Following is a way it might be possible for the far left to gain more power, particularly in the House, even if the majority of America and even the majority of Democrats do not support far left politics and are completely turned off by the current Squad.

Step 1: Find a congressional district that’s bluer than blue, where any Democratic nominee is a shoo-in to be elected.

Step 2: Locate one in which the current Democratic representative has some weaknesses. Maybe he or she is a bit too stale, having been around really long. Maybe he or she is a bit too white—or, for the “he’s”, a bit too male or too heterosexual.

Step 3: Recruit a far left candidate from a favored demographic that is a designated victim group: black, Hispanic, Muslim, female, or a combination of as many of those characteristics as possible.

Step 4: It helps if the new candidate is physically attractive, telegenic, and/or relatively young.

Step 5: Primary the current Democratic representative.

Step 6: In the primary, count on only the most leftist activists to show up in any significant numbers. It’s best if the turnout is less than a third of eligible voters, which is often the case in a primary in a place where there’s an incumbent whom people assume will win against his or her Democratic challengers, particularly if they are extremists.

Step 7: Win the primary. Once you do that, you’re home free, because the Republican (if there even is one running) has just about zero chance of winning against any Democrat in this particular district.

Then do it again. And again.

It can be done in the Senate, too, in true-blue states. But the House is much easier.

That’s that plan, anyway, although it may not work.

[Neo is a writer with degrees in law and family therapy, who blogs at the new neo.]


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