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CBP is Working Hard to Keep Drugs out of U.S. Communities

CBP is Working Hard to Keep Drugs out of U.S. Communities

Vice President Harris visited Arizona on Thursday to attend an energy infrastructure project, but didn’t visit the border.

FentanylIsStillAProblem. It will continue to be a problem until we get control of our border. 

This tweet from Port Director Michael W. Humphries feels like Groundhog Day:

“CBP officers seized 5 loads in the last 6 days totaling approximately 802,600 fentanyl pills, 5.25 lbs meth, 6.24 lbs cocaine and 1.62 lbs heroin. Concealment methods included tires, dash, charcoal bags and strapped to a person.” 

On Wednesday, January 18, CBP “officers assigned to the Eagle Pass International Bridge seized fentanyl that totaled over $170,000 in street value.” That is 7.4 pounds of fentanyl.

On Saturday, January 14, CBP officers seized “91.16 pounds of alleged methamphetamine” with a street value of $1,796,581.

On Friday, January 13, CBP officers seized almost a MILLION pills. 

On Wednesday, January 11, San Diego CBP found “$4M worth of cocaine concealed within a shipment manifested as decorative stone.”

And it just keeps going and going and going

We have a significant problem on the border, but the Biden Administration won’t find time to address it. Vice President Kamala Harris visited Arizona on Thursday, January 20, to attend an energy infrastructure project. Harris had no time to visit the border, “I visited the border. I will not on this trip, but I have, and I will again,” Harris told KPHO.


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I do believe DeSantis would have shit this border down in Texas amd calle s the Feds bluff

Abbott is weak and a Rino, he disgusts me

He wants to be President so bad he can’t make a decisive decision

Of course I had to vote for him for governor, if Beto got in I would have totally lost it

But really… for a man that’s faced the challenge of becoming paralyzed, having the courage to face a freak accident and rise to Govern Texas, he has lost his courage

Sad, not only for him, but for all
Of us

This is the time for Courage

And we’re doing this why, exactly?

If people want to poison themselves, why is it our business?

    goddessoftheclassroom in reply to Milhouse. | January 21, 2023 at 7:37 pm

    In 2019, hits of heroin was cut with fetynal. One of them killed my son.
    Yes, he made very bad choices, but the smugglers deserve to die more than he did.

      If heroin were legal, he could have bought stuff with guaranteed purity at a pharmacy, rather than dodgy stuff on the street. And the price would be low enough that nobody would have any reason to adulterate it.

        Valerie in reply to Milhouse. | January 22, 2023 at 9:56 am

        I remember when allegedly non-addictive opioids were approved, then pushed in this country as treatment for pain per se (not the underlying condition). Doctors said this policy was ill-advised came under pressure to prescribe. People got addicted, their supply was cut off, they turned to heroin…..

        You could call it bad choices once a person is addicted, or recognize that our government has been stupid for decades.

        alaskabob in reply to Milhouse. | January 22, 2023 at 12:00 pm

        Ken Burn’s documentary on Prohibition is a good starting point (even if his ideology is woke). It was easier to get a drink during Prohibition. Addiction is endemic anyway. Ending the war on drugs would have killed off organized crime and the cartels plus reduce street crime. The dodgy garbage would not be adulterated. The main issue is what happens to the public in general from actions by the drug user/abuser….reference alcohol. the 1911 drug act was really the first step to Prohibition….both failures.

    henrybowman in reply to Milhouse. | January 21, 2023 at 9:50 pm

    Right now, they’re mainly adulterating other drugs with it. (Some people are buying it out of choice, but many are getting it as an unexpected “free prize inside the box.”) But drugs aren’t the only things you can adulterate with it.. Meth just got used as a literal area denial weapon in a CO library. Fentanyl has zapped cops who merely arrested other people with it. Do you want this crap on your breakfast eggs, your lattes, the ball pit at Ronald’s?

      Milhouse in reply to henrybowman. | January 21, 2023 at 11:52 pm

      Why would anyone want to put it in those things?

      I don’t believe the stories of cops getting zapped.

        henrybowman in reply to Milhouse. | January 22, 2023 at 4:17 am

        Why would anyone want to put cyanide in Tylenol bottles?
        Why would anyone want to make a Frankenflu with 20x the lethality?
        Why would anyone want to shoot out electric substations?
        So many questions, only one unsatisfying answer ties them all together.

        alaskabob in reply to Milhouse. | January 22, 2023 at 12:04 pm

        I got “zapped” taking care of a PCP user….from the mace used by the police to arrest him. The loonies were out that day…weeks of rain in Seattle and then on the first bright dry day…The locals couldn’t take the sudden weather change!

    JohnSmith100 in reply to Milhouse. | January 22, 2023 at 8:12 am

    Some people are self destructive. The only question is how long it will take for them to die and how much damage they do getting to that point. I think they should be offered a choice, cure or all the drugs they want to consume.

Like with any product, there is chart showing exactly how to break the cartels. It’s not a supply side issue and will never be fixed by supply side solutions.

10% of users represent 50% of the demand. Follow the curve a little further and you hit 70%+ of the demand.

Jail cells with no external access breaks the cartels economics real fast. Local solutions making access to other customers REALLY hard breaks the rest of their business model.

Two investments: Foster care and jail cells. Addicts will recover when they made to choose to and not a moment sooner. That choice will not happen outside of a cell.

    goddessoftheclassroom in reply to Andy. | January 21, 2023 at 7:40 pm

    Summary execution.

    henrybowman in reply to Andy. | January 21, 2023 at 9:52 pm

    I adamantly oppose treating health issues with criminal punishments.

      Corky M in reply to henrybowman. | January 22, 2023 at 11:09 am

      And soon all things will be health issues with treatment prescribed from the guidelines provided by the health industry. My perspective is that this industry has been and is governed to protect its business model. While I have met many practitioners that understand this, they are a relatively small minority. Inmates are running the asylum.

      thunderstixx in reply to henrybowman. | January 22, 2023 at 8:53 pm

      It’s is by far not a health issue.
      It is criminal behavior, plain and simple and the only way to stop it is make the consequences of that usage so difficult that the subject literally takes the easy way out and decides to actually come back to the world of the living.
      There is no such thing as the panacea you push.
      There is no panacea anywhere in this world, God made it that way and made it a challenge for us to prove our worth to him.
      It’s a privilege to be here and be alive, quit whining and go do something good with your life instead of wishing for the Golden Egg…..

        henrybowman in reply to thunderstixx. | January 23, 2023 at 5:41 pm

        Damaging your own body should not be a crime. Prohibitionary crimes are immoral, unpopular, and unsuccessful. Alcohol prohibition didn’t work, drug prohibition isn’t working, gun prohibition won’t work.

        Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add “within the limits of the law,” because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual.

Americans come second to George “Fentanyl” Floyd syndrome (i.e. nationwide insurrections for leverage, Some, Select [Black] Lives Matter), and immigration reform (e.g. labor arbitrage, democratic gerrymandering).

Suburban Farm Guy | January 22, 2023 at 7:55 am

Funny how Biden was a huge driver of the Drug War and gave out decades of prison time for crack cocaine but now that Huntie-poo just loves the stuff… not a peep. The whole thing gets canceled. More Democrat racism. Crack laws were specifically aimed at blacks and disastrous for America in ways nobody even realizes

You could end this quick, just call everything ivermectin.

Why is this death toll considered a tragedy? The herd is being culled. Future Nobel laureates aren’t dropping from this stuff.