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Speeches and Spy Balloons Week at Legal Insurrection

Speeches and Spy Balloons Week at Legal Insurrection

All the news you may have missed.

We began the week with Biden’s less than stellar state of the union address.

And Sarah Sanders, who did a fine job in her rebuttal.

And now we have all sorts of crazy stuff happening in our airspace.

There is some history here.


Important update.

What is going on in New Jersey?

The media covered up his condition.

We’re already talking about 2024.

Good for him.

Illegal immigration is completely out of control.

Disney is lost.

Turley won this fight.

I’m already sick of this.

This is still a thing?

World news.

Biden has a serious problem here.

Oh my.


One of the best.


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Yeah, everything we get is pre-recorded, canned, days old and past it’s expiry date.

It is at times like this the President of the United States should be out front of the American people, assuring us that he’s in charge and informing us of what the hell is going on.

I miss the Cold War.