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Much has been made lately of the self-defense legal doctrine of Stand-Your-Ground, mostly for political purposes unrelated to any actual legal application of the doctrine (for more on this, see here: Stand-Your-Ground: Gun Control Zombies Exploit Grieving Black Community). [caption id="attachment_59829" align="alignnone" width="500"] Reverend Al Sharpton protests...

And it begins. Juror B37 gave an interview to CNN in which she said it was George Zimmerman screaming for help: [some video problems on CNN's side with embeds but appears to be working now] Meanwhile, the prosecutors are on the TV circuit defending themselves, and calling Zimmerman a murderer:
How would Florida State Attorney Angela Corey describe George Zimmerman in one word? "Murderer."
Update: Thanks to Common Cents, here is the full video interview:

I'll be brief. I can't add much to what I've written the past 17 months about the facts, evidence, law, witnesses, lawyers, judges, politics, and media. So here you go: Despite the heated demands of powerful societal forces and the State, six women just said No, and thereby did justice. Amen....

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