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The European Union is considering laws to protect European companies trading with Iran in the wake of new U.S. sanctions. The EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker announced plans to enact a set of laws that "seek to prevent European companies from complying with any sanctions the US may reintroduce against Iran," Germany's state-run broadcaster Deutsche Welle reported on Friday.

President Trump gave a great speech at the NRA on Friday, and given the venue, his speech was primarily focused on our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.  Some of what he had to say, however, has ruffled some feathers in the UK and France. The speech is very campaign-esque and as such is fun to watch.  He covers everything from jobs, North Korea, Kanye, and Mueller to the focus of his speech: gun rights in America.

Ahead of Chancellor Angela Merkel's one-day visit to Washington scheduled for Friday, German media have complained about the lack of ceremonial pomp accorded to the visiting leader. German media outlets were incensed by the fact that French President Emmanuel Macron, who is also touring the US this week, was receiving an preferential treatment from the White House. Germany, given its economic strength, considers itself a bigger player in Europe than France.

Following President Trump's announcement that the United States, the United Kingdom, and France had launched a joint missile strike in Syria, MSNBC's Rachel Maddow told her audience that the strikes might be motivated as a means of distracting from domestic problems Trump is facing.  Apparently, she is concerned that even this impression will "taint" military operations. In her best "no, you are not dreaming Trump really won" voice, Maddow announced that the timing of the strikes and her sense that it seems to be a diversion weakens our military's "impact and effectiveness."  National security, she intones, is at risk.

France's parliament on Wednesday passed a new anti-terrorism law that gives law enforcement sweeping powers to search homes, carry out surveillance, and set up borders checks. The new law replaces the state of national emergency that came into effect after the 2015 Paris attacks, which killed 130 people. The state of emergency was extended six times and due to expire next month. Despite the unprecedented powers given to the police and the security forces, France has been hit by a series of attacks leaving 241 people dead since the imposition of the emergency.

French police have charged three men with "attempted murder in an organised group in connection with a terrorist enterprise" after they found several gas canisters placed in an apartment block in Paris.  It's not clear why the canisters were not detonated or why an apartment complex was targeted. The Times of Israel reports:
Three men have been handed preliminary terror-linked charges in the failed attack at a residential building in an upscale Paris neighborhood with gas canisters that failed to ignite. The three, identified as Amine A, his cousin Sami B, and Aymen B., were charged late Friday with “attempted murder in an organized group in connection with a terrorist enterprise” and placed in pre-trial detention, a judicial source said.

There have been three reported terrorist attacks.  One occurred in Marseille, where two women were killed, and two occurred in Edmonton, where at least five people have been wounded. Edmonton police believe the two attacks there are related, possibly involving the same terrorist.  The terrorist was later arrested and is now in police custody. At a railway station in Marseille, a terrorist stabbed two females, killing them both.  Witnesses report that he yelled "Allahu Akbar" before being shot dead by French military personnel who were patrolling the station.

Four U.S. female tourists were attacked with acid in France's Marseille main train station on Sunday. Authorities arrested a woman afterwards. From The Associated Press:
Two of the tourists were injured in the face in the attack in the city’s main Saint Charles train station and one of them has a possible eye injury, a spokeswoman for the Marseille prosecutor’s office told The Associated Press in a phone call.

While the Liberal media has been busy trashing the Trump presidency, President Emmanuel Macron’s popularity in France has been in a free fall. Just three months into the presidency, Macron’s poll numbers have hit a historic low, plummeting 50 percent since he took office in May. France’s Ifop polling agency writes, “Apart from Jacques Chirac in July 1995, a newly elected president has never seen his popularity rate falling as quickly during the summer after the election." As the Washington Examiner correctly pointed out, "Trump is more popular than French favourite Macron." “The thing about Emmanuel Macron is that, in the end, everyone gives way to the charm,” wrote the BBC in the run-up to the French election. "The guy could seduce an office chair," claimed the broadcaster, quoting some 'anonymous source' -- perhaps an office chair. As it, however, turns out, that “irresistible charm”, as BBC like to put it, isn’t working on the French public anymore.

Four Muslim men have been convicted of planning a “Lee Rigby-style” terrorist attack that sought to murder and behead police or military personnel using explosive devices and swords. Four years ago, British soldier Lee Rigby was beheaded on a busy London street by two Nigerian-born men -- both recent converts to Islam. The gang of four wanted to carry out a similar attack. The four men were arrested last year carrying a bag of weapons, including a pipe bomb and a meat cleaver with the word 'kafir', or infidel, carved on it. The investigators also recovered a samurai sword in related raids.

There is an increasing recognition that most of the anti-Zionist movement, including Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS), is the new format for centuries-old anti-Semitism. The reason anti-Zionists, with few exceptions, seek the destruction of Israel and deny the Jews the right to a homeland in their historic homeland, is because of Israel's Jewish identity. As we have posted before, historian Benny Morris documents how the Arab war against Israel's independence was viewed in the Arab world as a religious holy Jihad:
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