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VIDEO: Jon Gabriel Explains Net Neutrality

VIDEO: Jon Gabriel Explains Net Neutrality

Is it really neutral?

Jon Gabriel is the Editor in Chief of Ricochet, an online community where people on the right can communicate, share ideas and write articles. You may also know him as @exjon on Twitter.

In a new video from Prager University, Gabriel explains Net Neutrality and the arguments for both sides of the issue. He also shares some facts about big tech and the Obama administration which may surprise you. Watch it all below:

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Very well done! I’d heard enough about net neutrality (Orwell much, democrats), but wasn’t that interested in digging into it; this video summed it all up nicely. It seems that with net neutrality the government would have a compelling interest to make sure that Google, Twitter, et al., doesn’t discriminate against conservatives. If they want government involved, let’s get government involved all they way. Follow Jon on Twitter.

Excellent explanation!