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Princeton Groups Claim People Other Than Women Can Menstruate

Princeton Groups Claim People Other Than Women Can Menstruate

“the groups refused to comment or expand on this argument”

Does Princeton no longer teach biology as a science? It sure sounds that way.

The College Fix reports:

Princeton student groups: Menstruation isn’t just a women’s issue

Two Princeton groups recently held an event celebrating menstruation where students were told that menstrual periods are not limited solely to women, and that people other than women can menstruate. However, the groups refused to comment or expand on this argument. Princeton feminist groups contacted by The College Fix also declined to discuss the issue.

At the recent “Menstruation Celebration,” hosted by Princeton Students for Reproductive Justice and Princeton Students for Gender Equality, the organizations were “urging people to stop referring to menstruation as a women’s issue, since transgender and non-binary people get periods as well.”

Menstruation, a monthly biological event in which the uterus sheds its lining if there is no embryo present, is widely understood by biologists and scientists to be a phenomenon that affects only females.


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What business would be stupid enough to hire one of these people? They would never have a moment of peace at the workplace ever again.

    Massinsanity in reply to jack burton. | December 28, 2018 at 11:57 am

    They won’t work for any business. Each and everyone will get hired into the big diversity machine most likely at some other “institution of learning” or at some junk non-profit that is funded mostly by the government where they can continue to hone their community organizing skills.

    You cannot laugh at these people… they will not stop until they have forced everyone to comply with their increasingly bizarre world view.

    I am old enough to remember when homosexuals just wanted marriage equality or so the claim went and look where we are now…. girls are boys and boys are girls, 72 genders and everyone needs a tampon.

Do they call those people who are not women Butch?

There are some seriously stupid students at Princeton.

Well, as we used to frequently say at work, “you can always tell a third year medical student, but you can’t tell them much.”

I think it is a serious battle these days to see who reflects most poorly on the other, the college on the students or the students on the college. It only takes 1% to make the rest look like idjits in the public eye. To me, the only correct course of action to these SJW mobs is to confront them immediately and directly. As long as they can act within their safe spaces, they will persist. So just remove the bubble and watch them evaporate.

    Gremlin1974 in reply to MajorWood. | December 27, 2018 at 2:10 pm

    LOL, Yea, I have had issues with med students over the years, however with age comes wisdom, now I am that old evil nurse that all the med students are scared of now, they scatter like roaches when I show up, lol.

    I always wondered why those old Nurses seemed so less stressed than the rest of us younger crew, now I know!


Males having a monthly period? Of course!! Why do you think it is called MENstrating?