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Yesterday I wrote how Facebook takes down Elizabeth Warren Wiki page devoted to documenting her Cherokee and other controversies. The Facebook page went live in February 2013, at the same time that went live. The takedown was based on the plainly false claim that the Facebook page violated Facebook's "Impersonation" policy:

German authorities have investigated hundreds of internet users over comments they made on a Facebook video posted by the right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) party. The massive probe, spanning over 250 investigations, was launched in response to the live streaming of a migrant protest by the Bavarian-wing of the AfD party in 2017, German media disclosed on Saturday. Some 97 people were fined and three others were to face incitement charges in the court, the weekly Der Spiegel reported.

Glenn Reynolds launched Instapundit in August 2001, which laid a key foundation stone down for the publication and dissemination of independent conservative news and opinion over the past 18 years. "Instalanches" have blessed Legal Insurrection with many links. Over the past 18 years, Reynolds has observed the deterioration of social media and shared his observations and experiences in a new publication: The Social Media Upheaval. I had a chance to read it last week, and I wanted to share my thoughts about his most recent work.

We may have entered the next phase of social media evolution, in which the networks will have to change to meet the needs of the American market or dies. One company has had enough of Facebook. CrossFit, the popular fitness and lifestyle program, terminated its relationship with Facebook and Instagram, citing security and privacy concerns.

Legal Insurrection readers are acutely aware of the deplatforming and silencing of conservative voices across social media and via outlets like Amazon. The latest victim to get slammed by the iron-hand of Big Tech is President Trump’s chief social media guru, Dan Scavino. Facebook blocked his account for simply responding to a question from a reader.
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