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Democrats Reveal Their *Real* Fears About Ron DeSantis Headed Into 2024

Democrats Reveal Their *Real* Fears About Ron DeSantis Headed Into 2024

“Biden allies privately worry that DeSantis’s record could appeal to the same set of independent, female or suburban voters who Biden needs to court to win”

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has been under attack from Democrats and the mainstream media since well before he was elected governor in 2018, but it was the beginning of the Wuhan virus pandemic in March 2020 that put DeSantis on the map nationally over his decision to go in a different direction than the federal government was recommending to “slow the spread.”

At the time, the media repeatedly swooned over New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s handling of the outbreak and was using DeSantis’ response as a way to make Cuomo look like a magnificent leader worthy of future presidential consideration. This was all despite the emerging nursing home scandal and the fact that under Cuomo’s “leadership” New York state was the epicenter for COVID-19 in America in the spring of 2020.

Regardless, DeSantis kept bucking conventional wisdom on how to manage his state during a pandemic, further enraging The Usual Suspects in the press and on the left to the point that they were reduced at one point to bizarrely criticizing him in early 2021 for prioritizing senior citizens–those who are especially susceptible to severe cases and death from the virus–when it came to coronavirus vaccine distribution.

All kinds of accusations were thrown at DeSantis during the height of the pandemic. He was a grandma killer for not wanting to shut down his state, he was a racist for allegedly engaging in (not really) “pay for play” with the vaccines at the expense of some of Florida’s low-income communities, he was a supposed Trump stooge because he, too, questioned the so-called “science” behind the guidelines public health officials at the national levels were crafting.

Though DeSantis is still getting publicly portrayed by his detractors as a “racist” and a “murderer” simply because he opposes wokeism in public school classrooms and state-funded higher ed institutions and is also pro-life, some acknowledgements are privately being made by Democrats about him that suggest the real reasons they fear DeSantis revolve not so much around him allegedly being “worse than Trump” but around his ability to connect with the diverse constituencies that Democrats need to win elections:

Democrats worry that DeSantis, who presides over a large, diverse and former swing state, could appeal to possible Biden voters, those who would otherwise lean Republican, but were repelled by Trump’s baggage, the advisers and strategists said.

Biden allies privately worry that DeSantis’s record could appeal to the same set of independent, female or suburban voters who Biden needs to court to win. Though many also argue DeSantis is not tested nationally and could fumble in the GOP primary, with voters or on the debate stage against other Republicans.

At 44, DeSantis offers a more energetic and youthful alternative to Trump, 76, and Biden, 80.

“Right off the bat, you’ve got such a contrast on age. It’s one thing for Biden to stand side by side with Trump, because Trump’s not actually that young. The age difference between Biden and DeSantis is very noticeable,” said Brad Coker, managing director of Mason-Dixon Polling and Strategy, a consulting firm based in Jacksonville, Florida.

This is by and large why we’ve seen high-profile Democrats from President Biden and members of his administration to California Gov. Gavin Newsom engage in targeted attacks on DeSantis’ record ahead of 2024. They now view him more so than Trump as the biggest threat to Joe Biden getting reelected (assuming Biden runs again).

The DNC, which has participated in swipes at DeSantis in fundraising emails, is also gearing up for a rapid response strategy against him starting as soon as March, according to the same Bloomberg piece:

Democrats are watching the governor closely. The DNC recently hired a Tallahassee-based staffer to respond to DeSantis in real time. That press aide will start before the Florida legislature session begins in March.

All of this said, DeSantis has still not confirmed whether he plans on running for president.

Whatever the case may be, as Prof. Jacobson has said before, Dems and the mainstream press “will always tell you who they fear.”

Judging by the ridiculousness of the more recent attacks alone, there’s no doubt that they fear DeSantis the most at this stage in the game. This is something that is unlikely to change unless or until another GOP contender for the presidency can cut through the media/Dem noise machine and rise to the occasion.

— Stacey Matthews has also written under the pseudonym “Sister Toldjah” and can be reached via Twitter. —


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Oh dear God…

    Evil Otto in reply to gonzotx. | February 5, 2023 at 10:45 am

    Now how did I know you would be the first commenter? Someone mentions DeSantis and you whine about it.

      gonzotx in reply to Evil Otto. | February 5, 2023 at 11:19 am

      Every. Freaking. Day…

      Sometimes twice

      Must be a memo somewhere

        Evil Otto in reply to gonzotx. | February 5, 2023 at 2:08 pm

        No. Many conservatives just like Ron DeSantis. The behavior of Trump supporters isn’t exactly convincing anyone.

          chrisboltssr in reply to Evil Otto. | February 5, 2023 at 2:16 pm

          What’s the behavior of Trump supporters? I don’t care that you support DeSantis and if he gets the nod he will more than likely get my vote.

          chzwiz007 in reply to Evil Otto. | February 6, 2023 at 1:08 pm

          The Trump people are all about Qanon, other conspiracy nonsense. They follow a cult of personality. I supported Trump from 2015 to the end of 2020. I put in money and volunteer time. Then the wheels came off.

          Trump is an infantile narcissist. DeSantis is the real deal. Watch any of his press conferences. He is smart and knows the details. Trump has trouble putting an understandable sentence together.

          If Trump wins the nomination I will vote for him, but I won’t give any money and I won’t work for him. All my efforts will go to the down ticket.

    The Gentle Grizzly in reply to gonzotx. | February 5, 2023 at 12:50 pm

    (clouds part, sun rays pour through, echo-y voice)


    Apparently, the “usual suspects” have already declared that Trump is dead and rolling out the same old losers to prepare the way for DeSantis. Today, “Two Ton'” Chris Christie comes out with his “,,.old Biden didn’t win, Trump lost” neocon RINO crap launching the campaign.

    This is one of the first of the early forays that will be launched on DeSantis’ behalf to draw Trump into having to once again defend himself against the globalist establishment Uniparty lies. The game is to keep him busy until after 12-15 GOP candidates have had their turn and turning the DeSantis at the end to end it by declaring, probably around August or September. It’s the JEB!!! plan recycled. THAT is why Trump is going after DeSantis early. JEB!!! wasn’t planning to declare as early as he did but was forced to. And that was the end of his hopes.

    There is plenty on DeSantis for him to explain, especially his neocon globalist money connections. He can’t play coy for long while doing what “conservatives” do by mouthing exactly “conservatives” like to hear while collecting globalist money. He will have to either declare one way or the other soon. DeSantis hasn’t been tested like Trump who had to deliver on his promises. The ONLY ONE in my lifetime who proved to be true to his word and in the face of the fiercest and relentless assault of lies and lawfare ever. And yet DeSantis is the one admired for having a spine?

    This is where I came in about 25 years ago. I haven’t changed. I didn’t trust the “conservatives” (whatever that is) then and I trust them even less now. Especially on a website that features an important RNC lawyer on every page and likes to write the occasional paeon of gratitude to the Cocaine Turtle.

    It’s not the Democrat attacks against Trump that annoy me but those by “conservative” Republicans. Trump has created a new party of “sensible middle” realists consisting of disgruntles former Republicans (like me) and disgruntled Democrats (who are taking over the discussion since 2020) and figured how to talk to all of us.

    So maybe the solution today is to allow the corrupt globalist Marxist Democrats and corrupt globalist neocon Republicans to destroy each other to open the way for rational Americans who are fed up with all of them to retake this country.

    MAGA BABY!!!

    It’s deja vu all over again. “Conservatives” (whatever that is) are connected at the hip to the RNC and 19th Hole Republicans.

      Telemachus in reply to Pasadena Phil. | February 5, 2023 at 4:25 pm

      Phil, every person who comments here has said that if Trump wins the nomination they will vote for him in the general. Yet, you attack them. We are on the same side. I voted for Trump 2X in the 2016 and 2020 general elections, and will do it a 3rd time in ’24 if it’s Trump. But, I did not vote for him in the 2016 primary, and I vote for him in the ’24 primary if I think a better candidate is in the race.

      In a comment above another commenter said that if DeSantis (or assuming anyone other than Trump) should win the Rep nomination “he will more than likely” vote for him. That’s another way of saying he’ll stand by and watch as we get another Biden or Harris or Newsom administration. I ask you, if Trump doesn’t win the nomination how will you vote (or not)?

      Trump election results

      2016-Received millions fewer votes than Hillary Clinton but miraculously won the presidency because Hillary Clinton didn’t consider Michigan, Pennsylvania or Wisconsin to be in play. Showing exactly how weak Trump was in 2016 despite Hillary writing off those three states as being a blue wall Donald Trump received fewer total votes in his 2016 victory in Wisconsin than Mitt Romney in his landslide defeat there in 2012. In Michigan He won by 10k votes, and in Pennsylvania he won by 44k.

      2018-Blue wave year

      2020-Decisive defeat

      2022-Decisive defeat, turned what without him would have been a very easy red wave into barely taking the house, and losing the senate.

      If you want to keep losing stick with Trump.

        Apparently you are clueless about voter fraud. PROVEN, FACTUAL, and LOVED by those who use it. Check out who “loves ERIC”‘ in case you actually want the truth.

          Democrats denied the elections after 2016.

          Here is why that horrible behavior didn’t destroy them

          They control

          1. Big tech

          2. The media

          3. Academia

          4. The Deep State

          5. The press

          6. The cultural institutions

          7. Corporate America

          When you control those get back to me and we will pretend that we won. Until then you are claiming they couldn’t add in 10k votes in Wisconsin in 2016? You know the state where Trump got fewer votes than Mitt Romney but won the state because Hillary Clinton didn’t think Wisconsin was in play?

          Yet you are claiming all subsequent elections got stolen?

          Why the lies by the way? If you have a good case you don’t need to lie.

          Yet Trump did lie. He lied for example about claiming PA got back more ballots than it sent out which is a lie (come to by comparing the number sent out during the primary to number received back during general election instead of number sent out during general election to received back during general election).

          The evidence of voter fraud on a scale to tip any state is non-existent.

          If it was voter fraud there would be no point in fielding anybody. If it was voter fraud why do you care about the twitter files? Clearly twitter isn’t the public square if it was people would have gotten their information from it and voted Biden…..

          The voter fraud claims are an alternative to reality, and an alternative to facing the real issues.

        2020 decisive defeat? Trump received more votes and a higher rate than any president running for re-election, and increased shares of all minorities. Your argument seems ripped from the pages of Daily Kos.

      chzwiz007 in reply to Pasadena Phil. | February 6, 2023 at 1:11 pm

      Looks like another tin foil cultist.

    Yes, and he now has a bot army on social media, to criticize those who criticize him. He supports the dangerous COS, has massive bloated voter rolls which he ‘loves” and seldom follows through.
    Go there before you down vote.

Unlike any of the communist governors who acted like fascist tyrants, DeSantis has a good record.

    The Gentle Grizzly in reply to Ironclaw. | February 5, 2023 at 12:51 pm

    That downtick is meant to be an uptick.

    So did that other Florida governor JEB!!! Florida has joined Texas to become the breeding ground for fast tracked neocon POTUS candidates. As we have learned over and over again, good governor never seems to translate into good POTUS. So we are going to dump a proven and astonishingly successful fighter because….. what? DeSantis will be as good as Trump “without the baggage”? Trump’s baggage consists of all of the Republican losers who just can’t seem to fight for winners. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory is a deeply ingrained Republican psychosis.

    Let’s get started all ready. I predict DeSantis will either endorse Trump early or not run at all. He absolutely cannot win if he challenges Trump. Trump’s majority is just not sitting there ready to be swept up. Either DeSantis is the real deal or he is not. If he endorses Trump, 2024 will be a record landslide for the GOP and a certain 2-term presidency for DeSantis. If not, hey… that’s how it always ends with Republicans. Losing and blaming everyone else.

      ROFLMAO, DeSantis a neocon? What are you smoking, Phil?

      And erm, Reagan was both a good governor and a good POTUS. What happened to the “I won’t consider a candidate who never served as an executive/governor” litmus test for GOP candidates?

      Do you even hear yourself? It’s like watching your favorite uncle completely lose his mind.

        I agreed with you up to the “favorite uncle” part.

        Ron DeSantis, Government Man;

        Yale, Harvard, Jag, Short stint as prosecutor, politician.

        Supported by:
        GOPe, Bush family, Karl Rove, McConnell, wall street billionaire donor class, all owned by the chinese.

        Oh by the way – Yale fraternity member the same as the Gorge and W Bush…

        Neocon? No. Deep State Government Man? No doubt about it.

For all of the DeSantis haters on this site, I would like to know how he was told to do all the things he did during the Scamdemic like reopening the beaches in just a few months, putting old people first in line for the vaccine, offering monoclonal antibodies treatment that Biden stopped, kicking Disney’s ass, throwing out the woke crap in FL schools, hurricane recovery like no other, and yet you claim he is being directed by the “Evil Insiders”. How?

    chrisboltssr in reply to inspectorudy. | February 5, 2023 at 11:19 am

    That was all after he fell in line like all the other governors and locked down the state and Florida’s economy. And don’t give me the “No one knew anything at the time” bullshit line. It was a scam and a fraud of the highest order and all the smart people, including Trump and DeSantis, both fell for it.

    So yeah, I’m not giving anyone credit for finally doing the right thing when the right thing all along was to ignore sorry evil gnomes like Tony Fauci and Sandra Birx.

      healthguyfsu in reply to chrisboltssr. | February 6, 2023 at 3:22 pm

      So no one deserves any credit for anything related to COVID in your mind, Trump included, since he actually started the lockdowns.

    nordic prince in reply to inspectorudy. | February 5, 2023 at 12:12 pm

    You don’t have to be a DeSantis “hater” to acknowledge the guy has areas of concern.

      Who doesn’t have ” areas of concern” ? There is no such thing as a perfect candidate / politician, He has to be on top or near the top of any list of contenders.

        That is what he said. And to identify areas of concern does not transform one into a hater. Not even close.

          Weird, then, that people who voted for Trump twice are now being called “Never Trumpers” on these very pages, no? Being concerned that Trump can’t win the ’24 general is an “area of concern,” no? And a valid one since he can’t unless he seriously changes his tactics, campaign strategy from ’16, and approach to real and imaginary opponents, including popular leaders in his own party. Let’s see you slam the Trump Train for claiming we are “Never Trumpers” when we voted for him twice and would vote for him a third time if he wins the primary, yet have “areas of concern.” Can’t do it? Then this statement of yours is moot.

          What are you talking about? There was nothing about Never Trumpers until you brought it up. Someone called people DeSantis haters, which prompted the push back. Or did you miss that? Your comment almost 9 hours later is odd.

          You seem rather slow. Without being too intrusive, are you mentally challenged? If so, I will respond more in accordance with your needs. I definitely don’t mean to tax your abilities.

          Funny how you censored a comment yesterday for allegedly disparaging someone, then you throw that crap. Faster than you, Ms. Editor. Pathetic remark!

        “The perfect is the enemy of the good.”

      Evil Otto in reply to nordic prince. | February 5, 2023 at 2:11 pm

      Who doesn’t?

    This comment fails by labeling people not enamored with DeSantis as haters. Sad!

    See “A red state that loves ERIC”, and check out his credentials on election integrity. Also, see for more proof.
    He is endorsed by Cheney, Jeb Bush,Paul Ryan, McConnell and financed by big business RINOS. He is going to a huge fundraiser in Orange County, CA in March. Not running? NO, just not honest.

    chzwiz007 in reply to inspectorudy. | February 6, 2023 at 1:21 pm

    Some of these DeSantis haters are either DNC plants or Trump Qanon cultists. I think DeSantis could win against Brandon close to 60-40. Trump will lose again and worse that before.

DeSantis strikes me as a fake Trump.

If you want four more years of Biden’s incompetence or four years of continued insanity brought to the US by the likes of Newsome, Warren, Harris, or (pick your poison), just nominate Trump in 2024. He’s unelectable, and the Republicans would richly deserve their description as the Stupid Party.

    Totally agree that Trump is unelectable. He has too much baggage. I doubt many Republicans or Independent voters believed Trump incited the J6 incident, but many were very troubled by his behavior— actions and inactions— during the aftermath. Furthermore most people, particularly Independents, are simply sick of hearing him harping about the 2020 election. They want to look forward not back. Also his criticisms of DeSantis, which seem based on pettiness and jealousy, are unlikely to attract voters to him and could potentially bolster DeSantis’ support.

    Here in Virginia Youngkin obviously received far more votes than Trump a year before. After winning the nomination Youngkin never mentioned Trump, Doing so would have cost him votes. I can imagine DeSantis taking Virginia. Trump will never win Virginia.

      lololol! Youngkin is Deep State Globalist, through and through. He is a member of the CFR, and spoke at Schwab’s WEF in 2019 and 2020. Much of Virginia has figured this out; get up to speed.

        Youngkin has 52% favorable rating in Virginia according to a recent poll. But that isn’t the point. If the goal is to put a Republican in the White House then whoever the Republican candidate is, whether Trump, DeSantis or someone else, has to win states Trump lost in 2020. Say what you will about election fraud in certain swing states, Virginia has been solidly blue for years and Trump lost in Virginia by significant margins in 2016 and 2020. If it’s possible for a Glen Youngkin to win in Virginia then it could be possible for a candidate like DeSantis to win as well.

        Trump is poison here, hence the effort by McAuliffe to bootstrap Youngkin to Trump. Obama said Youngkin was just Trump wearing a fleece vest, which might have been somewhat accurate. However, Youngkin won because he wasn’t Trump.

        chzwiz007 in reply to Meritocrat. | February 6, 2023 at 1:35 pm

        Your tin foil is showing. Did you get this from Qanon?

DeSantis may end up being the man, and that would be okay. But to compare what he’s going through to what Trump goes through, is off the mark.

As people come to learn the extent of the deception and illegality against Trump, and the fact that he was and is right about so many things and his poliicies were largely successful, the perception may change as to his suitability.

Most people are going to hear about what Democrats have done for the first time,

As one who can only observe, not actually influence the contest, it will be as interesting as any sport. However, watching people here, who are also mere observers, go after each other as if it will change anything, is disappointing and unnecessary, especially as it’s appropriate to like both men, while preferring one over the other..

    I liked DeSantis before his turn toward the green. Actually I loved him , Sang his praises all Over the internet .

    Then he started going all silent on all things Trump, whereas before, he was publicly pro MAGA, pro Trump, who he begged to save his failing 2018 campaign, and of which, he did…

    Then he went underground , rearranged his posey, can back with globalist backers and globalist people running his silent campaign.

    Mara Lago happened, 5 days of silence ensued by DeSantis, finally, finally, a short comment , with no
    Mention of President Trump emerged from his private, not office’s Governor’s office Twitter feed, making a weak denouncement of the action.

    Follow the money, always follow the money. 95% of DeSantis money is from the globalist crowd whereas 95% of President Trumps are from us little people.

    He’s been allowed, encouraged to look like MAGA, and he’s been successful, he will need it….

    Don’t think the payment will not be due in the backs of the American people.

      The Gentle Grizzly in reply to gonzotx. | February 5, 2023 at 1:13 pm

      “ Then he started going all silent on all things Trump….”

      So? Not all people wake up in the morning, light fresh candles for their Trump shrine, chant praise and love while genuflecting before Trump’s portrait.

      As for his reaction to the raid at MarcA Lago: he may have been exercising a variation on the “72 hour rule” wise people use about stories on the internet. He was waiting for the dust to settle, and was gathering information before speaking.

      Unlike some people.

      Paul in reply to gonzotx. | February 5, 2023 at 1:18 pm

      You’ve repeatedly made statements about DeSantis being ‘owned’ by globalist backers or shadowy deep state figures and that he does their bidding. Please name these people and/or organizations. Please be specific.

      The 2024 Trump campaign is struggling to raise cash. This was pretty obvious in the days following his announcement when there were no Team Trump announcements of the tens of millions earned in the first 24, 48, 36 hours. Those announcements have become common because they signal enthusiasm and support for a candidate. When there was no such announcement, it was clear the campaign was struggling.

      Then the reports came out, and the campaign raised less money in the months AFTER the announcement than it had in the months prior. Weird. Apparently, according to the link provided, Team Trump has switched to a new platform to help them reach small dollar donors and may (or may not) be working on an email campaign for small dollar donations. They’ll need that because there are no big dollar donors for Trump ’24 as there were in ’20 (and even in ’16).

      The reliance on small dollar donors in this case is not a badge of honor, it’s a sign of a struggling campaign. Trump would gladly embrace millionaire and billionaire donors, as he always has in the past, but they just aren’t there for him this cycle.

        Trump isn’t blessed by the globalist billionaires and their money contrary to DeSantis and his RNC money men. Hello! Doesn’t that say it all? Aren’t you describing the very problem we had with the RNC chairman Rona McDaniels???!!!

        Besides, it’s far too early to be talking about HOW MUCH money candidates have (no one has any). It’s about WHO is contributing the money. Anyone giving money this early is a fool or trying to seize a narrative ( hello Ken Griffin). So you are saying that we have to kneel to the wishes of the dirty money as our prime rule for choosing a candidate? Trump will be fine. Especially when he emerges as the ONLY viable candidate.

        The game right now is really for DeSantis to stop playing the coy debutante game and declare whether he his or isn’t running. He certainly understands that all of the known early candidates who declare will be losing to the “margin of error” and so will not be a factor. So DeSantis by not declaring, he will be hoping to buy time as the “margin of error” losers try to sully Trump only to declare late in the primary season as a clean white knight reluctantly throwing his hat in. How sanctimonious.

        Everyone already knows he is the only possible candidate who can complicate matters for Trump. So is his plan to emerge as the “MAGA candidate without the baggage” viable? It will quickly be plain to see that he has been bought and paid for by the globalists to get Trump out of the way. So is DeSantis willing to throw away certain MAGA victory for Trump and himself (and us) for the next 12 years in a vain, selfish attempt to seize power and riches by selling out the very corrupt globalist billionaires LI was railing about in the race for RNC chair?

          Phil, Trump happily lapped up millionaire and billionaire donations in 2016 and 2020 (linked above), as he should. There is nothing at all wrong with that. That they are not available to him now is a problem for his campaign. That the same donors who lavished Trump with tens (hundreds?) of millions in prior cycles are not doing so now is not an indictment of the current recipients . . . unless it’s also an indictment of Trump. You can’t have it both ways.

      Excellent summary. More to come as they layers of the DesAntis onion are peeled back. I understand that America feels they need a new red hero, but this shill is not it.

    Some people here keep prattling on about all that Trump suffered as if we should support him out of pity, but that is no reason to support anyone. And who really cares if Trump went through more than DeSantis? It crushed him, drove him from office, and made him incredibly unpopular among all but a relatively small section of voters. They won, Trump lost. It took a LOT for that to happen, but happen it did.

    To imagine that no other Republican who is thinking about running in 2024 has given that any thought or considered the myriad mistakes Trump made that allowed him to be beaten and determined how they would avoid them while tackling the underlying cabal, including that in the federal government, is just unrealistic. Every potential GOP candidate, except the unserious ones like Nikki Haley or the idealistic ones like Mike Pence, has a plan to ensure they are not undermined, humiliated, and run out of office as Trump was. And if they are smart, they won’t announce their plans ahead of time and give their enemies a chance to prepare.

      It’s not “prattling.” You’re completely misrepresenting what the comment said and your interpretaion of what was said is wacky. Sad!

        I specifically wrote, “Some people here keep prattling on about . . . ” meaning some people here at LI keep prattling on about Trump’s supposed martyrdom in numerous threads over numerous months, and they do. But you’re right, maybe I should have been more clear about how long this whinging has been going on and in how many threads (so many that the professor had to chime in and tell them to stick to the topic on non-Trump related threads). It’s an ongoing problem of which everyone who comments here regularly is aware.

          People may speak about Trump’s “martydom,” as you say because what occurred to him and in his presidency is unprecedented in American history. Twitter Files, among other things, are revealing the extent. Why is it so hard for people to acknowledge that fact? Why must people pretend like DeSantis’s treament is similar? Perhaps it’s not just Trump supporters that are responsible, but those that say he is solely responsible for losing, when many things show he received more increased support than any president seeking reelection, yet lost.

          It was unprecedented in its way, and I think few would disagree, though it’s fair to point out that other presidents have faced strong opposition from within their own branch . . . heck, people still speculate that JFK was assassinated by his own CIA. It is clear that there were elements within his admin that were working against him (and against RFK who was his AG), and I think ending up dead, both of them, suggests they faced incredible opposition. Unprecedented, even.

          But really, who was the most ill-treated president in history is a losing game. Even if we all agree that what Trump went through was the worstest most baddest horrible horribleness of any leader in the history of the world . . . so what? That makes him a known target for the opposition not a contender for a magically different term in office.

          It’s not a game to state or acknowledge what is true. The JFK-RFK analogy is a stretch. We do not know what happened in the 1960s, but we do know what happened to Trump. Among other things, two impeachments and a completely manufactured situation that hindered his presidency even before it began. How much is the opposition to Trump because of his mean tweets?

          But you are missing my point, so I will state it clearly: When it comes to the 2024 GOP presidential nomination, I do not care what Trump went through, if it was the worst or not, or why it happened. Do. Not. Care.

          The only way it matters to me is in the calculation that Trump is far too damaged to win the ’24 general. That’s my opinion, I could be wrong, have been before (I thought Trump would win 2020 in a cheat-busting landslide, but that didn’t happen).

          I don’t now and never did care about his “mean tweets”; in fact, I spent a great deal of time debunking leftist lies about Trump statements / tweets. It was kind of my accidental “beat” during the Trump years.

          This discussion is now at its conclusion because I suspect you will come back with yet another variation on “but Trump was done WRONG!” And I just don’t care enough to carry on so I will repeat: When it comes to ’24’s GOP presidential primary, I simply don’t care how wronged Trump is/was/always will be.

          Of course you do not care. That is evident.

          But when the Republicans expose the weaponization of government, AGAINST TRUMP, others may care, particularly others that were misinformed.

          One more thing. You do not get to dictate when a discussion is concluded, especially when you cast it in a negative wau by presuming, wrongly, what will be the response. That is the sign of closed intolerance, not too different than how progressives deal with different views.

          Heh. If there are two people in the discussion, and I am one of them . . .yeah, I do get to decide when the discussion is over. You, as the other participant, also have that privilege.

          As indicated, the way you cut it off resembled communication with a progressive. Yet, contrary to your suspicion, there was no variation on how Trump was wronged, but how he might become more popular.

          Have a nice evening.

          Every Trump supporter here acts like a progressive–shrieking condescension, spewing vitriol at anyone who doesn’t support their godlet, and generally being unpleasant and focused on things no one outside their little enclave cares about. But we all have our views of what is “progressive,” and in my view, bailing on a circular discussion is just common sense. What’s the point of going around and around? None. So I was done with it. How progressive of me to notice that a conversation was going nowhere and decide to end it. Sigh.

          The only way Trump can become more popular is to stop attacking fellow Republicans, focus on his own FUTURE agenda, lay out what he hopes to accomplish (and how) in a second term, and behave like a man who has already been president. I think he can win back voters if he does that and does not waver at all in the next two years, but he’s not on that path right now. He’s doing the exact opposite and shedding supporters, all through unforced errors of his own making. It’s sad to see, really, but it is what it is.

          Overstate much? What a ridiculous comment.

          How so? Be specific.

          Who’s the “slow” one again?

          “Every Trump supporter here acts like a progressive–shrieking condescension, spewing vitriol at anyone who doesn’t support their godlet, and generally being unpleasant and focused on things no one outside their little enclave cares about.”

          You sound just like a progressive. Specific enough?

          healthguyfsu in reply to Fuzzy Slippers. | February 6, 2023 at 3:33 pm

          Good god….what a pile of garbage. I have to jump in on this stupidity.

          How exactly is she resorting to extremes when you started off the “you’re acting like a progressive” finger pointing?

          Meet a good mirror one of these days and realize that you are a ranting lunatic obsessed with a false god.

      And FYI, umpopular Trump is leading Bidenat 48 percent in the latest Washington Post and ABC News, in a five-point swing Trump’s way from the pollster’s last such survey nationally back in September, which had Biden leading Trump 48 percent to 46 percent.

      Again, as people pay more attention when the wrongs are exposed by the Republicans concerning the weaponization of government, especially against Trump, he may grow in popularity, especially as he people can compare what it was like under him, to what it’s like now, and how he was right and transparent about so many things.

      It’s easy to lose when people lie and deceive the voters. And that is exactly what happened to the dastardly Trump!

      Still pretending the 2020 election was fair and that the dope that couldn’t get 10 people to show up on the campaign trail got 81 million votes.

      It’s pathetic.

      Not so much pity as a realization (made even more clear by the release of Twitter documents) that there was a definite conspiracy against Pres. Trump. If we do not accept the fact that the abuses and vote fraud actually occurred, and remediate them, we will get it again in spades, whether it is Trump or DeSantis or some conservative to be named, and as you note above, new candidates are in fact remembering. Many of Pres. Trump’s “mistakes” were in fact acts of never Trumpism, if you will, from Mattis and Milley working against him or with the Chinese behind his back, or bad advice from players like Christie.

      The left has got its vote machine working, and will expand operations if not stopped. Let Trump be the lightning rod that keeps the fraud in the news/internet/Congress, but don’t let it be buried under the auspices of “old news.” That is tacit admission of defeat. If it took his “defeat” to make this apparent, then so be it. Add it to the list of all the good Pres. Trump did for the country, if a comparison with Biden isn’t sufficient.

      We have much to thank Pres. Trump for, and the most important lesson was how the deep state has allied with academic and media institutions to override or falsely shape the will of the people through misinformation and malinformation, as well as spin, slants and the sin of omission. The very fact that the media allowed Biden, Fetterwoman and Hobbs to refuse debates is proof of their leftist bias.

      Trump might be better as a kingmaker at this stage, but don’t write him off. Again, let him be the lightning rod for leftist abuse while the final candidates get their ducks in a row. TDS is a very real mental disease that can be turned back against the leftist.

      Whoever comes in should have a stack of premade EOs to undue the damage that Biden has done in undoing the good Trump accomplished. Never forget that.

One thing is looking more certain, there will be a primary fight for the GoP Presidential nomination. Every candidate will have the opportunity to close the deal with GoP primary voters and earn their support. Each will have a record to evaluate with both +/-. Some candidates will attempt to redirect the focus onto the record of others instead of emphasizing their own record. Others will mostly do the opposite.

The GoP primary electorate will collectively choose the candidate they believe to be the best choice in 2024. What we must do is support that choice and refuse the urge to take our ball home, pout if our preferred candidate isn’t selected and refuse to support the GoP nominee. Giving up and staying home on election day is a selfish act that only helps the d/prog.

Fussy Slippers.. So what?


Trumps most horribly treatment by the globalist cabal SHOWED us how far we have lost America

Then they STOLE an American Presidency

And you say SO WHAT?

Dear Lord!!!!

    Evil Otto in reply to gonzotx. | February 5, 2023 at 2:15 pm

    Fuzzy Slippers has said quite a bit more than “so what.” You ignored almost all of it.

      gonzotx in reply to Evil Otto. | February 5, 2023 at 4:58 pm

      Believe me, so what covers it all

        Evil Otto in reply to gonzotx. | February 5, 2023 at 5:39 pm

        No. It really doesn’t.

          gonzotx in reply to Evil Otto. | February 5, 2023 at 9:15 pm

          Yes, it really does

          Well, no, it doesn’t. You don’t hear anything that is reasonable or measured because you are so busy seeing Trump as a Christ figure who suffered for us. It’s painful to read your weird poetry about this very point. He suffered for us, he took the slings and arrows FOR US, you proclaim over and over. We owe him our fealty, our vote, our undying loyalty. Only no. Trump is not Jesus Christ. He’s a politician these days, and frankly, not a very good one.

          You seem to imagine that the wrongs done to Trump–and there were many, no one refutes this–somehow mean we blindly support him for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination despite his obvious weaknesses and failings. That’s crazy. We look at the whole picture, and that picture shows a weakened Trump who cannot win enough (popular or, far more importantly, EC) votes to win the WH. If he can’t win, it’s just stupid to nominate him.

          If he wins the GOP nomination, he will ostensibly have the support of the very people you are maligning now. But you don’t care, do you? What if your bizarre tirades against this site, against our writers, against our commenters and readers took hold? How do you think that plays out for Trump? What if we are so turned off by Trump’s supporters that we can’t bring ourselves to vote Trump even if he wins the GOP nomination? Think that’s not possible? Think again.

          Barry in reply to Evil Otto. | February 6, 2023 at 2:22 am

          “you are so busy seeing Trump as a Christ figure”

          That’s rich coming from a woman that worshiped Cruz. Trump wrecked that deep state campaign and Cruz can barely beat Beto in the state of Texas. So now your new man on a white horse is backed by the same cabal that backed Jeb!


      healthguyfsu in reply to Evil Otto. | February 6, 2023 at 3:35 pm

      She can’t handle big words…or putting up three words without hitting the enter key.

As a resident and voter here in Florida who is also active in local politics it is difficult and stupid for anyone to know exactly who will win between Ron (who has not announced) and Don and who is best to represent the Republican Party in 2024. As of now, while speaking with Republican voters here, many do not want DeSantis to run in 2024 for president simply because his successor (probably AG Moody) will not be as astute politically and as successful as DeSantis.

As for the media, who GAF what they say?! The only people who appear to do so are mainly older voters who genuinely have no real desire to break free from the usual drivel. I mean, how many times can anyone watch the same talking heads say absolutely nothing yet they get praised or castigated for being on tv.

Both men have positives and minuses. But the biggest CONCERN that very few are talking about (but we in Florida see it) is that election integrity is a major problem and I hate to say it but many (I am about to jump on board) believe the FIX is in and Democrats will win again by cheating (Let me see a show of hands if you believe the electorate really voted in Hobbs and Fetterman). And because of this feeling here, many want Desantis to stay on as governor and fulfill his second term. Of course anything can change in politics.

    I also live and Florida and really want DeSantis to stay here and run for president later. Sigh. I don’t think that’s going to be possible now, though.

      Why not?

        The political winds are shifting, have been since Trump took that pot shot at DeSantis prior to the midterms. The more Trump goes after DeSantis, the stronger DeSantis’ support becomes. Long-time and staunch Trump supporters are publicly bailing on Trump because of it and throwing their support behind DeSantis (more and more every day). At some point, the scales will tip (if they haven’t already), and he’ll feel his moment is now.

          Just stop. Did you even read the post you linked? It doesn’t support your point at all. And what do you care about polls? Aren’t they all lies? Until they tell you what you want to hear? Then they are spot-on goodness we should all adhere to. And stuff.

          What is that?

          Just stop. You can’t be for Trump and believe he can’t win because of Dem cheating. You can’t say all polls suck and are lies and then quote them as some kind of gospel (without remembering that at this time Jeb! and Cruz were leading in the polls). Stop embarrassing yourself with this stuff. It’s not helping Trump at all.

          “Stop embarrassing yourself with this stuff”

          You should do the same. Just another Ted Cruz on a white horse for you.

          And you can’t even acknowledge the 2020 election theft, the coup that occurred.

          healthguyfsu in reply to Fuzzy Slippers. | February 6, 2023 at 3:38 pm

          Only one person has mentioned Ted Cruz here and that’s you, dumbass.

          First off, we could do a lot worse (although Cruz can’t win…ironically, for many of the same reasons as Trump as he has been vulnerable to negative press)

          Secondly, you aren’t saying anything damaging by bringing up support for another conservative a decade ago. Is that all you have? Speaking of pathetic and embarrassing.

      I understand what you are maintaining, but I disagree that “now or never” is at play. No one is going to forget his name after the next election. He is too well-known now. He can stay in the headlines by simply governing as a conservative. He is young. Trump is bleeding support but not enough for RdS to overcome the number of voters who will not vote for him if he announces. Consider the blog here as a kind of microcosm. There are people who will not budge. The number will be higher than Green Party numbers [which also can affect outcomes]. RdS will have the support of most staunch Trump voters if he waits. I think Trump could even end up supporting him in the 2028 election, not 2024.. Trump and Cruz had a contentious relationship in the primaries. Not so much now. Were Trump a flawless person … . He never was.

nordic prince | February 5, 2023 at 4:09 pm

In a sense it really doesn’t matter who runs as long as the election fraud issue continues to be swept under the rug. Without securing the elections, we’ll never know if the “winner” was fairly and truly chosen by We the People, or if we just got stuck with whatever puppet the globalist power brokers decide on.

    The problem with a lot of commenters here is they only care if Democrats are rigging the elections. As we saw n 2020 and 2022, Republicans rig elections too… but that’s okay. Just as it is okay for Republican “conservatives” (whatever that is) to accept billionaire globalists’ money but not for Democrats.

    I really doubt many here are following the daily revelations being released about corruption in Ukraine, China, FBI, DOJ, Congress, and elsewhere very closely. TLDR. If it’s not a sound bite, takes too much time. The only requirement seems to be that the facts support the RNC NeverTrump narrative.

      nordic prince in reply to Pasadena Phil. | February 5, 2023 at 6:01 pm

      Of course there is corruption, etc on both sides of the aisle. Why do you think so many in CONgress are going along with throwing boatloads of taxpayer money at Ukraine, even though it’s obvious that the whole scheme is nothing more than a money laundering operation?

      The Rs’ refusal to fix election fraud once and for all, despite having plenty of opportunities when they controlled CONgress, is a fairly clear indication that they benefit as much from election fraud as the Ds do.

      We have to wake up and realize that Republican =/= conservative.

“I support President Lincoln and all of his efforts to win the war and free the slaves but would like to find another candidate who is the same without the baggage.”

Multibillionaire Koch Brothers to Back Single GOP Candidate Not Named Trump in 2024 Presidential Primary
By Mike Miller | 11:30 AM on February 05, 2023.. Redstate

Hmm, I wonder WHO that might be….

Translation: it might be much harder to steal enough votes to overcome DeSantis.

I somehow got on a Desantis newsletter , DeSantis Daily

Oh dead God is it daily?

Clearly I don’t get it anymore, but maybe I should

Many Floridians want Ron DeSantis to stay Governor until he term limits out.

That is how good of a job he has done.

We don’t even know if DeSantis is running in 24. He may not. Let’s not get the cart before the horse. I think a DeSantis-Trump death struggle in the primaries will be a disaster, and DeSantis will want to avoid that, so he will keep his powder dry. Assuming Trump stays in good health and isn’t in jail, I think 2024 will be Trump (R) v Harris (D) v Manchin (I) [and maybe v Cheney (I)] and has good odds of going to the House on the 200th anniversary of the last time the House elected a President. And don’t count Harris out. She will probably be the incumbent president in 2024, and she can run as America’s Abortion Maven, and Abortion Rights will be the primary issue of the election. If a clown like Fetterman can win in 2022 on Abortion, so can Harris in 2024.

    “”If a clown like Fetterman can win in 2022 on Abortion, so can Harris in 2024″”

    Oh, rats. Now I’m going to have nightmares tonight.

BierceAmbrose | February 6, 2023 at 2:56 pm

The Screaming D’s have tipped their strategy early for the last several administrations and election cycles.

Only a few of The Feckless R’s have capitalized on the other guys deploying early, interestingly both The Orange Crush, and Ron-bo among them.