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Last month, it was revealed that the shooting of Steve Scalise and the targeting of other Republicans at a baseball field in 2017 had been classified by the FBI as a case of suicide by cop. The shooter was a Bernie Sanders supporter and Rachel Maddow 'superfan' who went to the baseball field with a list of Republicans, meaning this was most certainly a politically motivated shooting.

In the spring of 2017, a Bernie Sanders supporter and Rachel Maddow 'superfan' named James Hodgkinson shot up a baseball field full of Republican congressmen, nearly killing Rep. Steve Scalise. You may have forgotten about this because Democrats and the media spent about 48 hours talking about it. Yet they're still yapping about the January 6th 'insurrection.'

A young black man named Duante Wright was shot and killed by police in Minnesota this week. He was pulled over for expired tags on his vehicle when police discovered he had an outstanding warrant. Wright resisted arrest and attempted to escape. A female officer who claims she meant to tase him ended up shooting him instead. Such mistakes, while not common, apparently have happened numerous times in the past:

Portland, OR has been the site of antifa violence for well over a year and is already on track to shatter its 2020 murder toll—the highest the city had seen in 26 years.  Despite this, Portland's leadership embraces the counter-intuitive, hugely unpopular, dangerous and destructive "defund the police" mantra of BLM and assorted leftist Marxist and anarchist groups.
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