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Parents Are Fighting Back and Winning Week in Education

Parents Are Fighting Back and Winning Week in Education

Your weekly report on education news.

Parents are increasingly pushing back on the progressive left in education, and they’re winning battles.

It’s about time parents started making some demands.

They are up against people at the highest levels of power.

The left’s efforts to infuse their politics in education are relentless.

Compare and contrast.


Here we go again…

Good for him!

You need college for this?


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We are in an ideological war for the survival of our Republic. Not the survival of ‘our democracy’ as Democrats like to call it. The war begins at the beginning meaning life. Those children who live to pre-K are the next battleground and normal decent people have been trusting and oblivious to what has been going on with so many public schools, school boards, state boards of education left in the hands of too many Democrats for too long. Now decent parents have seen and are awake and fighting like there is no tomorrow. For good reason.

Democrat Groomers are real, and they have taken over education from the DOE, to the Unions, to the school boards and in every classroom. And every single school administrator in America is part of it. It reminds me of when all the gays joined seminaries to avoid the Vietnam war and turned churches into grooming houses.
And mind you…their mental illness goes well beyond what is publicly exhibited.