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‘Welcome to Our World’: Border Sheriffs Unload on Mayors for Complaining About Illegal Immigrants

‘Welcome to Our World’: Border Sheriffs Unload on Mayors for Complaining About Illegal Immigrants

“They have seen nothing. They are not a border town. They don’t know what a border town is.”

Texas border sheriffs blasted the mayors of supposed sanctuary cities for whining over buses of illegal immigrants from Texas.

Jonathan Thompson, executive director and CEO of the National Sheriffs’ Association, retorted: “‘Welcome to our world’ is what they say. Welcome to the everyday problems we are facing, and you have been ignoring and that you continue to want to blame someone else for.”

Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser, New York City Mayor Eric Adams, and Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot claim their cities are sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants.

Actions speak louder than words.

Bowser declared a state of emergency. Adams demanded federal help. Lightfoot quietly shipped the people to the suburbs. A DC council member claimed Texas turned the city into a border town.

The cities have only received 10,000 illegal immigrants since April.

The border patrol has encountered over two million migrants in the 2022 fiscal year. That is almost 200,000 a month. From Fox News:

“They have seen nothing. They are not a border town. They don’t know what a border town is,” Goliad County, Texas, Sheriff Roy Boyd told Fox News Digital.

“I think it’s all a bunch of political grandstanding, trying to get themselves some attention and squeeze a little bit of money out of the federal government or somewhere else that they can use for whatever they think it’s needed for,” Boyd said. “If they want to see what it looks like. They can come down here for us. It’s being shoved on us by the federal government and their policies and their lack of enforcement.”

Texas and Arizona officials always ask for help. Border czar Vice President Kamala Harris recently went to Houston. She could have traveled to the border. Only criticism for the sheriffs, though:

“The sheriffs on the border right now are living this every day,” Retired Texas Sheriff Clint McDonald, the executive director of the Southwestern Border Sheriff’s Coalition, told Fox News Digital. “And they’ve been criticized for asking for help with what they’re going through. And now that major cities are starting to feel this pressure, it seems to be a whole different scenario for them than it is for the people who live it every day.”

He noted prior instances where sheriffs faced over 10,000 migrants and “not one of the federal people came down to help with that.”

“So we don’t have sympathy for these people,” he said.

Thompson told Fox News the border officials are “overwhelmed” and told them to blame Biden:

“They’re overwhelmed,” Thompson said. “They’re overwhelmed trying to bring dead bodies and the remains of illegal aliens that are found in the desert. They’re overwhelmed in their communities with human services shortfalls. They’re overwhelmed with crime response. And they’re overwhelmed with just the sheer magnitude of things that need to happen to help care for people.”

Thompson urged D.C. to stop blaming border states and turn their focus on the Biden administration.

“We finally now have cities and communities that are experiencing real pain, real suffering, and they want to blame someone else. Well, they should pick up the phone and dial [The White House]. Talk to the president…That’s who owns the policy, that’s whose policy it is and that’s what’s directing the surge.”

McDonald praised Abbott:

“They’re upset about what is going on,” McDonald said. “And this is what is happening for our people every day. So the whole situation has got the border region upset and and we’re trying to survive day to day — then they receive a few of these people in their communities and they’re screaming for help when our border sheriffs cannot get any help.”

Boyd said he supported the move by Abbott, saying it had made the border crisis — which he said has been ignored by liberal media outlets — back into focus.

“It was a brilliant move on the part of Governor Abbott in order to ensure that the word began to spread through channels that previously had ignored the problem,” he said.

McDonald also reminded Fox News this isn’t a red or blue issue: “The people on the border realize that this is not a red issue, and it’s not a blue issue. It’s a red, white and blue issue. And it’s time America takes care of Americans. And right now, we’re just not doing that.”


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Liberal Playbook: Diversity is our strength unless it’s in my backyard.

Lib mayor, “The sky is falling.”

Border sheriff, ‘We have millions. You have a couple of hundred. Give me a break!”

    And, once again, there was barely a peep from the LSM about the tens of thousands that Biden has been airlifting all over the country.

Increase the busses tenfold.

Let’s talk about the “humanitarian” response these lefties wanted by deploying the National Guard?

Let’s be clear…they wanted to enforce the borders of their jurisdiction and have guns and troops to force the buses to turn around. Sanctuary virtue signaling hypocrites have a deep commitment to burying the truth.

I think of Schumer, and that the sanctuary mayors are “reaping the whirlwind….”