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Report: Child Molester, Accused Murderer James ‘Hannah’ Tubbs Discussed Becoming Female in Jail With Dad

Report: Child Molester, Accused Murderer James ‘Hannah’ Tubbs Discussed Becoming Female in Jail With Dad

Who would have thought? Maybe just everyone.

James Tubbs is a convicted child molester and accused murderer. We all suspected that James became Hannah to weasel into female juvenile detention.

Despite that common sense, progressive George-Soros-backed LA District Attorney George Gascón has bent over backward for James. He even suspended the prosecutor on the murder case because he misgendered and deadnamed Tubbs.

I will never ever refer to James as Hannah, she, or her. Screw that.

Here is the background on James.

Fox News Digital revealed a January 5, 2021, phone call between James and his father discussing the scheme while the former sat in jail.

Gee. Who saw this coming? Maybe everybody:

Hannah Tubbs, formerly known as James Tubbs, discussed a shift in gender identity as part of a jailhouse phone call regarding the defense lawyer’s strategy on how the convicted child molester was being “housed” prior to a guilty plea in Los Angeles, according to law enforcement sources with knowledge of the call.

However, a previously undisclosed Jan. 5, 2021, jailhouse phone call recording captured the first conversation between the newly minted Hannah Tubbs and her father, according to law enforcement sources.

“Hey, uh, uh…Hannah,” the father says at the start of the call, according to the sources.

“Huh?” Tubbs replies.

“Hannah,” the father repeats. Tubbs replies with a confused yes, according to the sources, and then the father explains he had spoken to the defense attorney, who called him and said she represents Hannah.

“I was like, who?” he replies again, with a laugh.

Tubbs explains the name is spelled the same way forwards and backwards, and the father says he would have picked “Jamie.”

The call came shortly after another conversation between the two in which Tubbs, still identifying as James, said his lawyer was working on a solution to his “housing problem” in jail, the sources said.

Let’s go back to the suspended prosecutor. Gascón suspended Shea Sanna for five days without pay for having the audacity to use Tubbs’ real name.

Sanna said Tubbs’ jailhouse calls confirm he became a female in jail “to game the justice system.”

Sanna’s accusations made the district attorney and others “uncomfortable.” Yes, SANNA made them uncomfortable…not the child molester and accused murderer taking advantage of their precious progressive policies.

In another released phone call, Tubbs told his father they would put him “with other trannies that have seen their cases like mine or with one tranny like me that has a case like mine.”

Tubbs reminded his father to address him as “her” in court.

In other words…do we need more proof that James Tubbs is a faker?


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I would like to see Gascon in jail with him, her it or whatever as an enabler.

Considering Tubbs’s history, I wonder how to take Gascon’s bending over backward for him.

Nobody exploits misplaced sympathy like a criminal. Should it be any wonder that so many liberal cultists are criminals themselves?

I understand how pretending to be a female gets him into a female jail. But I don’t understand how it got him into juvenile detention, as either way, he’s like 29 years old, right?.

    henrybowman in reply to henrybowman. | February 28, 2023 at 9:32 am

    OK, I had to go two articles back to get this.

    “[Gascon] also expressed concern that as a transgender woman, Tubbs could be victimized in a jail for adults. In a youth facility, he said, she could receive treatment and therapy.”

    So the answer is, it’s entirely Gascon’s perversity.

Dear God

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David Walker | March 1, 2023 at 10:32 am

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