This week has made my head hurt from all the shaking in disbelief.

It’s almost overwhelming, the multitude of absurd race-agitating actions and words coming from those who refuse to accept the facts and law as to the Zimmerman trial.

This lawyer interviewed by Greta is part of the Parks and Crump law firm which represents the Martin family and was behind the publicity campaign to get George Zimmerman charged.  She’s been on a PR tear since the beginning of the case, and recently was on TV in a hoodie.

(via American Glob)

While most people are focusing on her “social engineer” comment, her statement near the end of the segment supporting federal charges because “that’s why we have federal preemption” was more revealing.

A federal hate crimes charge (assuming it applied) would have nothing to do with preemption.  [Note added:  The police in the Rondey King case were prosecuted under a federal civil rights statute which would not apply because it requires acting under color of law.]

Preemption occurs when a federal law overrides inconsistent state laws, or supplants them completely in some cases. Think the Arizona immigration case recently decided by the Supreme Court.  Think federal civil rights legislation overriding any contrary state laws.

A federal hate crimes charge would not preempt state homicide laws, however.  If that were the case, Florida would not have been able to prosecute Zimmerman for murder.  So a federal hate crimes charge would be the exact opposite of the preemption doctrine invoked by the lawyer.  And she’s an adjunct law professor at Florida A&M to boot.

This is what happens when law schools train social engineers.  The line between the rule of law and politics disappears.


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