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The recent controversy regarding Rep. Rashida Tlaib focused on her use of the term “calming feeling" regarding the Holocaust. That was an error by those focusing on the term, and a deliberate distraction by those defending the term. The reality of Tlaib's statement was much worse, because it used Holocaust inversion and revisionism to portray Palestinians as the victims of the Holocaust. I wrote about Tlaib's Holocaust inversion and revisionism:

In the first part of my documentation of the bias of Human Rights Watch, I focused on HRW’s “Israel and Palestine Country Director” Omar Shakir. I demonstrated that, given his long record of anti-Israel activism, it is laughable for HRW to insist that Shakir would be able or even willing to impartially monitor Israel’s human rights record.

Egypt's President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi met with President Donald Trump on Monday to thank him for American efforts to enhance relations between the two nations. However, before the press conference with Egypt's leader, Trump gave a robust and heated response to a press assertion that he was "cleaning house" at the Department of Homeland Security.

Earlier this month, a Myanmar court sentenced two Reuters journalists to seven years in jail after they exposed the human rights abuses by the Myanmar military on the Rohingya minority. The judge claimed the two men “collected and obtained confidential documents.” Now Myanmar's de facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi, a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, defended the jailing of the journalists at a World Economic Forum summit.

Pallywood is the industry of anti-Israel activists who spread fake images, stories and so on meant to portray Israelis in the worst possible light. Often the fakery is by western activists — you don’t have to be Palestinian to engage in Pallywood. The purpose of the fakery is to push false narratives into the mainstream media, which already is biased against Israel.

WAIT A SECOND. I thought Canada welcomed refugees and those seeking asylum with open arms? Haven't Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and other officials mocked President Donald Trump and others here in America because they simply want people to follow our laws? It seems that loving Canada has deported 2,000 North Korean asylum seekers because they allegedly lied on refugee forms. The country is ready to deport up to 150 more.

The Tamimis of Nabi Saleh have been working hard to incite a “third intifada” for many years. As I have documented previously, one of their favorite tactics is sending their children out to provoke confrontations with Israeli soldiers while surrounded by photographers and videographers. It is a cynical but effective exploitation of children - if the Israeli soldier reacts it's a story of Israeli brutality; if the Israeli soldier doesn't react it's a story of Israeli cowardice. Regardless, the Tamimi media operation immediately circulates the videos and photos to biased international journalists and activists to create a false impression of Israeli abuse of children. Ahed Tamimi, with her striking blond hair, has starred prominently in these staged incidents for many years, as has her younger brother Mohammed.

The Palestinian leadership has responded furiously to President Trump’s December 6th official recognition of the obvious reality that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Over the past several weeks, there’ve been heated denunciations, some of which trafficked in ugly antisemitic tropes and canards; the usual Hamas-incited “days of rage”; calls for demonstrations by the Palestinian Authority (which canceled school, so young people could participate in the clashes and rioting); and over a dozen rockets shot from Gaza into Israel.

India's refusal to criticize President Donald Trump's decision to formally recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel has angered Arab regimes, the Reuters news agency reported. Several Arab embassies have asked India to "clarify its position on the U.S. recognition of Jerusalem." Dismissing Arab request, Indian Foreign Ministry said that it had "no plans for a further articulation on Jerusalem," news reports confirm.