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Neo is a writer with degrees in law and family therapy, who blogs at the new neo.

This Atlantic article describes how home surveillance cameras have helped catch thieves who steal packages - predominantly Amazon packages - from porches in a San Francisco neighborhood. The attitude of the author is somewhat ambiguous, but as best I can determine she seems to lean slightly more towards sympathy with the thieves (in particular one thief who is described at great length) than with the victims of the crimes.

John Solomon has reported on what could be an important story connected with Ukraine and the Biden investigation. It sheds new light on the timeline:
A newly unearthed document shows that Ukrainian officials had opened a new probe into the firm linked to Hunter Biden months before President Trump's phone call with that country's leader, Fox News contributor John Solomon reported late Tuesday.

What is happening now to President Trump was predictable. The plans were laid in plain sight, including the use of whistleblowers to disrupt the administration. It is instructive to look back and realize that there was plenty of advance warning of the various attempts to set up grounds for the impeachment of President Trump. The basic approach was clearly described, and it is difficult to avoid the notion that this was planned from the start.

One thing we can safely conclude at this point is that the current impeachment push is not about the content of Trump's phone conversation with Ukraine's president Zelensky or the "whistleblower" report, although the Democrats and NeverTrumpers will probably continue to pretend it is, at least for a while.

It's not a copout to say, "it depends on what you mean by 3-D chess." If you mean something so advanced and esoteric it's the equivalent of Einstein's Special Theory (in the political sense), I'd have to say "no." But I don't think that's what it means. I find playing 3-D chess means having a good grasp of strategy and advanced gamesmanship while working on several levels at once.

Brandon Straka is the founder of the #WalkAway movement. A gay man and former liberal, Straka recently left the Democratic Party and made a YouTube video about his defection and the reasons for his change of mind. The video went viral and started a movement in which people who have made a similar political switch have made their own videos explaining their own paths to political change.

When the international version of the NY Times decided to publish an anti-Semitic cartoon by the Portuguese cartoonist Antonio Moreira Antunes, it was just following a long-established European post-WWII tradition. Antunes has been in the anti-Semitic image business for decades, and won an award in 1983 for his appropriation of a Warsaw ghetto photo, changing the victim of Nazis into a Palestinian victim of Israeli Jews. For this, Antunes received the top prize at the 20th International Salon of Cartoons in Montreal.

Yesterday it was all about the Mueller report and the Barr letter. Today the news and commentary seems to be focusing more on the press itself: will the MSM ever own up to the magnitude of their mistake/lies (I very much doubt it)? How much has their coverage of Russiagate damaged their reputation, and with whom? And do they even recognize how much this has damaged their reputation? What will their next move be?

I don't really know how far to the left Nancy Pelosi is, perhaps further than she lets on. But my guess is that she's not very happy about the radical wing of the Democratic Party, the one whose members stayed seated when President Trump said in his SOTU address that the U.S. will never become a socialist country. They have a name, too: Justice Democrats. It's the latest euphemism for the radical left. The American public may have finally caught on to the previous euphemism, "progressive."