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Mike LaChance

Mike LaChance has been covering higher education and politics for Legal Insurrection since 2012. He also creates content for American Lookout, and is a columnist for Townhall.

Since 2008 he has contributed work to the Daily Caller, Breitbart, Gateway Pundit, the Center for Security Policy, the Washington Free Beacon, and Ricochet.

Mike is a Generation X, New England lifer who describes his political views as conservative and libertarian.

You can find him on Twitter @MikeLaChance33

The small German village of Sumte has approximately 100 local residents but is now slated to receive 750 refugees from Syria and other countries. How is this supposed to work? If you lived in a one bedroom apartment, would you volunteer to take in seven permanent house guests? Andrew Higgins reports at the New York Times:
German Village of 102 Braces for 750 Asylum Seekers SUMTE, Germany — This bucolic, one-street settlement of handsome redbrick farmhouses may for the moment have many more cows than people, but next week it will become one of the fastest growing places in Europe. Not that anyone in Sumte is very excited about it. In early October, the district government informed Sumte’s mayor, Christian Fabel, by email that his village of 102 people just over the border in what was once Communist East Germany would take in 1,000 asylum seekers.

The city of St. Louis has been plagued by a string of fires at churches with black congregations. Some were quick to jump to the conclusion that the fires were racially motivated. David Graham at The Atlantic played that racial card:
The situation is not unlike the arsons that followed the massacre at Emanuel A.M.E. Church in Charleston this summer. As The Atlantic pointed out at the time, there’s a long history of terrorism against black churches in America, one that begins in the era of slavery and continues up through Reconstruction, the civil-rights era, and into the 1990s. But unlike those burnings—and despite the intense focus on the St. Louis area since the August 2014 death of Michael Brown in Ferguson—the recent arsons have been slow to get the same attention, either in the national media or even in the area.... Burnings of black churches has often been a tactic for white supremacist groups.
That narrative took a hit with the announcement that a suspect was arrested for two of the fires. The suspect is black. The Washington Post reports:

Ted Cruz recently spoke to Glenn Beck about climate change as a political issue and suggested it's not science but religion. He makes an interesting case. Cruz points to the language around the issue, specifically the use of the term "denier." CNS News has the transcript:
Ted Cruz: ‘Climate Change Is Not Science -- It’s Religion’ “Just a couple weeks ago in the Senate I chaired a hearing where the president of the Sierra Club testified,” said Senator Cruz in an Oct. 28 interview on The Blaze TV. “We had an exchange, where I simply asked him about the data.” “He [Mair] simply couldn’t answer the most basic question, starting with the fact -- he couldn’t answer the most basic fact that for the last 18 years the satellite data show no significant warming whatsoever,” said Cruz. “He had no idea about that,” said Cruz. “He turned to his aides every minute or two.” “You know, part of the reason he didn’t know the facts?” said Cruz. “Because climate change is not science -- it’s religion.”

As a member of Generation X, I was lucky enough to enjoy Halloween as a child in the 1970's before progressives began trying to ruin it with politics. What used to be a fun night of costumes and "trick or treat" with your friends has become the latest casualty of political correctness. In case you haven't heard, many costumes are no longer acceptable. There is some good news though, kids. You can dress up as a solar panel. The Daily Caller reports:
DOE Wants Kids To Dress Up As Solar Panels and Windmills For Halloween The Department of Energy (DOE) is celebrating Halloween by carving DOE themed Jack-O-Lanterns and instructing kids to dress up in “energy themed” costumes. The DOE official website includes instructions on how kids can dress up as a solar panel, a wind turbine, an “energy vampire,” a particle accelerator, or Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz.

Police in three cities are now boycotting filmmaker Quentin Tarantino for his participation in a recent anti-cop rally, during which he accused police of being murderers. Tarantino's charges are particularly ironic considering the fact that he's built a career producing extremely violent films filled with gun violence and acts of murder. The latest police force to join the boycott is in Philadelphia. Christopher Rosen of Entertainment Weekly reports:
Philadelphia police join call to boycott Quentin Tarantino movies All 14,000 Members of the Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 5 have joined officers in New York and Los Angeles in calling for a boycott of Quentin Tarantino’s films.

If you watched the CNBC Republican primary debate last night and the political analysis that followed on FOX News or any other center right outlet, you know what a disaster the event was. The moderators were so far left and openly combative that it was like watching a Republican debate moderated by the Democratic Party. CNBC's moderators succeeded in making CNN's Candy Crowley look fair and balanced. Everyone who's familiar with John Harwood and CNBC had some idea it was going to go this way. Everyone except Republican Party chairman, Reince Priebus. Following the debate, Priebus reacted harshly. Ben Kamisar of The Hill:
RNC chief: 'CNBC should be ashamed' Republicans are lashing out at CNBC over Wednesday's night's GOP debate, with the party's campaign chairman saying the network "should be ashamed" of how it was handled.

Last week on MSNBC's Rachel Maddow show, Hillary Clinton downplayed recent scandals at the Department of Veterans Affairs which resulted in the deaths of vets who were waiting for care. Since then, a growing chorus is calling for Clinton to apologize. CNN reports:
Veterans' groups fire back at Clinton's VA comments Some veterans groups are firing back after a comment Hillary Clinton made about the Department of Veterans Affairs scandal. The former secretary of state suggested in an interview late last week that the controversy which shook the VA last year was overblown, and Republicans used it to serve their own agenda. "It's not been as widespread as it has been made out to be," Clinton said Friday on MSNBC's "The Rachel Maddow Show" when asked about the scandal and how she would fix the VA. Yet the federal government's own report contradicts Clinton's remarks.

Across the nation, police departments are having difficulty recruiting new officers. Many people who might have considered a career in law enforcement just a few years ago are, naturally, concerned by the anti-cop rhetoric espoused by the Black Lives Matter movement and the accompanying narrative supplied by many in media. CNN provides these stunning numbers:
The direct impact of officer-involved shootings on recruiting new officers is unclear, but police departments small and large are having fewer candidates apply to become officers. Post-Ferguson, the New York Police Department, the country's biggest police force, says applications are down 18%. LAPD saw a 16% drop in applications since 2013. In Philadelphia, where police have had a decadeslong problem of trying to attract new hires, police recruit numbers dropped 47% in 2014 from 2008. Even the small police force in Leesburg, Virginia, says while it hasn't seen a drop in applications, far fewer qualified candidates are applying, affecting their ability to hire good cops.

Last week, Democrats blocked the passage of Kate's Law, a measure which would punish illegal immigrants who repeatedly re-enter the country after deportation. Bill O'Reilly of FOX News has been one of the most vocal proponents of the law and spoke to FOX and Friends about what happened in Congress. The FOX News Insider reports:
O'Reilly to Dems Against Kate's Law: 'How Can You Live with Yourself?' Bill O'Reilly said a stand-alone vote on Kate's Law would put lawmakers to the test and -- in his opinion -- disqualify any Democratic senators who oppose it from holding office. The proposal would impose a mandatory five-year prison sentence on felons caught trying to re-enter the U.S. after being deported.

The liberal talking point about the Benghazi committee is that Hillary Clinton won the battle and emerged unscathed but in order to believe that, you first have to ignore one major lie that was uncovered. The attack had nothing to do with a video. That is not what we were told. The idea of a terror attack on an American embassy on 9/11 just before a presidential election didn't match Obama's grandiose claims that al Qaeda was on the run. In the days that followed the Benghazi attack, the lie about it being based on a video was parroted by Hillary Clinton, Jay Carney, Susan Rice and even Obama himself.

At a White House forum on criminal justice reform Thursday, President Obama offered an unsolicited defense of the #BlackLivesMatter movement. Janell Ross of the Washington Post:
President Obama defended ‘Black Lives Matter.’ But why did he have to? Obama chose to weigh in on the simmering controversy over the phrase "Black Lives Matter." More specifically, he gave his take on the idea that the phrase is a threat, a verbal affront or some kind of intentional effort to devalue the lives of others. This idea seems to have started with a few not-exactly disinterested police union heads and law enforcement officials, boiled over on a number of conservative blogs and has reverberated with a certain share of the white American public...

Democrats are are gleeful over Hillary Clinton's performance at the Benghazi hearing on Friday. Her fundraising is up, she's received a big labor union endorsement and two of her Democratic rivals have dropped out of the race. Even so, their enthusiasm smacks of overconfidence. Jordain Carney of The Hill:
Senate Dems rally around Clinton after Benghazi hearing Senate Democrats are rallying behind Hillary Clinton after her marathon appearance before the House Select Committee on Benghazi, suggesting Republicans have only helped bolster the former secretary of State's presidential bid. "I had somebody come to my home this morning and say, 'You know, I think that put her in the White House,'" Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) told reporters Friday.

Liberals have so convinced themselves that George W. Bush is to blame for 9/11 that any suggestion Bill Clinton shares responsibility for the attack is inconceivable to them. Donald Trump recently pointed out that 9/11 happened on George W. Bush's watch which turned into a narrative of Trump blaming Bush for 9/11. Marco Rubio appeared on Newsmax TV this week and pointed out that Bush inherited a difficult situation from Bill Clinton. BuzzFeed reported:
Rubio: Trump Lacks Basic “Understanding” Of 9/11, Clinton Not Bush Deserves Blame Florida Sen. Marco Rubio says his opponent Donald Trump is wrong to suggest President George W. Bush bears responsibility for the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, arguing that the majority of the failures that led to the deadly attacks should be attributed to President Bill Clinton’s administration instead.

Through the spring and summer, many pundits and politicians dismissed Donald Trump's campaign for president as a flash in the pan. Large crowds at his events were explained away by dissatisfaction with the establishment. Now that his lead in the polls has held for so long, people are singing a different tune. Howard Kurtz of FOX News:
The media establishment finally admits Trump could win this thing I remember shaking my head, on the day that Donald Trump announced, when NPR’s Mara Liasson declared that this would be the best day of his campaign and it was downhill from there. Liasson cheerfully admitted she was wrong on my show, but she had plenty of company. Most of the media establishment seemed to fall into two camps: those who were skeptical that Trump was anything more than a sideshow, and those who attacked him as a clown and a charlatan. Fast-forward to this past weekend when Chris Wallace, having just interviewed Trump for “Fox News Sunday,” said: “I know all of us dismissed Trump, early on, all of the so-called experts.” But after their sitdown, Wallace said, “I am beginning to believe he could be elected president of the United States.”

At a recent town hall event in New Hampshire, Hillary Clinton said America should consider a mandatory gun buyback program like the one that took place in Australia in the 1990's. A former Republican member of the Texas house of representatives named Suzanna Hupp, who survived a mass shooting in 1991, appeared on The Kelly File last night and offered a response. The FOX News Insider has more:
Mass Shooting Survivor: You Never See These Attacks at Gun Shows, NRA Events Suzanna Hupp, a survivor of the 1991 mass shooting in Kileen, Texas, that left 24 people dead, said that there was a law against concealed carry in the state at the time, so she left her gun in her car. Hupp, who saw her parents murdered during the tragic incident, said that you never see mass shooting at gun shows or NRA events, places where there are hundreds or thousands of armed, law-abiding citizens.

Hillary Clinton visited Alabama this weekend and while nearly all of the early media reports are about her absurd claim that Republicans are trying to disenfranchise black voters, it was her remarks about the economy that were truly stunning. In the Associated Press video below, Hillary suggests that it is always Republican presidents who create financial messes which have to then be cleaned up by Democrats. She touts the financial record of her husband before accusing Bush of leaving Obama with a massive debt. She goes on to praise Obama and claim that he never gets enough credit. Clinton conveniently leaves out the role Democrats played in the 2008 financial crisis when they forced banks to give home loans to unqualified borrowers. She also neglects to mention the massive debt accumulated by Obama.
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