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The internet fights back to overcome liberal funding bias on campus: UNC Gives far left groups larger budget than College Republicans Campus leaders at UNC Chapel Hill find conservative women unworthy to speak UNC Republicans crowd-source fundraising to bring conservative speakers to campus Rioting is a human right --...

Obama wants to fix the Higher Education Bubble. You're not done saving Detroit, please leave us alone: I've got it: If we have too many lawyers already, let's figure out a way to churn them out faster at lower cost so more people apply which increases the oversupply.  It worked so well with the housing market: Actually, I have a better idea.  Let's reduce presidential terms to two years instead of four, retroactively, so Presidents can make it to the lecture circuit without running up as much national debt. Please tell me "Yes he can" ... ah, that feels better: Now we juxtapose: Language Warning

[WAJ intro: Laurel Conrad is a Cornell University Senior. This is her first post at Legal Insurrection. Laurel is President of the conservative Cornell Review, and the Cornell chapter of the Network of Enlightened Women. Laurel interned this summer at The Daily Caller. We look forward to more posts from Laurel this academic year. Follow her on Twitter.] ------------------------------------

In February 2013, a series of bias incidents occurred on Oberlin campus. The outraged campus canceled classes and received much attention from the media, including an article in the Huffington Post.

However, the two students who perpetrated the racist acts later claimed that it was a "joke" in order to "troll" the campus, according to the police report.  Notably, the lead perpetrator was a liberal student with a history of Obama activism in high school and college.

After the hoax was exposed, the Huffington Post ran an article by the Associated Press, Oberlin Racism Hoax.

However, the AP article left out one critical piece of information, that the hoax was perpetrated by a liberal.  We could not have set a better trap if we had tried.

Many of the HuffPo commenters gleefully jumped to the conclusion that the perpetrator of the hoax must be a conservative Rush Limbaugh-listening Republican.

Below, check out these hilarious 15 liberals who just can't handle the truth!

1. RNC Derangement Syndrome.

Somehow, I think that the RNC will be just fine without the pseudo-racist Obama supporter.

2. Should have gone to Liberty.

These are all certainly top-choice colleges for liberal activists!

3. Lofty conservative ambitions.

And yet on Twitter, the student described himself as an “atheist/pacifist/environmentalist/libertarian socialist/consequentialist.” Hmm, something just doesn't add up here….

On Saturday we posted the statement issued by the Oberlin College administration in response to conservative media having exposed the racism hoax and Oberlin's part in playing along by not disclosing the hoax to the student body.  The sentence most of us focused on was: "These actions...

I smelled a rat in the Oberlin racism narrative, and so did some other people in the conservative blogosphere, including but not limited to Michelle Malkin and Chuck Ross of The Daily Caller (who obtained the police report that confirmed our suspicions that this was...

As longtime readers know, we're not big fans of the White Privilege verbiage, or the White Privilege consultant and pontificating class: In an otherwise good article about the Oberlin racism hoax, Conor Friedersdorf uses the term "white privilege" to describe the actions of the perpetrators:
White kids spreading the n-word and Nazi flags around campus for kicks, without giving a damn how many minorities they scare or upset, does seem like a great example of white privilege!
The editors or Friedersdorf chose to highlight and repeat that sentence as an insert mid-article:

Friedersdorf White Privilege

The problem is that the analysis and the entire post left something out, these were white liberal kids trying to make a liberal talking point come to life in a performance-art style endeavor: Those white liberal college students had a privilege above and beyond mere ordinary whites. That extra-special privilege was to have the mainstream media largely ignore that the performance-art inspired racial narrative which covered the news cycle in March 2013 was a hoax.  Only the conservative media seems to care. I have written to just about everyone I could find at an MSM or left-wing website who ran with the Oberlin racism narrative back in March, and almost no one has updated their stories. I emailed reporters and/or editors at The NY Times, The Boston Globe, The Cleveland Plain Dealer,, Huffington Post, and CNN, among others. Here's a typical email, which I sent to
You covered the racial incidents at Oberlin last March. It turned out to be a hoax, The Great Oberlin College Racism Hoax of 2013. Will you update?
Here's another one, sent to the "scoop" line at HuffPo:
Huffington Post ran numerous stories in various sections about racial incidents on Oberlin College's campus in March 2013. It turns out those were hoaxes perpetrated by progressive pro-Obama activists in order to get a reaction, Will you report the hoax and correct prior stories?
And The NY Times:
You covered this story last March, Photos of Oberlin College Students Rallying Against Hate Incidents. Turns out it was a hoax. Thought you'd want to know, since NYT may want to follow up now that the story has changed.
I also sent tweets to reporters who covered the story but for whom I didn't have email addresses:

The spate of racist, anti-Semitic, anti-Muslim, and homophobic posters and graffiti that plagued the Oberlin College campus in February 2013 was definitively exposed as a hoax led by a pro-Obama liberal anti-racist student activist seeking to get a reaction from the community. The post by Chuck Ross of The Daily...

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A massive racism hoax took place at Oberlin College in February 2013 in which two students made seemingly racist, anti-Semitic and other such posters, graffiti and emails for the purpose of getting a reaction on campus, not because they believed the hostile messages.  At least one of the...

First they came for the "Israel Lobby," but I didn't speak out, because I didn't want to be called an ISLAMOPHOBE! George Mason U. Student: “Jews had their golden age under Muslim rule” Then they came for Florida Atlantic University, but I didn't speak out, because it already tops the...

Leslie Eastman, who writes for Legal Insurrection and has her own blog, Temple of Mut, and Aleister from American Glob, both help run College Insurrection, including gathering the stories we aggregate there. In preparing this week's College Insurrection "Week" post, I realized once again the great job Leslie and Aleister do at finding interesting stories.  My thanks to them for their efforts. Never give up: Cause or effect? Bryan went to Auburn: Extremism in the defense of free speech is no vice: I think Berkeley Profs are even greater threats: He gropes, therefore he is:

That would be me. T-shirt idea:  "We engaged in institutional racism to fight white privilege, and all we got was more white privilege": Elite colleges fail to enroll minority students T-shirt idea: "We threw money at the U.S. News rankings, and all we got were these lousy retention...