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Prof Claims Freshman Enrollment at Evergreen State Has Dropped to Just 300 Students

Prof Claims Freshman Enrollment at Evergreen State Has Dropped to Just 300 Students

“a decrease of 50 percent from two years ago”

Evergreen State is reaping the whirlwind of their notorious campus protests. How long can they hold on if this trend continues?

The College Fix reports:

Evergreen State College freshmen enrollment drops to 300 students, professor says

Freshmen enrollment at Evergreen State College has plummeted since the controversial “Day of Absence” in May 2017. Mike Paros, professor of biological and environmental science, authored a post for the Heterodox Academy stating that less than 300 freshmen are expected to attend the school this fall, a decrease of 50 percent from two years ago.

Campus officials have yet to release any official fall 2018 enrollment numbers.

Paros’ post states that the college is publicly funded for a student population of 4,200. This coming year, the total student population is around 2,800, he writes.

Evergreen made headlines in May 2017 when biology professor Bret Weinstein drew student protests and threats of violence for refusing to leave campus on the “Day of Absence.” Weinstein had told the director of a campus multicultural office via an email that he was not leaving campus on a day when white students and faculty were asked to voluntarily leave campus.

The day was a reversal of previous days of absence during which nonwhite students and faculty left campus to demonstrate their value to the campus and remaining whites participated in anti-racism workshops.


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Two questions need to be answered: (1) Why is President Bridges still the president of Evergreen? (2) Why weren’t any of the Evergreen students prosecuted for the crimes they committed, e.g., assault, battery, unlawful imprisonment, kidnapping, etc.?

This is why there should be ZERO federal government funding of education. Institutions that pull stunts like this should die and be replaced (or not) by others that don’t go full-SJW-retard.

Wow! They’re not going to survive that for long. If you propagate that out over the next 3-4 years, their student population will completely collapse and will likely be down to roughly 1000, or about 1/4th of where they were.

Evergreen State is a Democratic recruitment facility. The number of Republicans who have graduated from there in the last decade can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Washington State is completely controlled by Democrats: the House, the Senate, the Governor, and the Attorney General (who constantly files lawsuits against Trump, but does nothing about Seattle’s unconstitutional income tax). No matter how bad it gets, the Democrats won’t allow Evergreen State to shut down. They will just pump in more tax money to keep it going.

    HImmanuelson in reply to OldProf2. | September 13, 2018 at 1:18 am

    That may be but they are going to be spending ~$70-$80 million extra every year to keep it afloat assuming they drop down to 1000 students. If they want to pay a $70 million stupidity tax every year to keep it open, more power to them.