleister blogged about the hubbub at Emory University where students took chalk markings reading "Trump" as a hate message:
The latest example of Trump induced psychosis is unfolding at Emory University where students were horrified this week to find someone took a piece of chalk and wrote pro-Trump messages on campus sidewalks. The horror! Rather than simply ignoring this like any normal person would do, certain activists within the student body are demanding that the university president denounce this message of hate.