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The Trump Impeachment Conundrum Democrats Don’t Want to Talk About

The Trump Impeachment Conundrum Democrats Don’t Want to Talk About

The motives of the new aristocracy

One thing we can safely conclude at this point is that the current impeachment push is not about the content of Trump’s phone conversation with Ukraine’s president Zelensky or the “whistleblower” report, although the Democrats and NeverTrumpers will probably continue to pretend it is, at least for a while.

Nancy Pelosi is now trying to spin the incident as a cover-up. If so, it would be a coverup of something that wasn’t a problem in the first place, and a coverup that involved immediate release of the phone call transcript and the whistleblower report as soon as requested.

If that makes the left look foolish, it appears that they don’t care because they are driven by many things. Chief among them is the constant effort to undo an election whose result they really really really do not like.

They have the power to impeach because they hold a majority in the House, and the prospect of a juicy show trial, which Daniel Greenfield discusses here, is probably another driving motive:

Unless the Democrats take the Senate, impeachment would be a meaningless show trial. But Marxist regimes love show trials of political opponents. The Marxist element in the House desperately wants a show trial of President Trump because such a proceeding is an explicit rejection of our political system.

This is in line with other trends going on around the world, most particularly in Western Europe, where officials wish to ignore the will of the people if that will conflicts with theirs. This is a new aristocracy which feels it has enough power to accomplish this. Propaganda from the MSM enables them, as well.

Greenfield continues:

Impeachment is not just meant to be a trial of President Trump, but of the voters who chose him. Its outcome, whatever the composition of the Senate, is meant to be an argument for remaking the system of elections, whether by abolishing the Electoral College or tampering with the judiciary, that would take the power further out of the hands of the voters and concentrate them with the right sorts of people.

A Trump presidency is unconscionable to them and was from the start.

Democrats and others in this new aristocracy had grown very used to having a GOP whose members played the game like gentlemen (and that includes the Republican women). Every now and then there had been an eruption from the more combative right such as Bill Clinton’s impeachment or Gingrich’s short-lived Contract With America. But for the most part the left and the Democrats had to deal with people who were only tepidly on the right and often more than willing to play ball with the left, people such as McCain (the candidate in 2008) and Romney (2012). Even George W. Bush was no street fighter and no conservative, although they hated him for other reasons.

The left grew used to having opponents of a certain type, and Trump most definitely is not of that type. That’s why the NeverTrumpers hate him, too, perhaps even more than the left does, because the NeverTrumpers were (and are) of that type as well.

They all feel deeply betrayed, not so much by Trump as by the American people who chose him and repudiated them. And the people must not be allowed to get away with it.

Impeachment is just one part of the war against Trump that has been waged relentlessly since the day he was elected and even before. This latest issue regarding Trump’s conversation with Zelensky is notable for many things, but one of them is the evidence it gives of the relentless surveillance of Trump by moles in government willing to report every single thing he does that might be capitalized on by the anti-Trump forces. Trump can trust no one, and no foreign head of state who talks to him can trust that their communication will not be broadcast to the world.

This is not good for the country, but the Democrats think it’s very good for them.

There is also a strange and connected desperation motive that has emerged recently, as stated by Representative Al Green of Texas:

Rep. Al Green told MSNBC Saturday that he is “concerned if we don’t impeach this president, he will get re-elected.”

That seems contradictory, to say the least, because a lot of people on the right are convinced that a decision to impeach the president would be the thing that would actually lead to Trump’s re-election.

After the statement of Green’s I quoted above, he added this by way of explanation:

If we don’t impeach him, he will say he’s been vindicated. He will say the Democrats had an overwhelming majority in the House and didn’t take up impeachment. He will say we have a constitutional duty to do it if it was there and we didn’t. He will say he’s been vindicated.

In other words, for Green and the others, they are between a rock and a hard place. They are afraid that Trump might win if they impeach him; they can read the polls and do the math. But they also are afraid that if they don’t, Trump would be even more likely to win and perhaps even win bigger, because then Trump could taunt them with the fact that he must be innocent because they didn’t impeach him.

Plus – although Green doesn’t say it – I believe that Green and other Democrats may fear that, if the Democrats don’t impeach Trump, their base may just decide to stay home on Election Day.

So their only hope is to impeach him and hope it fires up their base and also convinces a lot of people in the moderate middle that Trump really is guilty of something and that in all that smoke there must be a fire. Doesn’t sound like a good bet to me.

[Neo is a writer with degrees in law and family therapy, who blogs at the new neo.]


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The Democrats really are the enemy of freedom. They still want to be the plantation owners.

“…the people must not be allowed to get away with it.”

Great 2020 slogan for the Reds, er, Dems.

The normal status of all Americans under our laws can be considered “vindicated”. Only after a trial may they become un-vindicated.

Chances are good Ruth Buzzi Ginsburg will croak within 5-years; the dems cannot allow Trump to pick a 3rd judge under any circumstances.

    legacyrepublican in reply to walls. | September 26, 2019 at 9:05 pm

    Actually, I think Ginsburg could kick the bucket in the next five months.

    You may have hit upon the reason they want to impeach Trump now. Because it would stop Trump from nominating a replacement for Ginsburg before the election of 2020.

      notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to legacyrepublican. | September 26, 2019 at 10:09 pm

      I thought she died last year.

        She had a malignant tumor on her pancreas, the 4th or 5th malignant tumor in a critical place. Besides a new ablative technique that did not get all the tumor, just the part that was on the pancreas, they inserted a bile duct stent, saying it would be easier at that time than to wait. I had a written exchange with an oncological surgeon, and his uninformed estimation was that they did that before a growth made it more difficult or impossible to do so. And that if the duct was blocked, the patient would turn an interesting color before dying. His estimate was that the treatment extended her life by weeks to a couple of months.

        I expect [and hope for] a vacancy well before the end of the year.

        Subotai Bahadur

Tulsi Gabbard needs reinforcements. She’s practically rational.

    The least insane of the asylum……….maybe.
    Hell of an article NN. I found this to be more or less what I’ve been saying for years now about the fascist left.
    Their vision of utopia isn’t equality or progress, it’s trial after trial, an endless series of proceedings against Trump and you and me, and Bob next door, who votes Democrat, but once used the term “illegal alien” in a conversation. The nightmares of the French Revolution, the Soviet Union, Communist China and Pol Pot’s Cambodia weren’t accidental misfires: they’re the essential truth of what the Left is.

    Terror is in the political DNA of every radical movement. And the arc of the Left is always radical.

we are no longer a nation of laws…

Civil War 2.0 is coming soon. that actual hot portion of it, that is. they’ve already started the ball rolling.

    CKYoung in reply to redc1c4. | September 26, 2019 at 10:08 pm

    The democrats haven’t engaged in the peaceful transfer of power. There are rinos in there, uniparty types. But things are changing. The democrats and uniparty are destroying themselves, Their mask has slipped, and what is underneath is too ugly to look at. We’re going to make it no matter what.

    Actually, we’re already in it, but only one side is actively fighting. Maybe our side will wake up, sometime.

    devan95 in reply to redc1c4. | September 28, 2019 at 7:59 am

    In the unlikely event Trump is removed, Pence becomes Pres and would win in 2020. This is a lose lose game for the Dems.

1. Trump wishes to completely destroy the Democrats.
2. There are already “show trials” or is you connection broken.
3. See Gingrich’s greatest mistake (and he was smarter than Pelosi and Clinton is not as smart as Trump). Pelosi fell into the trap and might not recover.

Right now all but the far left rabid socialists are getting the idea that they don’t want these stupid, foolish, and evil people anywhere near power.

Trump does have his base, and he hasn’t done anything to cause them to reject them. The RINOs are retiring. Democrats like Tulsi Gabbard are being overshadowed by the rabid left and “Orange Man Bad is a high crime!” Democrats.

Trump’s landslide and COAT TAILS continues to expand. Mainly because his base is likely to turn out, the sane middle will either not vote for the lefty loon Dem nominee so stay home or vote Republican, and the total loony left is too small

(also see the EPA trashing California over its water quality due to the medical and human waste which isn’t being treated, its bad air quality – not counting CO2, and other environmental hypocrisy).

That Democrats were always going to impeach Trump was a given from the second he beat Hillary! when he was supposed to lose. Democrats would impeach any Republican – Jeb! included – since they are now full Communist in their philosophy.

The only question now is the Senate. Mitt Romneycare is a 100% lock to vote to remove (and almost certainly Mike Lee, Susan Murkowski and Ben Sasse would join Romneycare), but after that the path to 67 and removal gets murkier.

Gabby is as irrational as all the rest , Jesus she called the President a “Pimp” for Gods sakes and agrees with 95% of the so called progressive agenda!

Gabby is as irrational as all the rest , Jesus she called the President a “Pimp” for Gods sakes and agrees with 95% of the so called progressive agenda!

    forksdad in reply to gonzotx. | September 27, 2019 at 10:08 am

    That’s one thing you cannot pin on Trump. He’s many things but pimp just isn’t on the list.

    Now if she had pointed to his WWE appearances and called him a vulgar sideshow clown or his many infidelities and called him an adulterer she would have had some validity. But pimp just isn’t there.

    It makes her look like just another kook.

The author makes the case that Trumpublicans are the New Left opposing the Right-wing “traditionalism” of modern progressive Democrats.

In true SJW fashion, the modern Democrats would rather burn everything down if they can’t have control. They’re in the process of de-legitimatizing the SCOTUS because they might now control it anymore. They want to burn down the economy because Trump has fired it up again and they had nothing to do with it. They want to tear the country apart because they unable to convince half the country that they know best about everything. I don’t see how this ends well for the future of the nation as a whole. Neither side wants to be governed by the other side anymore.

the lesson the democrats learned from the Kavaugh hearings, is don’t let you key witness be know before its time.

Schiff for Brains had the whistle blower information in August.
He was laying ground work for his lies with tweets since then working on the build up to his “parody” (truly lies for the people who will hear him on the news – carefully edited by the propaganda wing of the National Socialists).
There were key things which sent the Leftists off the cliff.
1. There are tons of ties to the DNC in Ukraine, Hillary had people there, Obama had people there, Podesta was there. Why? This was the gateway to the collusion between Hillary and Russia using an extremely corrupt regime which Obama sent his key people over to help influence THEIR elections. (But it’s OK if we interfere with elections so long as it’s a leftist President doing the deed.)
2. Crowdstrike, the company that examined the DNC computer and blamed the “hack” on the Russians. It’s not true, but it’s the narrative the left were setting up Trump with. I think the left believed the polls so they didn’t bother to use it leading up to the election. Then they had to scramble to get it all in place because Hillary lost. Obama’s corruption and games would have been covered up, but Hillary lost, and the Ukrainian comedian won, putting Obama’s regime dirty laundry in jeopardy of being made public.
3. There are rumors that the “whistle blower” was a CIA plant in the WH set there to spy on Trump and push the leaks and disinformation.
4. If Ukraine does investigate and find the nasty information on Obama’s regime actions, and the lies of the DNC server hacking, and the Biden quid pro quo actions, it will harm the Leftists bigtime. Even possibly worse than the phony “official impeachment inquiry”, which is no different than it was when Nadler said it, but the propaganda wing is talking about as if Articles of Impeachment have been drawn up.

It’s a distraction, and a hope to shut everything down over being exposed for everything they did that was treasonous behavior. The left needed to get out front so they can use the propaganda wing to tell the gullible that the truth coming out is just lies in retaliation for the impeachment which isn’t an impeachment.

I fear the republicans who could side with the leftists, like Romney and those he is claiming are with him, could be as guilty of being a part of the whole Ukraine corruption. Rather than risk being exposed, they act like the leftists.

The left is in panic mode. Nancy pushed the panic button, never thinking Trump would release the transcript, or the phony whistle blower papers, and offer up other phone call transcripts. The cover up of their many crimes is in danger of being exposed.

Off topic, but Nancy obviously visited her plastic surgeon again, if she gets her face lifted much more she will be sporting a beard.

This last vanity of hers has her looking like Cruela DeVille. The botox is settling into her brain. She is losing it.

The D have made a very large error. Pelosi and a few of her inner circle are pretty experienced, savvy political operators. The ‘squad’, Green, Jackson-Lee, Schiff, Nadler…..not so much. Winning a House seat in a heavily gerrymandered/carved out district where less than 25% of those eligible actually vote doesn’t impress.

Their problem is that they really believe the nonsense they spout. The folks at home are paying attention due to nonstop MSM coverage of all things Trump. So these less than bright bulbs are featured sounding off about matters that are literally beyond their comprehension. See Sheila Jackson-Lee comments that ‘s AR15 weighs as much as 3/4 heavy boxes and fires a .50 Caliber round. Not to mention Hank Johnson who queried CINCPAC asking ‘if the Navy was concerned that shifting Marines from Okinawa to Guam would cause the island of Guam to tip over into the sea.’

So Pelosi has to deal with these folks every day, incessantly demanding that Trump be impeached. Finally they got an issue…except it isn’t. In fact this nothing burger seems likely, IMO, to have been routed through D staff of House Intelligence committee for polishing and coordination prior to being submitted as a ‘whistleblower’ compliant. DoJ looks at it when referred from DNI and says no crime.

What may be the additional undercurrent is that action by DNI. The intelligence community has had a long period of nearly unchecked power and therefore influence. They don’t like the new boss, Trump and sure as heck don’t like like being told to do their job and shut up. The intelligence community really hates being told to offer analysis and professional opinion but not being able to make or at least shape policy decisions.

Every person involved in this farce deserves what is coming; the intelligence community being sent out of the room because they are not trusted anymore in the WH. The D deserve to be devoured by the more radical and vocal elements of their party. Maybe the folks in some of these carved out districts are paying attention to this idiocy and comparing that to the economy where they live and will surprise us NOV 2020?

    daniel_ream in reply to CommoChief. | September 26, 2019 at 11:51 pm

    Hank Johnson who queried CINCPAC asking ‘if the Navy was concerned that shifting Marines from Okinawa to Guam would cause the island of Guam to tip over into the sea.’

    To this day, I hold up CINCPAC’s response to that question as the model of how to respond to a boss who has just said something so ineffably stupid that keeping a straight face is nigh-impossible.


“If we don’t impeach him, he will say he’s been vindicated.”

Which recalls the Bill Clinton impeachment. The only difference is that Bill was guilty and Trump is not.
It’s the classic interrogator’s dilemma: What use is it to ask a person his innocence? An innocent man will tell you he’s innocent…and so will a guilty man!

Some Democrats who aren’t complete cynics may believe Trump did something wrong. They believe it in their bones, despite a lack of evidence. It’s become an article of faith.

and no foreign head of state who talks to him can trust that their communication will not be broadcast to the world.

To those who view America as an uppity nation that needs to be put in its place, this is a feature – not a bug.

>>now trying to spin the incident as a cover-up

Yeah, she was basically saying yesterday they’re gonna impeach, not because records were destroyed, but which type of filing system and level of access was used internally at the White House, to preserve certain records and prevent leaking by keeping them confidential.

notamemberofanypoliticalparty – it was Huey Long of Louisiana who said that along with “those who are with me get first bite, those who come later get second bite and those who are against me get GOOD GOVERNMENT.”

Democrats are facing a slew of problems in the upcoming election that mostly stem from their own stupidity.
1. They used the Mueller investigation to scream nonstop about Trumps’ alleged crimes and impending impeachment. Then the Mueller report showed nothing and the entire Trump collusion became viewed by many as lawfare against the Trump.
2. The Kavanaugh debacle showed the public how the Left was willing to destroy a person over something that might have happened decades ago. Not only was there no evidence, but those who were claimed to be there by the accuser stated they knew nothing about any criminal act. Even worse is how claims are now rising about pressure that was used to get one person to go along with the complaint when they did not remember or know anything about it.
3. The nonstop narrative from the MSM is nothing other than “Orange man bad”. With over 90% of all articles written about Trump being negative, despite Trump accomplishing so much is beginning to wear thin. Add to this the crises showing Trump doing things so badly only to find out it was not Trump but others who did it (e.g., illegal immigrants being housed in cages, a crying child photographed as being separated from her mother that turned out to be a fabricated photo shoot, etc.) and the public is becoming wary and distrustful.
4. After a litany of claims about Trump doing something wrong when it turned out to be untrue, we are now facing claims of Trump manipulating Ukraine for personal gain and to alter the upcoming election. Lost to the Left is how the US has been manipulating countries (as has every other country tried throughout history) since our inception and how Biden was boasting how he had done this for the obvious protection of the company his son worked for at an extravagant salary. It would seem that anyone running for political office can no longer be investigated for any criminal act (unless you’re a Republican) for fear of election tampering claims.
5. Look at those running for the Democratic Party nomination and you see everyone so far to the Left that it boggles the mind. Promises range from the outright buying of votes with promises of student loan forgiveness, open borders, and essentially the elimination of ICE with the commensurate elimination of any penalty for coming into the country illegally (along with promises of free money by some), to other issues such as free healthcare, free college, single payer healthcare, eliminating the electoral college, gun confiscation, and more. Few see these policies as anything that will make America a better stronger nation or as anything they can support.
6. Should Ruth Bader-Gnsberg pass, then the Democrats have all but promised to ensure the trial Kavanaugh went through will be far worse should Trump nominate any conservative judge to replace her. Democrats have even openly talked about packing the court to negate the conservative advantage in order to get their way which is essentially their view of the Constitution be damned and what ever it takes to get their policies enacted.
Given all of this and more, why would any rational person vote Democrat in the upcoming election? Indeed, the above as well as their other actions should make most terrified not only of the Democrats and their platform, but of the power they would wield should they win. This is not a Trump issue, rather it is a Democratic Party issue and how they have not only lost their way to the lure of socialism, but they have lost the public’s confidence such that no one could ever trust them with any power.

    venril in reply to Cleetus. | September 27, 2019 at 8:18 am

    I recall reading an essay about the French revolution. In it, the author noted that when the peasants finally rose up, the King had been already implementing reforms and that they enjoyed more freedoms than than they had in, well, quite a long time. He noted that as they drew nearer to their long desired goal of freedom, they grew more demanding and intolerant of any delay. Before the reforms they accepted their place, not happily but without revolt.

    The Progressives (Left) has been on the road to this place for over a century. To be so near to the goal of Socialist revolution, believing that Hillary would complete the efforts of Obama and finally do it had them on edge. Then the inconceivable happened. Trump won. And began demolishing the machine they’d so carefully constructed. The Utopia they’d been pining for for so long is slipping away.

    I suggest the insanity of the Left and the willingness to be open about their goals, is the same dynamic as that of the French Revolution – sort of a political capacitance. The nearer the goal, the more frenzied they are. Frenzied radicals are usually the ones who do Very Bad Things.

    OnPoint in reply to Cleetus. | September 27, 2019 at 9:23 am

    “…why would any rational person vote Democrat in the upcoming election?“

    No rational person would vote for a Democrat. But there are an awful lot of irrational people out there.

    Barry in reply to Cleetus. | September 27, 2019 at 1:17 pm

    “The Kavanaugh debacle showed the public how the Left was willing to destroy a person over something that might have NEVER happened decades ago.”

    Fixed a minor error in an otherwise excellent comment. 🙂

Given all of this and more, why would any rational person vote Democrat in the upcoming election?

Because millions of people have been immersed in a set of assumptions for all their lives, that render them susceptible to the Democrats’ siren songs of “compassion” and “fairness” and “smart” … and will continue to be, as long as they don’t question those assumptions at a fundamental level.

    If I had a FB account I’d thank you there. Happily, I’ve never had one, so I will thank you here instead. I believe you have nailed the basic problem…a total unwillingness by too many people to think for themselves.

    And you may lay the blame for that squarely at the feet of our public schools.

The Democrats even seem like they’re losing NPR. Schiff was on ATC to talk about the whistleblower complaint, and they actually asked him *questions* for a change and pushed back.

SHAPIRO: You say you expect the president to obstruct and stonewall, but in the last week, they have released the whistleblower complaint, they have released the summary of the call with the Ukrainian president, the acting director of national intelligence has testified. This does not look like an administration that is stonewalling.

SHAPIRO: What about the Ukrainian president’s statement yesterday in his meeting with Trump, that no one pushed me? If he didn’t feel pressure to investigate Biden in that phone call, does it make it harder for you to make the case that this was a quid pro quo?

SCHIFF: Well, first of all, he clearly did feel pressure to investigate the vice president.

SHAPIRO: Even if he says he didn’t.

Schiff has this Kafka-esque idea that the President of Ukraine is obviously pressured, even though he says he isn’t, which he wouldn’t say unless he was really, really pressured, which (supposedly) only proves he was pressured. Sigh.

Trump is a failure as an obstructer. First with Mueller he gave him over a million documents and complete access to everyone except himself and even then he answered all their questions in writing. Now instead of claiming presidential privilege like Obama, he gives them the unredacted reports they asked for almost overnight. WORST OBSTRUCTER EVER!

There’s a lot here like the movie I just watched on TCM. Spencer Tracey in “State if the Union.” It gets a bit preach and socialist but the biggest takeaway: the people don’t matter to elections, the party does.” SoMe of the behind the scenes wrangling could be portrayed by any number of people in politics today.

There’s a lot here like the movie I just watched on TCM. Spencer Tracey in “State if the Union.” It gets a bit preach and socialist but the biggest takeaway: the people don’t matter to elections, the party does.” SoMe of the behind the scenes wrangling could be portrayed by any number of people in politics today.

“concerned if we don’t impeach this president, he will get re-elected.”
And, since there is nothing in the Constitution or law that prevents an impeached (and removed) President from running for re-election, it would be an absolute hoot to see him impeached, then run and win re-election anyway.

No aristocracy. NO technocracy. NO to all forms of gov’t that rule the people. And I have tools to help me back that up.
Sic semper tyrannis!

Trump is hated because not only is he “squeaky clean” but he has betrayed a system that he no longer needs — which now, in his older age, has returned him to the usually youthful or idealistic “unsophisticated” higher values of family, patriotism, nationalism, loyalty, altruism. It is extremely rare for someone to have attained the kind of power and money Trump has and not be “beholden”.


Barracuda environments exist in both business and political, organizations. The difference between them is that in business, for the individual, the individual’s success can be based to some smallish extent by productivity and innovation, objectively measurable achievement, not solely personal relationships.

Not so in politics and bureacracies.

In the barracuda environment, personal relationships, and being beholden to others (peers, bosses, financiers) underpin success and security and determine individuals’ value to others and hence the system.

These relationships become complex and extensive — few of them are formed out of pure affection or admiration or commonality or community. Over time, relationships cement by something else that’s shared — symbiotic dependencies of a more corrupt kind, and information about individuals’ own or others’ slacking, skeletons, secrets, loyalties, and outright illegalities. How these relationships and “unspoken understandings” are negotiated determines how much “stuff” — money, power — each individual personally is able to accumulate.

This sort of thing actually may be understood more by urbanites than “fly-overs” who still hold strong values to church, family, community and country. Barracuda systems of course also exist in these places in business, but, note, they often are not thoroughly understood, let alone traversed by either the small local entrepreneur or “underling masses” of worker-ites in larger companies who just do their fairly low-level jobs (forever, never rising) as they deal with “irrational” bosses and other worker-ites with whom they form friendships, relationships based on the unsophisticated measures of with whom they share interests or just like or dislike.

The reason for ALL of the head-scratching behavior you see, whether in the inherently corrupt party politicians or the bureaucratic management (why don’t any honest FBI whistleblowers come forward?) is simple. If they don’t have mutual understandings hiding their own failings or wrongdoings, then they still have to navigate this environment to advance or just preserve their own personal interests, whether that is the accumulation of “success” in their careers, or merely the avoidance of destruction. If they are not know-nothing lower-level worker-ites, then they either keep their mouths shut while corruption flourishes around and above them or learn to feed off this system.

Trump’s focus on manufacturing, real production, “Main Street”, middle-class… Well, the “distruption” he represents for exposure and personal loss of power, money, and vital relationship connections (not merely corruption and crime) including among the global financial money-manipulating class of powerbrokers and their media — of those at or rising to the top in the vast, stinking barracuda networks in which success is based on little else but “relationships” — is hysteria-inducing.

All that is needed to stop the impeachment efforts would be to put Hillary before a Grand Jury and then prosecute. Dems would go nuts trying to stop it.

In my opinion, Kellyanne Conway explained it well enough: Trump has cut off the gravy train. He has turned accountants loose on agencies, and changed the companies that contract with the Federal government. He also cleaned up a slush fund for “activists.” Many, many good friendships have been disrupted this way.

Further, there is latent criminal liability for some of them. I was surprised and disappointed to learn that Joe Biden is one of them.

Corruption is a perennial problem with a big government such as ours, and anyone who thinks the miscreants are going to go quietly, is mistaken.

LOL!!! I’m old enough to remember when Neo was the bigtime NeverTrumper who hated Trump with a passion, and she was the one who had to be cajoled back to sanity.

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | September 30, 2019 at 2:51 pm


Ace of Spades posted an article about your editorial here.

America on Trial: Democrats Intend to Impeach Not Just Trump, But the Deplorable Country That Voted Him Into Office

The New Neo (formerly Neo-Neocon) sets the joint on fire in an article.