, which does not have a staff that looks like America, continues its branding as the place to go for lectures on White Privilege, Whiteness, and how race drives almost everything in America.

And it’s not just David Sirota.  They even have a “white people” tag.

In the wake of the Zimmerman not guilty verdict, has gone almost all race and White Privilege, almost all the time. Homepage 7-16-2013 1105 am - marked

Ond of the lead columns today is mind-numbing double-talk to excuse away the fact that George Zimmerman is not white, he’s mixed race including a black great grandfather, which contradicts the racial narrative pushed so hard at and elsewhere:

George Zimmerman, neighborhood watchman and wannabe cop, placed a bet on his whiteness; when he shot and killed a young, unarmed black teenager because they always get away, he spoke with an oppressor’s voice, and for his service the oppressor’s justice absolved him….

The outcome of George Zimmerman’s trial is that he will go free, pardoned by a white supremacist society for acting like a white supremacist. But such a grant is, in fact, a gilded cage, entrapping Zimmerman in whiteness and a privilege that will never allow him to understand and accept the meaning of his own heritage in today’s United States. Should he break the implicit contract he has signed with the lightness of his skin — should he express remorse, or agitate against the justice system that found him not guilty of murder when, by his own proud admission, he stalked, confronted, shot and killed an unarmed 17-year-old — he will find his privilege revoked, his financial support from strangers cut off, his celebration in conservative corners come to an abrupt end.

The Zimmerman verdict, completely just under the law and facts, will give fodder to the White Privilege industry for years to come.


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