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“Intifada in Heart of France” – Mobs Torch Cities, Desecrate Holocaust and WWII Memorial

“Intifada in Heart of France” – Mobs Torch Cities, Desecrate Holocaust and WWII Memorial

SkyNews UK: “Burning car used in ram-raid attack on mayor’s home in ‘assassination attempt’.”

Rioters in France clashed with police and set homes and businesses on fire as the country endured a fifth night of terror. “Some 2,400 people have been arrested after five nights of violent protests throughout the country,” the Sky News UK reported Sunday. “People have taken to the streets over consecutive nights to protest, setting cars alight, throwing stones and fireworks, and ransacking shops.”

President Emmanuel Macron’s government deployed thousands more police and fire fighters after failing to put an end to the mass-violence which began following Thursday’s police shooting outside Paris that killed a 17-year-old boy of Algerian descent. The police say the shots were fired in self-defense. “The government deployed 45,000 police to city streets across the nation to head off a fifth night of violence,” the France-based broadcaster Euronews confirmed.

Paris: Mob sets suburban mayor’s house on fire, hurts wife and child

Rioters set fire to a car and drove it into the home of a Paris suburb mayor, injuring his wife and one of his children.

After attacking the town hall for several days, the mob turned to the residence of the mayor of Paris L’Hay-les-Roses, a Parisian suburb. The arsonists rammed a car filled with “flame accelerant” into the mayor’s house, the French media reports say.

Mayor Vincent Jeanbrun, who was away at the time of the incident, described that attack on his family as “an attempted murder of unspeakable cowardice.”

The French newspaper Le Monde reported:

Rioters in France rammed a car into the home of the mayor of a town south of Paris, injuring his wife and one of his children, the mayor said Sunday, July 1. Mayor Vincent Jeanbrun wrote on Twitter that protesters “rammed a car” into his home before “setting a fire” while his family slept.

“Last night a milestone was reached in horror and disgrace,” wrote the mayor of the town of L’Haÿ-les-Roses.

“My wife and one of my children were injured,” said Jeanbrun. “It was an attempted murder of unspeakable cowardice.”

Rioters desecrate memorial dedicated to Holocaust victims, resistance fighters

The rioters were seen defacing a monument dedicated to the victims of the Holocaust and WWII resistance fighters located in the western suburbs of Paris. The memorial was sprayed with vulgar anti-police graffiti. Men, apparently of migrant descent, were seen climbing the monument and trampling on a French flag.

The Israeli TV channel i24News reported Saturday:

French rioters defaced a memorial to Holocaust victims and members of the French resistance during unrest in the wake of a fatal police shooting of a teenager in a Paris suburb.

The urban rioting that has rocked France for the last four nights saw several anti-police slogans scrawled on the Mémorial des Martyrs de la Déportation et de la Résistance (Memorial to the Martyrs of the Deportation and the Resistance) in Nanterre, the Paris suburb where the 17-year-old whose death sparked the riots lived and was killed. He is identified only as Nahel.

The memorial is devoted to the 200,000 deported to Nazi concentration and death camps from France during World War II, as well as those French people who fought against the Nazis.

Much of this violence is coming from migrant-dominated areas known for their rabid antisemitism, news reports suggest. “This looks like an Intifada in the heart of France,” French-Israeli lawmaker Meyer Habib was quoted saying on the Jerusalem Post on Saturday.

Habib added that “in these lost areas of the republic, for years there has been an undisturbed growth of hatred of France, white people and Jews.”

Rioters in the Parisian suburb of Grigny set a huge residential ablaze.

The French TV channel Euronews reported the fifth night of rioting in cities across the country:

Some 2,800 people have been arrested since 17-year-old Nahel was shot by an officer on Tuesday. The incident has stirred up long-simmering tensions between police and young people who struggle with poverty, unemployment and racial discrimination. (…)

The government deployed 45,000 police to city streets across the nation to head off a fifth night of violence. Overnight, Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin tweeted the night had been calmer than previous ones, thanks to “the resolute action of security forces”. He put the night’s arrest toll at 427. (…)

Near the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, hundreds of police with batons and shields stood restlessly along the Champs-Elysées, several in front of the shuttered Cartier boutique. Posts on social media had called for protests on the grand boulevard but the police presence appeared to discourage any large gatherings.

Migrant rioting spills over to Switzerland

The riots spilled over to neighboring Switzerland, where a migrant mob attacked police and threw fire bombs at shops in the Swiss border city of Lausanne.

Germany’s state-owned DW TV reported:

Swiss police made the arrests after demonstrators caused damage to businesses.

Over 100 youths gathered in the city late on Saturday. Those detained included six minors of various nationalities aged between 15 and 17. The protests came in response to several social media appeals linked to the situation in France, police said.

Protesters pelted security personnel with paving stones and a Molotov cocktail, destroying several shop windows and a shop door.


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Once again, when the opportunity to play victim arises…

My first instinct is why aren’t there a lot of people in body bags now. But the truth of the matter is that first thought would be wrong. There has been so much corruption on the part of governments across the world it is hard to truly identify who the bad guy is anymore. North America included!!

    CalFed in reply to starride. | July 2, 2023 at 1:01 pm

    If you don’t know who the bad guys are in this situation, you may be beyond help

      JohnSmith100 in reply to CalFed. | July 2, 2023 at 1:44 pm

      If they are active rioters, put them down. Those who have not read the Koran really need to do so. Keep in mind that Muslims did not evolve much over the past 1400 years, they believe that they have an innate right to rule, and like China subscribe to unrestricted warfare against infidels. Every country, including America, will eventually have to fight them. Muslims are likely to bring on a new dark age if we lose this fight. Islam should not be considered or treated as a religion.

        starride in reply to JohnSmith100. | July 2, 2023 at 1:57 pm

        JohnSmith100,,,, 1000% agree Islam is not a religion it is a political ideology and form of government that is completely incompatible with judeo-christian forms of government and morals.

        JackinSilverSpring in reply to JohnSmith100. | July 2, 2023 at 3:00 pm

        Islam, a religion of peace. How Orwellian.

      starride in reply to CalFed. | July 2, 2023 at 1:51 pm

      Its pretty bad when you can’t see that the policies of the government of France and EU are what enabled and put what is going on over there in motion in the first place. From uncontrolled immigration, to allowing No Go zones, to allowing radicalization of people. This could have been prevented 10 years ago, but now you want to just demonize one side without looking at the fact that they have been enabled all along. Sorry but France and the EU is getting what they deserve. They may not like it but that’s the facts of life. When you invite a tiger into your home don’t be surprised when the tiger does what a tiger does and eats you.

        The Gentle Grizzly in reply to starride. | July 2, 2023 at 2:18 pm

        Any minute now, they will be begging for US help.

        We have our own problems we aren’t doing anything to resolve.

          HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! The only help I would give is not appropriate speech for this forum.. Lets just say that warm wet they are feeling on their face wouldn’t be rain.

        Concise in reply to starride. | July 2, 2023 at 7:53 pm

        This is the obvious, inevitable outcome based on France’s immigration policies. But their elites (like ours) feign ignorance. Or maybe they really are that stupid? And if so, why, how are they in charge of policy?

          SeiteiSouther in reply to Concise. | July 3, 2023 at 11:54 am

          Not only France, but EU as a whole. With declining population, the governments tried to immigrate low skill labor to pay into the pension schemes for the native population.

          Now, they’re getting the unwanted side of that policy.

          They made their own problem. Quelle surprise.

          Painful Reality in reply to Concise. | July 3, 2023 at 7:12 pm

          It’s simple, by importing this cultural plague the citizens will be willing to give up even more for safety. The end goal is total control.

        CalFed in reply to starride. | July 3, 2023 at 11:35 am

        “… it is hard to truly identify who the bad guy is anymore. North America included!!”–starride

        There is a world of difference between “this was a foreseeable consequence” and “I just don’t know who the bad guy is here”

        I’ll say it again…if you don’t know that the guy throwing the paving stones at people, destroying memorial monuments, and driving a burning car into a home is the bad guy, then maybe you are beyond help.

          starride in reply to CalFed. | July 4, 2023 at 9:59 am

          Who is the bad guy? The one throwing the rock, or the one who brought them there to exploit them,,,,, wow is it that difficult to understand the moral complexities of the situation?

          starride in reply to CalFed. | July 4, 2023 at 10:09 am

          Here is another hint,,,, they were not imported for humanitarian reasons. That’s just the excuse. It’s the same BS the dems use here…. The real reason is cheap labor, repression of wages and forced economic growth due to population growth forcing increased demand.

      Subotai Bahadur in reply to CalFed. | July 2, 2023 at 5:46 pm

      My reading of starride’s statement, and I admit that I may well be wrong, is to the effect that the ruling government of France and their Nomenklatura may be ideologically or financially incentivized to not suppress the Muslim riots. At least given French history, that is not inconceivable.

      I would also note that based on French history for the last couple of decades, they surely deserve the “I told you so.” rebuke.

      Subotai Bahadur

        “… it is hard to truly identify who the bad guy is anymore. North America included!!”–starride

        There is a world of difference between “this was a foreseeable consequence” and “I just don’t know who the bad guy is here”

        I’ll say it again…if you don’t know that the guy throwing the paving stones at people, destroying memorial monuments, or driving a burning car into a home is the bad guy, then maybe you are beyond help.

        “…ruling government of France and their Nomenklatura may be ideologically or financially incentivized to not suppress the Muslim riots.”

        It has been widely reported that the French sent 45,000 police officers to stop the rioters and that thousands of rioters have been arrested. Maybe it is just me, but that sounds like an effort to “suppressing the Muslim riots

Le Pen’s Party may just pull it off in the next French election scheduled for ’27. It’s possible it could be earlier IF Macron can be forced to resign but ideologues like him never willingly release their grip on power so it’s unlikely to occur.

Makes you wonder about the all the prissy hand wringing from the lefty FR establishment class when a group of retired officers pointed out that this exact scenario was inevitable unless big changes were made. Did they not believe it, believe it but were too afraid of looking ‘bad’ to adopt the recommendations or was it just plain ineptitude and arrogance?

    Dathurtz in reply to CommoChief. | July 2, 2023 at 1:38 pm

    Certainly feeds the “great replacement” fire, doesn’t it?

    Gosport in reply to CommoChief. | July 2, 2023 at 9:33 pm

    Unfortunately, ’27 is four long years away.

    Countries in their prime have been wiped off the face of the earth in much less time, and France is far from its prime.

      CommoChief in reply to Gosport. | July 3, 2023 at 7:16 am

      It’s up to the French people, particularly their power brokers, to apply enough pressure to Macron for him to either make the necessary changes in policy to realistically address the issue or force him out earlier. As you point out waiting on the next scheduled elections has risks of its own.

So a slow invasion will end like a quick invasion hundreds of years ago did.

The French might ask themselves, “What will our country look like in 5, 10 years?”

And the answer they’ll get, “It won’t matter. It’ll no longer be our country.”

bobinreverse | July 2, 2023 at 12:34 pm

Back in day the French had to leave Vietnam and Algeria. Now maybe France

So how is that uncontrolled immigration from the middle east working out for you? I remember being lectured about how great it all was now the unemployed terrorists are destroying France, rioting in Germany, running rape gangs in Sweden and so on. Guess where there is no trouble? Poland because they refused to let those 7th Century Jihadists into the country.
The Progressive One World bureaucrats did this to Europe and the people let them so no sympathy.
BTW: Brandon is doing this to America as we speak so watch for this to come to a state near you.

    alaskabob in reply to diver64. | July 2, 2023 at 12:44 pm

    “Brandon is doing this to America as we speak so watch for this to come to a state near you.” Shall we go further to the Left training and arming their SJW…. Street Justice Warriors”?

    Strelnikov in reply to diver64. | July 2, 2023 at 1:34 pm

    Unfortunately, Poland is currently in negotiations with the EU to guarantee 400k immigrants per year from exclusively Islamic countries, in exchange for money, of course, so check back with them in a few.

    gospace in reply to diver64. | July 2, 2023 at 5:01 pm

    Quote from the Guardian: “Jun 17, 2023 — ‘A sense of betrayal’: liberal dismay as Muslim-led US city bans Pride flags. Many liberals celebrated when Hamtramck, Michigan,

    Is this enough to wake liberals up?

      diver64 in reply to gospace. | July 3, 2023 at 3:25 am

      The real story behind that is the city refuses to fly any flag other than the US Flag from it’s buildings. That is why they did not get on the Rainbow Mafia Train.

When you invite a large swath of people into your country who believe that violence is a legit means of responding to grievances (real or imagined) and bringing in a change of government don’t be surprised when they go with what they know.

The French government deluded themselves into believing that all that was required for these immigrants to assimilate was the banning of religious trappings in public life. Nope it made them angrier.

You invite a probelem, that’s what you’re going to get. It’s “Eurabia” extended to the street.

France will need a modern Joan of Arc or a El Cid

    CommoChief in reply to Skip. | July 2, 2023 at 1:32 pm

    Charles Martel not a good enough example to mention?

      BierceAmbrose in reply to CommoChief. | July 2, 2023 at 3:01 pm

      Time for a new regieme. The ads write themselves..

      “Charles Martel Jr (Jr, Jr, Jr, Jr.) for priemer of La Belle France — He knows how to put the hammer down.”

As we have seen here, no amount of police will quell this if what they have been told to do is protect the rioters. Although the police reps sound angry, I suspect it is because their hands are tied by government efforts to placate Islam – which, by definition, cannot be placated. As usual, if a real force coalesces to oppose the rioters the police will be promptly dispatched to crack those heads, and those heads only.

2smartforlibs | July 2, 2023 at 1:36 pm

Who would have guessed opening the gate and letting the barbarians in would end badly? sarc

    JohnSmith100 in reply to 2smartforlibs. | July 2, 2023 at 1:56 pm

    A hybrid religion, law, government all rolled into one created by a barbarian to cement his power. Am I missing anything?

When you read this story, then the headline below it on the blog (“Boston University School of Law Offers Students Therapy Over Recent SCOTUS Rulings”), it’s easy to see the horror that’s coming to our country.

China’s “shock troops” already are inside the United States.

And “the concern is that, on the first day of war in Asia they will take down America’s power lines, poison reservoirs, assassinate officials, start wildfires, spread pathogens, and create terror by bombing shopping malls and supermarkets.”

Gordon Chang: China’s ‘Shock Troops’ Now Inside U.S.:
That’s the warning from Gordon G. Change, the author of “The Coming Collapse of China” and a Gatestone Institute distinguished senior fellow.

I myself am indifferent to Holocaust memorials as somebody else’s fetish, so that would make them a less likely target. I mean, if nobody cares, why would they bother.

    JohnSmith100 in reply to rhhardin. | July 2, 2023 at 2:03 pm

    It is their hate of Jews, I wish they could be denied use of all Jew inventions and discoveries. Jews are an asset benefiting all of humanity (I am not Jewish), the same cannot be said for Muslims.

      rhhardin in reply to JohnSmith100. | July 2, 2023 at 2:10 pm

      Supposing it’s an exceptionally grave crime only tells them that they’re really annoying the people that they really want to annoy.

      Both sides are married to images rather than real stuff, maybe appropriate for the internet age.

      Anne Carson has a nice piece on images, QUOTE

      What is an idol?

      An idol is a useless sacrifice, said Isaiah.

      But how do you know which ones are useless? asked the nation in its genius.

      Isaiah pondered the various ways he could answer this.

      Immense chunks of natural reality fell out of a blue sky and showers of light upon his mind.

      Isaiah chose the way of metaphor.

      Our life is a camera obscura, said Isaiah, do you know what that is?

      Never heard of it, said the nation.

      Imagine yourself in a darkened room, Isaiah instructed.

      Okay, said the nation.

      The doors are closed, there is a pinhole in the back wall.

      A pinhole, the nation repeated.

      Light shoots through the pinhole and strikes the opposite wall.

      The nation was watching Isaiah, bored and fascinated at once.

      You can hold up anything you like in front of that pinhole, said Isaiah, and worship it on the opposite wall.

      Why worship an image? asked the nation.

      Exactly, said Isaiah.

        So cemetaries and memorials are someone’s ‘fetish’? Are you projecting a bit?

          rhhardin in reply to | July 2, 2023 at 4:52 pm

          I used to get academic book catalogs in the 80s, back when they sold books. In the Jewish Studies section there was always a subsection “Holocaust for Children.”

          I think it’s like Glenn Loury says blacks use slavery: as a moral claim that exempts them from ordinary obligations to others. Worth looking at by the way

          Emmanuel Levinas, in the Preface to Existence and Existents, spotted the temptation and explicitly rejected it:

          “These studies begun before the war were continued and written down for the most part in captivity. The stalag ex evoked here not as a guarantee of profundity nor as a claim to indulgence, but as an explanation for the absence of any consideration of those philosophical works published, with so much impact, between 1940 and 1945.”

          That struck me as an awesome example.

    JR in reply to rhhardin. | July 2, 2023 at 5:47 pm

    So Holocaust memorials are now a “fetish”? When did you join the Nazi Party?

      rhhardin in reply to JR. | July 2, 2023 at 5:55 pm

      Explain “Holocaust for Children” books.

        gonzotx in reply to rhhardin. | July 2, 2023 at 8:00 pm

        Because when one country, such an advanced country murders 6 million of your people and you have no grandparents, aunts or uncles like everyone else not Jewish

        You got to be able to explain that to a child

        If your sick of the holocaust, just wait till the books on the total destruction of America comes out in the children’s section

          rhhardin in reply to gonzotx. | July 2, 2023 at 9:27 pm

          It doesn’t seem to affect children born today without fathers etc. Why would they care?

          It seems to me it’s cultural, Judaism being tied more to prophets than to philosophers. Whining is big and there’s a very high verbal IQ involved.

        I’ll explain:

        “Children, those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.”

        Who the hell are you anyway – Eric Adams?

        Stuytown in reply to rhhardin. | July 3, 2023 at 8:08 am

        The Holocaust wasn’t a moment in time. It was the ultimate expression of how people/the world feels about Jews and it was 1,000 years in the making. If you are a Jewish parent, you need to explain in some way to your child what the world can be like for them. You also need to explain who the Nazis were, and how dark the world can be. From what I can tell, the book is needed to prepare our children for people like you.

        Stuytown in reply to rhhardin. | July 3, 2023 at 9:31 am

        You are not worth my time.

      The Gentle Grizzly in reply to JR. | July 2, 2023 at 6:36 pm

      You really think someone needs to be a member of the Nazi party to have grown tired of Holocaust this and Holocaust that? The average Joe in the street my be as tired of it as they are [Paul Robeson voice] de legeseh of slaybereh.

        Those who are too tired to learn history are doomed to see it repeated.

        Concentration camps are a bitch, and you never know who the next group winding up in one could be. It could be you and yours next. Never know.

        And if the likes of the left in this country ever get full control, have your toothbrush packed and stripped pajama size ready.

          CommoChief in reply to | July 3, 2023 at 7:24 am

          As historical warning about evil that humans are capable of absolutely the holocaust should be studied and remembered. As should slavery for that matter.

          Neither of those should be worn by subsequent generations who didn’t personally experience them as a mantle of perpetual victimhood and oppression in an attempt to compete in the diversity Olympics for status as most deserving of special status.

Look for the riot edition of Charlie Hebdo.

stevewhitemd | July 2, 2023 at 2:30 pm

The riots are yet another wake-up call.

French Jews should move to Israel.

French devout Catholics should move to Slovenia or Poland.

French conservative seculars should move to Quebec.

The rest of the French should learn Arabic.

E Howard Hunt | July 2, 2023 at 2:34 pm

Would that Marlin Perkins were still with us to explain it all.

Scott Adams today says that if your population reaches 10% Islamic, the whole nation eventually goes Islamic, and France is at 10%.

    He’s absolutely right. In fact, it only takes 2% of a completley dedicated population to prosecute a revolution. France is toast, unless they’re willing to kill off the revolutionaries and/or deport the ones they don’t kill.

    Even still: the lesson of Algiers remains: France completely quelled a Islamic revolt in that colony, only to see it rise up again.

    England is next.

inspectorudy | July 2, 2023 at 3:07 pm

This riot will be quelled but the seeds are there for the future. Muslims come from war and see it as a means to their end. France, like Europe and America, thinks that if Muslims are treated to our way of life and the freedom that goes with it, that they will soften and maybe convert to Western ways. They couldn’t be more wrong! Witness the horrors that we see in our own country from honor killings by extremist parents of their own children! To be smart, we need to look at Islam as a disease and not a religion. Just like polio and TB, we should seek to eliminate it from our midst. If ever a group could be called a disease, Islam is cancer!

    Nonsense. Not all Muslims are like this. The cardiologist who performed my heart surgery was a Muslim from Egypt. Another surgeon I had for general surgery was a Muslim from Sudan. I live next to a large university with a large teaching hospital, and there are quite a few medical professors and specialists who are Muslim. These are some of the finest people I know.

      But when the sh-t hits the fan, which side will your doctor take?

        They are American citizens. I’ve been in their homes, met their families. Their loyalty is to the United States. Your loyalty is only to your small group of hate- fiilled, bigoted, fascist scumbags.

          gonzotx in reply to JR. | July 2, 2023 at 8:02 pm

          Doesn’t matter, you ain’t Muslim and when it does hit the fan… you better be preparer

          Azathoth in reply to JR. | July 3, 2023 at 2:24 pm

          Their loyalty is to Allah, and to Islam.

          However nice you may find them, you ignore that fact at your peril.

          Gosport in reply to JR. | July 3, 2023 at 4:42 pm

          Having studied the Quran and lived, worked, and fought in Muslim dominated countries/societies for a large portion of my adult life I would observe that it is extremely difficult for an outsider who hasn’t done so to truly understand Muslims.

          Two Muslim concepts the outsider MUST make themselves familiar with to understand any relationship with Muslims are Taqiyya and Kitman. Anyone who has not, yet pretends to know and understand what motivates a Muslim, is a fool.

          In essence, they permit the believer to lie and deceive to advance the cause of Islam, including gaining the trust of non-believers in order to draw out their vulnerability and defeat them. You see this much in business as on the battlefield as “advancing Islam” is quite subjective and open to individual interpretation.

          Moving to a western country, seeking naturalization, buying a house and a car, attending PTA meetings, whatever, doesn’t change that one bit.

          Islam uber alles isn’t something a Muslim can walk away from.

        And remember: Dr. Nidal Hasan – former Army major and medical DOCTOR – surprised the hell out of the Inspectorrudy’s around him.

        Palestinian US Army doctor shoots 13 soliders to death and wounds 32 others:

      inspectorudy in reply to JR. | July 2, 2023 at 4:44 pm

      Oh boy, here we go! Of course, there will always be exceptions to the rule but look around the world and until the Ukraine war started Muslims were responsible for almost every fight, war, terror, and massacre in the world. As I learned in the USMC, when one of your group screws up you ALL pay for it. So if your doctor’s group kills thousands should he be included in that group’s crime? I do know the answer but if you maintain your good standing in the Muslim religion then you are part of all they do. With Islam there is no grey, it is either black or white. And like a leak in a dike, Islam will only get worse and more powerful. We as a nation have grown soft and think if a group is treated fairly they will respond in kind. No Muslim nations when it comes to their laws. Black or white. Join or die!

        That’s EXACTLY what the Nazis in Germany said. There will always be exceptions to the rule that all Jews are vermin. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t kill the rest of the 6,000,000 Jews in gas chambers. Go f**k yourself.

          guyjones in reply to JR. | July 2, 2023 at 10:52 pm

          A challenge you should take on is to attempt to disagree with people without resorting to slinging childish insults and invective.

          All that you do by conducting yourself in such a manner is to reveal that you’re unhinged and hyper-sensitive and incapable of engaging in cogent and civil debate and disagreement.

          What a malignant troll. But I’m sure we’re glad to see you reveal who you really are.

          Next stop for you, buddy: The View or become mayor of NY.

          JohnSmith100 in reply to JR. | July 3, 2023 at 9:53 am

          JR, stay away from sheep, goats and camels. Now that you are really mad, understand that no one cares.

          Azathoth in reply to JR. | July 3, 2023 at 2:29 pm

          “That’s EXACTLY what the Nazis in Germany said. ”

          And the Muslims. They were right there, hand in hand with the Nazis on that ‘killing Jews’ thing.

          They’re not quiet about it. It’s a big thing in Islam, to be against jews. Even the nice ones.

        CommoChief in reply to inspectorudy. | July 2, 2023 at 6:31 pm

        We should be very careful not to adopt the tribalist rhetoric and philosophy of grievances so beloved by the leftists. There’s always a temptation to do it, and it is probably an innate human failing based on ancestral justification when the ‘other’ was anyone outside our close knit extended family, clan or tribe.

        Modern nation states can’t really exist when tribal identity becomes paramount for the majority of our interactions in society. Such a society will devolve into tension and strife then ultimately implode into tribal conflict.

        The problem, IMO, is one of the leftist /progressive creation. In France the establishment refused to require actual assimilation by these immigrants instead choosing to allow them to maintain the vastly different cultural and social mores of their homelands. Allowing a group free rein to disassociate itself from the broader culture of the Nation for successive generations is incredibly foolish.

        A large and growing mostly ethnically similar underclass, internally united by common beliefs, refreshed by constant waves of new immigrants carrying with them a reinvigorating ferver from the ‘homeland’ is a very dangerous thing to allow. We should learn this lesson by example instead of by painful experience. Call a pause on new immigrants both legal and illegal until sufficient time has elapsed for those here to demonstrate their own assimilation of western culture in general and US norms in specific. Thirty to fifty years of very restrictive merit based immigration limited to those with needed skills that we are short of in our own population should do it.

          Frogger42 in reply to CommoChief. | July 2, 2023 at 6:55 pm

          We had learned this lesson in the first part of the 20th century. Eastern European and other anarchists bombing plots and riots led to severe restrictions on immigration until Teddy K. F’d us in 1965. They need several generations to assimilate.

      The Gentle Grizzly in reply to JR. | July 2, 2023 at 6:37 pm

      God help us.

      Thad Jarvis in reply to JR. | July 3, 2023 at 6:38 am

      Oh boy are you about to get it. Enjoy the vitriol from the “all Muslims are jihadists” crowd.

    JohnSmith100 in reply to inspectorudy. | July 2, 2023 at 4:11 pm

    The reason Islam has been stagnate for 1400 years is that Muslims murder anyone who advocates for change.

      JohnSmith100 wrote: “Muslims murder anyone who advocates for change.”

      You are a f**king religious bigot. Why do you bring your toxic hatred to Legal Insurrection?

        guyjones in reply to JR. | July 2, 2023 at 10:50 pm

        John Smith is correct and his comment represents fact, not bigotry. The Sufi and Ahmadi examples are instructive. Both sects have attempted to introduce a “kindler, gentler” Islam, and, as a result, have been mercilessly persecuted as alleged heretics, by both Sunni and Shia Muslims.

        Go learn something about Islamic history, before you opine in ignorance and childishly and obnoxiously insult people’s factually correct statements with your over-wrought and self-congratulatory sanctimony.

        not_a_lawyer in reply to JR. | July 2, 2023 at 10:59 pm

        JohnSmith is correct. There is no way for any Imam or Muslim religious scholar to call for a ‘re-interpretation’ of the Koran. The Muslims believe that the Koran is the literal word of Allah, so that any objection to any of its verses is considered heresy, punishable by death under Sharia law.

        Islam cannot be reformed from without or within.


        JR, are you actually Maxine Waters in a burner account?

        JohnSmith100 in reply to JR. | July 3, 2023 at 10:15 am

        JR, I don’t think Islam is really a religion, it is more like a cult, with frequent brain washing sessions every day. It is brutal and far out of sync with our times. If you want, you can accuse me of being bigoted against a brutal cult.

BierceAmbrose | July 2, 2023 at 3:13 pm

Seems like they’re having a social contract problem.

“Some 2,400 people have been arrested after five nights of violent protests throughout the country,”

Cool. Now tell us about the mass deportation of illegal aliens.

You ARE deporting them… right?

    It will be the French who will be deported – self-deported, that is.

    jb4 in reply to Gosport. | July 2, 2023 at 4:21 pm

    Arrest and deport is the only solution and, catering to the Climate Change god, perhaps dropping from planes over their native country to save on fuel.

    inspectorudy in reply to Gosport. | July 2, 2023 at 4:50 pm

    They will be held for a few days and then released just like here. No deportation. Our leaders are way too soft to understand what the threat is. We are not France and are way too big for a massive takeover, but there are already cities in America that have been taken over by Muslims and Americans have no say in those towns. Their birth is about five times the American or European rate. Guess what that means for the future?

    JohnSmith100 in reply to Gosport. | July 2, 2023 at 4:56 pm

    Better to put them down, then they will not be able to come back. This is not a problem that cannot be resolved peaceably.

Steven Brizel | July 2, 2023 at 6:28 pm

This is what unchecked and unlimited immigration looks like

    And continued appeasement. The French tolerated them taking over the streets for F prayers, having the adhan blasted over loud speakers, the terror attacks, the continual burning of cars in areas, etc.,

    Gosport in reply to Steven Brizel. | July 3, 2023 at 4:24 pm

    unchecked and unlimited immigration – of military age illegals who hate everything you stand for and believe that muslims should and will rule the world.

More “peace” and “tolerance” from the goose-stepping, brownshirted adherents of the supremacist, totalitarian, belligerent and hate-filled ideology of “Submission.” Their evil, pathology-laden ideology is no different from National Socialism.

It’s “The Camp of the Saints” come to life. They do not have the courage to defend western civilization. Never allow yourself to be led by the childless. They do not care about posterity, only virtue signaling. They’ve committed national suicide. El Cid, Charles Martel…. This is the only cure for this.

Where are those [mainly women] idiots with their “WELCOME REFUGEES” signs? Idiots – the whole lot of them! I know that Viktor Orban and Andrzej Duda must be high five-ing each other and laughing at the stupidity of the West, along with Pat Buchanan.

    lexi in reply to walls. | July 3, 2023 at 6:26 am

    Any (EU) country that does not fight back and resist the Brussels directive whereby each country must take in a certain number of migrants can expect this sort of future. I am thankful that Hungary has had the courage to say no this. Those countries who encouraged this mass migration and actively abetted it should not expect others to pull their chestnuts out of a fire they did not create. The enlightened countries of the western EU have allowed these migrant enclaves to fester. I remember when not too many years ago there were loud denials about the existence of ‘no go’ zones. The migrants have no desire to ‘assimilate’. And when they reach a certain percentage of the population they will cause problems. Perhaps it is time to replace the old Iron curtain…

Conservative Beaner | July 2, 2023 at 8:52 pm

Time to bring in the French Foreign Legion.

not_a_lawyer | July 2, 2023 at 11:04 pm

Charles Martel, the ruler of Francia, is credited with winning the Battle of Tours in 732 CE and turning back the Muslim invasions of Europe.

King Ferdinand II of Spain pushed the Muslim invaders back across the Mediterranean in 1492, after his country was occupied by Muslims for over 800 years.

Are there any modern European leaders that have the spine to repel Muslim invaders now? It would appear the answer is a resounding “no”. Any European politician that speaks out against the Muslim invasion is met with harsh scorn by the press and other political parties, and now even law enforcement in some jurisdictions. Even the Roman Catholic Church, which has quite a bit of history with the Muslim hordes, refuses to emit a proclamation against the invasion. Rome will go the way of Constantinople, and the Christian West will be absorbed by the barbarians.

I cry for my heritage.


    CommoChief in reply to not_a_lawyer. | July 3, 2023 at 11:46 am

    Oberon in Hungary seems pretty adamant about the issue as the Italian PM Meloni. For that matter Putin wasn’t exactly treating the folks in Chechnya with hugs, kisses and kumbaya; the operation in Grozny was anything but soft.

LeftWingLock | July 3, 2023 at 8:36 am

Look at the pictures. The VAST MAJORITY of the area is NOT on fire. By definition, that means the rioting is mostly peaceful.

“Mob sets suburban mayor’s house on fire, hurts wife and child”

That’s a group that identified themselves as deserving to all be shot down. Or half shot dead, the other half laying amid the bodies and playing dead. Let them do that for three days on pain of being shot dead if they move or make a sound, then scoop the lucky survivors up, collect DNA, fingerprints, and photos, deport them, and make sure they understand that if they ever appear in France again, they _won’t_ be shot dead before they’re buried.