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New Report Suggests Due Process in Jeopardy at Many of America’s Top Schools

New Report Suggests Due Process in Jeopardy at Many of America’s Top Schools

“do not guarantee that students have the presumption of innocence”

This is one of the things Betsy DeVos is trying to change and it has made her a target of the left.

Campus Reform reports:

REPORT: Innocent until proven guilty not a sure thing at majority of top schools

A new study found that students’ due process rights are in jeopardy at more than two-thirds of America’s top colleges and universities.

Over 70 percent of the top 53 institutions in the United States, as rated by U.S. News and World Report, do not guarantee that students have the presumption of innocence when it comes to disciplinary hearings, according to a report published by the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE).

The study, which gathered data throughout 2018, graded each of these top universities in the U.S based on the policies instituted by the school. FIRE awarded each college a grade on a scale from zero to 20 points, where an “A” ranges from 17 to 20 points and an “F” is zero to four points.

In its findings, FIRE claims that “[o]f the 53 institutions and 104 policies rated for this report, none received an ‘A’ grade.”

Additionally, less than one percent of the schools obtained a “B” grade overall. The majority of the top institutions received either a “D” or an “F.”

Since the policies varied from school to school, FIRE graded each college in 10 different areas, ranging from a statement declaring the presumption of innocence to students having the right to a hearing with a panel to adjudicate the claim.


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This is because students are raised these days in utter ignorance of the importance of their rights, but with a fanatical insistence that our society is replete with socially-sanctioned wrongs. They learn a one-sided version of history in which the shortcomings of the past are minutely documented, but the achievements of a free society are trivialized, and the shortcomings of collectivist systems are glossed over (if mentioned at all). Given the indoctrination they receive, it is amazing that as many young adults value our democratic republic as do.
As almost always, it is primary and especially secondary education that are mostly to blame. By failing to teach civics, and giving kids such a cockeyed view of American history, they are being prepared for leftist professors who are willing—and eager—to exaggerate, misrepresent, camouflage, and lie in order to create willing disciples for their own leftist, secularist religion: one that hates liberal capitalism, Western cultural values, and traditional social structures (especially the family).
By abdicating so much of their responsibility for educating the young to others, conservatives have themselves to blame for a lot of this. We let others do all the teaching; most of us were too busy making money and building our professional reputations.